Betlion Login in Kenya: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide 2024

If you enjoy betting, then you also need a sportsbook that would make betting easier for you. That is where Betlion comes in handy. Looking at its website, we see it is easy to use and has all the major sports you can bet on right now. We also see that setting up a new account is easy and the same applies to logging in. In case you are interested in the Betlion login my account process, this is the guide for you. We take you through the steps you should take to access the account. Keep reading for more.

Log in to Betlion Account in Kenya

How to Login Betlion

Now that you want to log in to the Betlion account, which steps should you take? Here are the correct steps for accessing a Betlion account.


Visit the Betlion Login homepage

Visit the Betlion Login homepage

Get to the Betlion homepage to find the Login button at the top right banner of the website.


Click the Betlion Login button

Click the Betlion Login button

Once you click the login button, you get a login form. Enter your account details in this form.


Click the Betlion Login button

Click the Betlion Login button

So long as you have entered the right account details, clicking the Login button takes you to the account homepage.


Difference via Login with Betlion App

Betlion account page Kenya on a website is not the only way for you to access your account. There is also the Betlion app login too as a way of getting into your account.

Betlion has an app to use on your devices. Well, the app is only for Android devices. Maybe the company might introduce more apps in the future including the iOS app.

So, how does logging into the account via app compare to the website login process?

We can say that you can find it faster logging into the account by using the app. This is because the app does not sign you out compared to the website. Also, launching an app is faster compared to the website where you have to get to a browser first.

However, you may notice that an app can be outdated. This means that you have to uninstall it and download the latest version. As for a website version, that is not an issue and the latest website version is what loads each time you access the website.

You can say that it depends on what someone likes. Some might prefer the app, while others the website.

Betlion Login in Kenya

How to Register for Betlion

The betlion register process is also as simple as the login process. Here is the Betlion sign-up procedure to follow.

  • Visit the Betlion homepage to start the process;
  • You should see the register button at the top right corner of the website;
  • Click on the register button to get the sign-up form;
  • Enter the necessary details in the Betlion signup form;
  • Click the Sign-Up button;

You should get a message on your phone that you have created an account and you can start to use it.

Creating an account on Betlion
Betlion signup form
Betlion Kenya Mobile App
Betlion Kenya Mobile App

Betlion Login Problems and How to Solve Them

You might have noticed that sometimes when you try to log into the Betlion account, you face a few login problems. That is what we want to look at below and how best you can resolve them.


The website cannot be found

A website that cannot be found is not the most common error but it can happen. This is probably because you have a typo in the Betlion web address. Let us say you are trying to access the account via the phone and now you are using the wrong web address, then you can get this error.

Start by looking at the URL you have used to ensure it is the correct one. If there are issues, you can easily change them.

Another solution is to simply Google search Betlion and choose the right website from the appearing Google search results. This always helps eliminate potential typo problems.


Forgot password

You may have forgotten your password when you try to perform the Betlion login Kenya process. Losing a password should not make you feel bad as it is a normal thing. It also means you can still recover the account and continue with betting.

While on the login page, you will see a link labelled “Forgot PIN” under the Login button. This link is what you should click on to start the password recovery. A page appears where you enter your phone number and click the Reset Pin button. You will receive a message with a one-time use PIN that enables you to now set a new pin.

You should consider using an easy-to-remember PIN this time around. It would be easier now to keep logging into your account.


Non-existent account

You may also get that some people do not have an account with Betlion and they are trying to log in. Well, you will get an error message claiming that the account does not exist.

For a non-existent account, the solution is to create a new account to get started with Betlion betting.

You could still consider typing in the wrong account details in the login form. Let us say that you have the right phone number and the wrong PIN or vice versa. So, it is good to confirm that you are using the right details while trying to log into your account.


Betlion is under maintenance

Betlion can sometimes have a few network problems that it has to go under maintenance. Another reason is that there might be a major update. That is why you will see a message on the Betlion website telling you more about the maintenance.

The solution for such an issue is just to wait until it has been resolved before you can access Betlion again.

The company would display an expected timeframe. Being a top brand, the downtime is not as often as you might get with other companies. So, there is nothing to worry about.


No internet connection

A good internet connection is key in helping you enjoy the Betlion betting experience. However, you might get an internet connection error while trying to log into your account.

First, check if the device is connected to the internet. You might have forgotten to turn on your phone data or the internet subscription has expired. In such a case, it becomes hard to browse Betlion.

Make sure you have a strong internet connection and this would not be a problem anymore for you.


Banned account

Betlion often suspends or blocks accounts based on the issue the account presents.

A suspended account can work as a warning to the account holder to always follow the terms and conditions of the company. Still, an account can be suspended if the owner would like to take a break from gambling. This would be nice to know that you would simply contact the support team and have the account reactivated.

You also come across situations where an account has been banned. A banned account means the person has gone against the rules of the sportsbook. That is how you can lose the account. Once an account is banned, there is nothing you can do. It will not be reopened.


Betlion Login in Kenya: Customer Support

Good customer support for an online betting company is important. If you have an account with the Betlion legal betting platform, just know you have various ways of getting the support you need.

One of the ways of getting support is through live chat. You will be assigned an agent who will help you with the whole process. The other option is to call their helpline or send an email.

Based on other customer reviews, they claim the support team is prompt in answering their questions. Like for live chat, an agent will attend to your needs fast. Even for calls, the agent picking the calls is knowledgeable about Betlion and how best you can use it for your betting activities.

You could still check out the FAQs section to see several tutorials before calling the support team. Sometimes what you need is already on the website.

Log in to Betlion Account in Kenya


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Also ask
Does Betlion have an app for accessing your account?
Yes. Betlion has an Android app you can install on your device. Right now, there is no iOS app, but it might be introduced in the future.
Is it hard to log into the Betlion account?
No. All you need is your phone number and the 4-digit PIN you chose while setting up the account. It will not take long before you can access the account.
Is Betlion a legitimate company?
Yes. Betlion has the right licence under the Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya to operate in the country.


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