What is it Betking Mobile Lite in Nigeria & How to Use it in 2022

Betking is one of the most popular websites for legal betting in Nigeria. It offers the scope of an optimal online betting experience for all users. It has one of the most exciting options for betting, and it includes an elaborate list of options for sports betting. The users of this platform get the benefits of innumerable promotions and bonuses. This platform ensures that the bettor of this platform enjoy the best online betting experience. Thus, it continuously tries to bring about new changes and advancements to improve the betting experience of their users. And therefore, one of the features that have been very advantageous for the bettors of this platform is the mobile lite. The following discussion will be about the mobile lite feature of Betking. We will let you know about all its essential and beneficial aspects so that you can benefit from the features and enhance your betting prince on the platform. So, follow the given discussion without any further delay.

Download Betking Nigeria Mobile Lite

Betking Mobile Lite – What Is It?

What is one aspect that can readily improve the betting experience of the users? The aspect of a mobile browser would readily simplify the betting prince of all users. It is because a browser is a lot more convenient than a website to bet. Punters can access it anytime they want, it is easier to handle, and if the interface is intuitive and friendly, it pushes the bar of convenience to the utmost level.

This platform has its Betking lite mobile version. This version is much more convenient and lightweight, saving a lot of space on your phone. And because it is a browser, you need not require your pc every time you want to access your betting account. All the features and options of betting are available to you most conveniently.

Previously, there used to be the Betking old mobile lite. Now, the platform has brought numerous changes. The new version is more efficient and effective than the old one. Therefore, the mobile lite version of Betking is the browser lication version of the betting platform. It helps you save space on your device, and you can avail of your account anytime you desire.


About the Betking Mobile lite version

Old Version New Version
Interface Dull and attractive Interesting and organised
Live streaming Was not compatible Compatible
App Unavailable Available for iOS and Android
Download Betking Nigeria Mobile Lite

How to Access Betking Mobile Lite?

The Betking Mobile Lite is a browser and not an app. Thus, you need not download anything to access the mobile version of Betking. The process to access the Betking Mobile Lite is exceptionally effortless. 

  1. Go to the search bar on your phone
  2. Search the official website of Betking online betting platform
  3. You will then be given two choices. One is the old Betking mobile lite, and the other is the new mobile version
  4. Now, the old mobile Betking shop lite is not as interesting and filled with exciting options as the new ones. So, it is better to opt for the new version
  5. After you opt for the new version of the mobile lite of Betking, you will be able to access it without any hassles. Log in or register with your account and enjoy the different benefits and facilities of the platform for online betting

Advantages of Using Betking Mobile Lite

Now, there is always some reason behind doing a certain thing. Why would one bring advancements in an already existing version? Why wasn't the old mobile lite enough for the users? It is because there is always scope for improvement. And to make the online betting experience even more exciting for the bettors of this platform, there were advancements and improvements brought into the mobile lite version.

So, what are the advantages of the new mobile lite version? How is it better than the old mobile lite version? Let us look into this aspect now in the following points.



The Betking Mobile Lite version promotions and elevates convenience. You can take out your home and readily access the mobile lite version of Betking. Then, you can log in to your account and enjoy sports betting or any other betting on it. Irrespective of the time and place, you can access your betting account. This wouldn't have been possible for pc versions. You would always need your pc to access the account for it. Thus, the mobile lite version offers the convenience of accessing your account everywhere and whenever you want.


Better user interface

Here is an advantage compared to the old Mobile Lite version of Betking. The previous mobile lite version used to have an interface which was dull. It was not very exciting, rather too simple, and the spirit of a robust online betting form was not reflected through such an interface.

But, the new Mobile Lite version of Betking has a better interface. It includes all the features in an attractive format. All the options are available. And it makes it seem more exciting for the bettors to bet on this platform.


Feature for cashout

The Mobile Lite version includes a cashout feature. Thus, bettors can use the mobile lite version to cash out their winnings or the accumulated sum on their account on this platform. This adds to the aspect of convenience as you need not again access your pc for the cash-out part.

Download Betking Nigeria Mobile Lite


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How to View My Bets on Betking Mobile Lite?
Login or register with your account on the Betking Mobile Lite version. The “My Account” icon will be present in the top right corner. Select it. The opinion of “Bet Search” will be present on the left side. Click on it. The “outcome” option will help you filter the status of the bets that you have out on the platform. Use the “Date From” and “Date To” to select the time when you placed the bet. The option “Proceed” will help you receive the information you want.
How to Withdraw via Mobile Lite?
Via the Mobile Lite version of Betking, you can use the cash-out option to withdraw the amount of winning or the accumulated amount on your betting account on this platform.
How to Check My Balance on Betking Mobile Lite?
To check your balance on the Betking Mobile Lite version, you will have to log into your account on this platform. And then, you will be able to access the balance on your account.
How to Place a Bet Using Betking Mobile Lite?
First, log in or register with your account on the platform. Then, select the sport you would want to bet on. Select the amount of wager. And finally, place the bet.


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