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Sports Betting Sites in South Africa

Bettors in South Africa may be caught in a web of confusion when it comes to selecting the best sportsbook, deemed fit for placing bets on online sports betting events due to the rapid inundations of online sports betting service providers in South Africa, which by the way is a major contributing factor to bettors' dilemma. This piece will come in handy for bettors in South Africa, as it contains a summary of the best online sports betting sites in South Africa.

SUPABETSSupabets is a South African online sports betting service provider, delivering quality betting services to bettors, courtesy of a license from the Mpumalanga Gambling Board, a government parastatal that monitors and regulates online sports betting in South Africa. Apart from the magnificent UX for bettors, there are loads of betting opportunities available to bettors of this sportsbook such as sports bet markets, high odds markets, and promotional bonuses like the welcome offer for new users worth over R50.

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GBETSThe Gbets online sportsbook is one of South Africa's most sought-after bookmakers. This sportsbook operates legitimately courtesy of an issued license by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board, a government body saddled with the responsibility of checking the activities on online sports betting platforms in South Africa. Online bettors in SA can rely on the Gbets online sportsbook for the best service delivery as long as online sports betting is the topic. From great odds markets to plenty of sports betting events to choose from, and plenty of bonuses, one of which is the R25 Sign Up Free Bet for new users only.

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The Betway South Africa online sportsbook is one of the best and biggest betting platforms in the whole of South Africa. This online sportsbook is well-trusted and has secured a legal license from the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board to enable it to carry out its business legitimately. There is so much on the plate for bettors using this sportsbook, from loads of sports betting events, odds markets that are exceptionally awesome, and various promotional bonuses such as the New Customer Offer 100% Match Up To R1000 for new bettors.

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SPORTINGBETThe Sportingbet online sportsbook was built into existence in 2009 and is one of the most exciting online sports betting platforms used in South Africa. This sportsbook carries out its business via an issued betting and gambling license by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board. Bettors can benefit from lots of online sports betting opportunities that the Sportingbet platform has to offer. Users can flex from a bunch of sports betting events, average odds, exquisite customer support systems, and loads of promotional bonus offers, for example, the 100% Deposit Bonus Up To R2,000.

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INTERBETThe InterBet online sports betting platform was founded in the year 2000, it is undisputedly, one of the oldest, most commendable, secure, and recommended online betting platforms in all of South Africa. The thrills and spills factor that this sportsbook has for its bettors ranges from top-notch UX, lots of sports events to pick from, and promotional bonuses like the R40 First Deposit Bonus which is exclusive to only new joiners particularly.

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Selecting the ultimate betting platform is a difficult task, as each platform offers something different, so here is the criteria we lay out when choosing sportsbooks.

⭐ Type of Bets Popular In South Africa

South African online sports betting enthusiasts need to be abreast with the inner workings of the different types of betting markets available to them. Furthermore, online sports betting bettors in South Africa must see it as a must-know, to understand the basics of placing bets on various online betting sportsbooks. Fortunately for users, there are loads of betting market types at their peril to flex with on these betting sites. Follow and study the thread table below to know about the different and most common bets available to online sports bettors in South Africa.

☝ Money Line

This is probably the most known bet type, technically the first ever type of bet for every newbie to online sports betting. The Moneyline bet is a straightforward type of bet which requires a bettor to place a wager on one opponent’s side in a particular online sports event.

☝ Spread Betting

The Spread Bet type is another very common bet, the analogy of this bet is that bettors are subjected to making their bets against the spread. Online betting platforms tend to theorize numbers in a deliberate attempt to help a particular team against their opponents by handicapping them to win a particular sports event.   

☝ Total Betting

The Total Bet type is top tier when it comes to the most popular and most sought-after bet type in the history of online sports betting, it is popularly referred to by millions of online sports betting bettors as the over or under bet. The over and under bet simply requires bettors to make bets on the total of points, red cards, yellow cards, corner kicks, goals, etc, in a particular online sports event.

☝ Parlay Betting

The Parlay Bet type is associated with betting on multiple combinations, all that is required of bettors is to keep their fingers crossed and hope for all the bets in the parlay to win. It is important to emphasize the functionality of this bet type, in as much as parlay bets, increase bettors' win, ironically it increases a bettor's chances of losing, due to bets being tied and dependent on each other for a win to be possible.

☝ Proposition

This Proposition bet type simply refers to bets that are made only on very certain outcomes in a particular sports event. Online sports betting bettors can flex the opportunity of being able to place bets on various kinds of inevitable outcomes.

☝ Live Betting

Online sports betting bettors are married to the mind-blowing outcomes that ongoing live matches produce, these outcomes are tied to odds, and bettors will still be able to place bets on a wide range of live soccer, tennis, handball, basketball, cricket, rugby, and hockey sports events.

⭐ Trustworthiness

The South African online sports betting business growth index has risen radically over the past decade. Online sports gambling or betting is now a legitimate and recognised activity courtesy of the government through ministries, departments, and agencies set up to look into the affairs of the online betting space. This gesture by the government has sparked a ripple effect, causing several online sports betting companies, who now view South Africa as a target market. Bettors in South Africa are in safe hands with the likes of these online sports betting platforms such as Supabets, Sportingbet, Betway, Hollywoodbets, Interbet, Gbets, etc, as their trustworthiness isn't in doubt one bit. 

⭐ Odds and Lines

It is pertinent for betting enthusiasts to understand odds and lines, and how important they are in online sports betting. Odds in online sports betting are programmed as quotients of wins for the stake sum by online sports betting sites. Lines, on the other hand, are a simple kind of wager, which online sports betting platforms use to make betting odds and to select who the likely favorites and underdogs are respectively. In the online sports betting stock market, odds are the money makers, as they are usually tied to various pre-match and live sports events, and this in turn enables an opportunity for bettors to place their bets. South African bettors have no qualms, due to the impressive odds offered by these sportsbooks. Regardless, it is recommended that bettors carefully understudy the favorable odds and lines as it applies to them.

⭐ Bonuses, Promotions, and Rewards

Keeping online sports betting faithful to particular sports betting platforms is the forte of these platforms. Online sportsbooks in South Africa offer their users loads of promotional bonuses. Bettors have a handful of these rewards which include the likes of the following: refer a friend bonus, birthday bonus, sign-up bonus, mobile app download bonus, odds boost, free bets, first deposit/no deposit bonus, etc.

⭐ Usability

There is stiff competition for quality service delivery in the online sports betting space in South Africa. Bettors are set to enjoy high-quality and mind-blowing online sports betting opportunities. The usability ratings of these sportsbooks in South Africa are 5 stars on the rating board, and users can flex top-notch UX.

⭐ Deposit and Withdrawal Options in South Africa

In South Africa, online sports bettors have numerous ways or methods for handling deposits, and withdrawals of monies into their sports betting user account. These banking options are very vital to bettors as it is the key to both being able to send funds into their sports betting account and to withdraw winnings accordingly using payment gateways such as Visa/Mastercard, online internet banking, e-wallets, and cryptocurrency.

⭐ Customer Service

The foundation of every successful business is its customers, and the best online sports betting providers in South Africa are not in the dark about this obvious fact. The customer support system introduced by this sportsbook is highly commendable. Online bettors are always caught up in one mish-hap or the other which requires troubleshooting. Bettors can contact their favorite sportsbooks through Live Chat, email, telephone, Twitter, Facebook, etc.

⭐ Live Betting and Live Streaming

Live betting is the life of the online sports betting party, surprises are bound to happen in ongoing live sports events, and these surprises are tied to odds, lucky bettors can win loads of cash from the live bet section of these online sportsbooks in South Africa. The joy of being able to stream your favorite sports events on these betting sites can't be quantified, as some of these fan-favorite betting sites offer live streaming options for their users.

⭐ Additional Features

There are additional features that make up the 100% functionality of online sports betting platforms, such as the uniqueness, directedness, and stylish features, that are instrumental factors to consider when selecting the best online sportsbook in South Africa.

To attain eligibility status for engaging in online sports betting activities and placing bets in South Africa, a bettor must be at least 18 years or more, which is the legal betting and gambling age. Due to the massive acceptability rate of online sports betting, the government has legalized betting, and in turn, created laws and parastatals to monitor and curb the excesses of these online sports betting platforms.

Betting on sports in South Africa won't require any sort of magic, sorcery, or incantations, simply meet the country’s online betting standards and proceed to a whole uninterrupted online betting experience. To bet on sports in South Africa, make sure you're of betting age, make sure you have an internet-enabled device, and an uninterrupted internet data provider then heads to your favorite South African bookmaker to deposit funds and choose from the loaded lists of sports on display.

1. Choose Your Sportsbook

Bettors have to be very thorough when selecting the best South African online sportsbook to use. Online sports bettors are skeptical about their information leaking to scammers and con artists alike, and some of these baby online sports betting platforms are a hideout for them to hatch their plans to obtain funds from users under pretenses. Bettors are advised to consider the anonymity ratings of the platform, usability, odds, promotional bonuses, and betting types before choosing the sportsbook to bank on.

2. Register With A Sportsbook

Registering for an online sports betting user account with a South African sportsbook requires bettors to firstly be of legal betting age which is 18 years and above. If you meet the age requirement, visit the official webpage of the sportsbook you wish to join, and locate the Sign-Up menu button.

3. Fund Your Account

Online sports betting bettors will be mandated to credit funds into their online sports betting accounts. There are loads of banking options for bettors to explore when they want to fund their betting accounts.

4. Place Your First Bet

To place bets successfully, visit the official webpage of the online sports betting platform you desire, make sure that you are an already existing account holder, login into your Online sports betting user account, credit funds into the account, and start placing bets.

5. Withdraw Your Funds

Online sports betting bettors need to be keen on the best possible practices for the withdrawal of funds from their online sports betting user accounts. Bettors should be in the know of the various withdrawal options available to them.

The thread table below contains information on the South African sports betting events, study to learn more:

⚽ South AfricanPremier Division (DSTV Premiership) Betting

The DSTV Premiership is South Africa’s native premiership league, and online sports betting bettors from South Africa may jump at the opportunity to place bets on the South African Premier Division.

⚽ English Premier League (EPL) Betting

South African online sports betting bettors are allowed to place their bets on The English Premiership League, which undoubtedly is the most watched league in the world, and it seems they have a huge followership base in South Africa.

⚽ Spanish La Liga Betting

Spanish La Liga commands a huge chunk of followers in South Africa, as a result of this, bettors have been provided with an opportunity to place bets on Spanish La Liga, and to take advantage of the opportunity of being able to make their bets on a huge list of sports betting odds and market lines.

⚽ French Ligue 1 Betting

With the likes of Messi, Neymar, and Mbabpe in Frances’ domestic league, this only means that there is a huge fan base in South Africa for the Ligue 1, and bettors can place bets on a handful of available sports betting events.

Betway Welcome Bonus in South Africa
Betway Welcome Bonus in South Africa

Promotional bonuses offered by online sports betting platforms to bettors tickle their fancy, as they savor the gesture and remain loyal to these platforms. South African sportsbooks provide these bonuses daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc. Follow the below thread to learn about the different promotional bonuses that are available to bettors.

Loyalty Program - Staunch online sports bettors will be rewarded for their loyalty toward the sportsbook and may be in the running to receive points, cash gifts, or free bets.

Free Bet - Online sports betting platforms in South Africa provide their bettors with a host of free bets and promotional bonuses that are tied to certain sports events.

Boosted Odds - To maximize profits and winnings of online sports bettors, boosted odds can come in handy, as it skyrockets their winning up to a whopping 100%.

Welcome Bonus - Online sports betting providers in South Africa are in the habit of giving new online sports betting enthusiasts a welcome package to kick-start their online sports betting journey.

Promo Codes - Online sports betting platforms offer their customers several promo codes which are used to activate certain promotional bonuses that are offered by these South African sportsbooks.

Refer A Friend - Online sports bettors who bring a friend onboard their favorite South African online sportsbook, will be rewarded with loads of prizes.

FAQ - Online Sports Betting in South Africa?

How To Choose Your Sportsbook?
To select your sportsbook, be certain of what offers the sports betting platforms have available for online sports betting bettors, some of which may include how safe it is to use these sportsbooks.
How To Register With A Sportsbook?
Take a trip to the website of the sports betting platform that you desire to join, locate the sign-up menu option button, and fill in the necessary information.
Is Online Betting Legal In South Africa?
South Africa is one of the countries where online sports betting is legal, the government has instituted several parastatals to champion the operational conduct of these online sports betting platforms.
What Is The Best Sports Betting Site In South Africa?
Supabets, Sportingbet, Betway, Interbet, Gbets, etc.
Are Sports Betting Apps Safe?
Sports betting apps are 100% safe to use, and online sports bettors in South Africa must be careful about uncertain online sports betting platforms.
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