Sportpesa Aviator Game in Kenya 2024

Aviator has swiftly risen to prominence as one of the most sought-after casino games, captivating audiences not just in Kenya but globally. Betting platforms are consistently enhancing the gaming experience with fresh features and enticing bonuses tailored to this cherished casino gem. Aviator boasts simplicity in gameplay coupled with an electrifying betting environment, offering players unparalleled excitement as they vie for substantial payouts. Engaging with Aviator is easy; simply place your wager, sit back, and witness the plane ascend. With each elevation, the odds soar, amplifying the potential winnings. When the timing feels right, a simple tap of the ‘Cash Out’ button thus securing your earnings.

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Sportpesa Aviator Game – Overview

The Sportpesa Aviator game has a unique combination of simplicity and an immersive gaming experience. This unique crash game's straightforwardness makes it neat and interesting because it gives gamers simple fun yet very thrilling.

The ease of the game gives players a good contrast to the world of other casino games and that is why it is attractive to the players who enjoy simple games with a touch of strategic thinking.

Image showing the Aviator Sportpesa Kenya
Sportpesa Aviator image

A tour on the official Sportpesa website reveals a simple game which lacks excess elements and complex rules. The players operate a user-friendly interface where the red sail-plane is followed on the screen while relaxing background music is appreciated. However, the Sportpesa Aviator winning is not all about just watching the screen.

The multiplier countdown begins upon takeoff, with players able to cash out at any moment before the plane exits the screen. The longer the wait, the greater the potential payout. However, if the plane disappears or crashes, the bet is lost.


Sport Pesa Aviator Characteristics Table

✅ Game NameSportpesa Aviator
⬇️ DeveloperSpribe
✔️ Minimum BetKES 2
✏️ Demo VersionNo
TypeCrash Game
⚪ VolatilityMedium
⚡ FeaturesLive feed, Statistics, Multi-player, Live chat, and Auto Cashout
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Sportpesa Aviator Gameplay

For seasoned players, the concept of Sportpesa Aviator Gameplay is likely familiar, but newcomers should understand that it operates on chance. While strategies informed by past experiences might occasionally yield favorable outcomes, they may not consistently deliver results, underscoring the game's essence as entertainment rather than a guaranteed avenue for financial gain.

So, a player should understand the following concepts before starting to bet on the game:

Game Round Duration: Thirty seconds is the approximate duration of each game session giving the player a short window to pocket the wins before time runs out, thus creating a thrilling and exciting gaming experience.

Fair Play and Rate-to-Player: Unlike other online gambling games with questionable payout rates, Sportpesa Aviator Gameplay has an impressive RTP rating of 97%, promising players high wins.

Mobile Compatibility: Offering seamless compatibility across Android and iOS devices, Sportpesa allows players to effortlessly access the game via the official website or its casino app, facilitating convenient on-the-go gaming.

Odds Multipliers: The excitement begins right from the moment the game begins with a bet multiplier of 1 (1x), which consistently increases as the plane takes off. Keeping track of this process is mandatory in making your wagering profitable.


How to Play Aviator on Sportpesa

Engaging in the Sportpesa Aviator casino game is remarkably straightforward. The steps below should act as a quick guide to get started;


Visit the official website and Login

Access the Sportpesa Aviator betting platform through the Sportpesa casino app or the web browser. Open your Sportpesa account by logging in, or registering.


Make a Deposit

Fund your Sportpesa account using either the USSD or the PAYBILL NUMBERS, 955100 or 5212121 to have the money deposited to the gaming account within a matter of minutes. Proceed to transfer the money from the Sports Wallet to the Casino Wallet.


Play the Aviator Game

Click on the Casino button from the menu bar, scroll and select the Sportpesa Aviator game. Once it opens, begin wagering with as low as KES 2. 


Sportpesa Aviator or Mozzartbet

Aviator, a popular Instant Crash game, holds a significant presence in both Sportpesa and Mozzartbet, among other top online operators in Kenya. Its simplicity, dynamic plot, and quick rounds contribute to its widespread appeal. Players are tasked with cashing out their wagers before the airplane crashes adding to the excitement.

On both sites, the game boasts a user-friendly interface and convenient features. With the implementation of the Provably Fair algorithm, the Aviator ensures transparent and fair results. Moreover, the availability of mobile casino gaming applications further increases accessibility for all gamers.

When comparing Sportpesa Aviator to Mozzartbet Aviator, determining which one is more superior to the other can be quite challenging. Having used both platforms, it's evident that the core gaming mechanics remain largely consistent, given their shared software provider, Spribe. However, there are notable distinctions.

Firstly, beginners find it easy to jump into Aviator and grasp betting mechanics swiftly. Most bookmakers and online casinos offer free Aviator play or the Demo version, providing a risk-free opportunity for players to test their skills. Unfortunately, this feature is absent in Sportpesa Aviator, unlike Mozzartbet's offering.

Additionally, the minimum betting amount differs between the two platforms, with Sportpesa setting it at KES 10 and Mozzartbet at KES 5, making the latter more accessible for players with small betting budgets.

These factors, among others, contribute to Mozzartbet Aviator being the preferred choice between the two.

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Sportpesa Aviator Registration

Registration in the Sportpesa Aviator game
The Sportpesa Kenya registration image

A gambler must first have an online betting account with the betting platform to participate in the Aviator game on Sportpesa. It's very straightforward to register an account. To complete it, follow these procedures;

  1. Visit the official Sportpesa Kenya website or open the mobile app;
  2. Click the "Register" icon;
  3. Enter the sign-up information in the registration form's marked fields;
  4. Agree to the terms and conditions of Sportpesa then click on Register button to submit your details;
  5. You will then receive a code via SMS to activate your registration after which the Account becomes active;
  6. Choose an accepted payment method and make a deposit;
  7. Select the Aviator Games in the Casino category, explore it, and start betting when confident to do so;
Play Aviator on Sportpesa

Sportpesa Aviator Login

Sign into the Sportpesa Aviator game
The Sportpesa Kenya log-in

The Sportpesa Aviator Kenya login procedure is easy and takes less than a minute if you already have an existing account. To access your account, follow these procedures listed below;

  1. Use the web browser or open the Sportpesa app to access the official website;
  2. Click the Login button;
  3. Accurately enter the registered phone number and password created at registration;
  4. To finish the login procedure, select the sign-in icon to access your player account;
Sportpesa Account Login Kenya
Sportpesa Account Login Kenya

Sportpesa Aviator Bonuses

At the time of writing, SportPesa does not have any ongoing Aviator bonuses or promotions nor does it have welcome bonuses for new Kenyan players. This is an area that this online sportsbook should work on to offer its players the best-in-industry gaming services and products.


Deposit Money to The Game

Once you've completed your registration. To deposit money in your SportPesa account is easy using three 3 different methods;


Mobile Money Transfer

  1. Access your mobile money menu on your phone;
  2. Follow prompts to transfer money using the SportPesa Paybill number sent to you during registration - M-Pesa: 955100 or 5212121, Airtel Money: 955100;


Direct deposit via USSD

  1. Dial *790#;
  2. Select OPTION 4;
  3. Enter the amount you want to deposit and send;
  4. Wait for the mobile money menu to pop up and enter your PIN;
  5. SportPesa will send a confirmation SMS if the transaction is successful;


Online Deposit

  1. Log into your account on the website or app;
  2. Click “funds” then "deposit" and then follow the prompts;
  3. Your SportPesa account will be credited automatically;
  4. You will then receive a confirmation message from SportPesa for the successful deposit transaction;

It is worth noting that at SportPesa you cannot deposit money from a different number to a particular gaming account. Only send money from the same M-Pesa account of the Number Registered to SportPesa.


Withdraw Money From The Game

Cashing out your money from Sportpesa is as simple as making deposits. This can be done either via SMS or online/web;


SMS Withdrawals

If you want to withdraw KSH 15000 from your SportPesa account you will send an SMS to 79079; W#15000 - where W stands for Withdraw, 15000 is the amount of money you wish to withdraw.

The withdrawal format is standard across all mobile money service providers. i.e M-Pesa, Airtel Money.

You will receive a confirmation message from 79079 and Your Mobile Money account (M-Pesa, Airtel Money) will be credited, and a second confirmation SMS to this effect will be sent to you by your mobile service operator.


Web Withdrawals

  1. Visit the Sportpesa website or open the app;
  2. Sign in;
  3. Click on 'withdrawals’ icon;
  4. Select a withdrawal method;
  5. Enter the amount you wish to withdraw;
  6. You will receive a message from the wagering platform confirming a withdrawal of funds to your mobile phone number;

Sportpesa Aviator Betting Options

Image showing the Aviator Sport pesa section with some betting options available
Aviator in sportpesa


Bet and Cash Out

This betting option is widely favored in the Aviator casino game on Sportpesa. Players manually place their bets, specifying the amount they want to wager, and must cash out before the plane crashes to secure their winnings.


Auto Cash Out

With this feature, players can automate the cashing out process based on reaching a predetermined multiplier as the plane ascends. It minimizes the risk of losing winnings due to a sudden crash and allows players to focus more on enjoying the game's excitement. Once the designated multiplier is attained, the game automatically cashes out the stake according to the chosen multiplier, offering a seamless Aviator gaming experience.


Auto Play

By activating the Auto button in the wagering panel, players can enable automatic wager placement. However, they must manually cash out in each round until they deactivate the Auto Bet option. This functionality streamlines gameplay by executing phases automatically according to pre-set parameters, ensuring a smooth gaming experience.


Double Betting

To enhance their chances of winning, players can opt for double wagers in the Sportpesa Aviator game. With two betting panels available on the game interface, players can place two bets simultaneously, adding an extra layer of excitement to this thrilling casino game.


Sportpesa Aviator App

To make the Aviator game more comfortable and convenient for players, Sportpesa has made mobile gaming apps available. For both Android and iOS users, there are free and well-developed mobile applications available.

In addition, the bookmaker has made a special effort to develop a distinct Casino application, which is available for download from the website and functions flawlessly on both iOS and Android devices, including iPhones, iPads, and MacOS.



Sportpesa has developed an Android mobile application that can be downloaded and installed by;

  1. Open the official Sportpesa site on your smartphone via your preferred browser;
  2. Click on the Menu bar;
  3. Select the appropriate App to download;
  4. Once done, install the Sportpesa APK file on your phone;
  5. Sign in, make a deposit and start playing the Sportpesa casino aviator;



Sportpesa also has a fantastic mobile app for iOS users in Kenya. This well-optimized app is available for free on the Apple App Store. To download the Sportpesa iOS app;

  1. Visit the Apple App Store and search for the Sportpesa App;
  2. Click to get and install the Sportpesa Aviator app on your iPhone/iPad;
  3. Create an account, log in, make a deposit and then proceed to the Aviator casino game to place bets and win;


Sportpesa Aviator App Promo Code

Sportpesa Kenya, a renowned online sportsbook offering both sports betting and casino games, does not currently feature any promotional codes specifically for Aviator.

Play Aviator on Sportpesa

Sportpesa Aviator App or Mozzartbet App

Both the Sportpesa App and the Mozzartbet App feature the Aviator game, delivering reliability, fairness, and seamless gameplay. This widespread availability underscores the game's popularity in Kenya. In addition to Aviator, both platforms offer a diverse array of sports and casino games, catering to varied gaming preferences.

While the design and user interface of mobile apps play a pivotal role in attracting and retaining users, factors such as customer support, payment options, and promotional offers also contribute significantly to the overall user experience.

Comparing Sportpesa Aviator to Mozzartbet Aviator presents challenges in determining superiority, but notable differences exist. Firstly, Mozzartbet's Aviator App includes a Demo version, which is lacking in Sportpesa Aviator. Secondly, the minimum betting amounts vary between the two platforms, with Sportpesa setting it at KES 10 and Mozzartbet at KES 5, thus making Mozzartbet more accessible for players with smaller budgets.

Mozzartbet's Aviator App also offers players the Aviator free bets Promotion, an incentive not available on Sportpesa .

In the end, the choice between Sportpesa App and Mozzartbet App may depend on personal preferences related to Aviator gameplay or other factors. However, based on our experience with both applications, we highly recommend the Mozzartbet Aviator App for its exceptional features.

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How to Win Aviator on Sportpesa

Sportpesa Aviator game Kenya
Aviator Betting at Sportpesa


Aviator Game Rules

Understanding the mechanics of the game is a crucial aspect of increasing your chances of winning. By actively engaging with the gameplay and observing patterns, you can develop strategies to predict the trajectory of the plane's crash. However, it's essential to acknowledge that the game's inherent unpredictability adds to its excitement. Therefore, approach each flight with a sense of caution, balancing thrill with strategic thinking to navigate through its captivating unpredictability.



Aviator stands out as a top pick among Instant games due to its utilization of the Random Number Generator algorithm, ensuring the game's randomness and making predictions challenging. Developed on Provably Fair technology, Aviator guarantees absolute fairness, ensuring that every outcome in each round remains unpredictable but transparent.

So when venturing into this game, you should have the trust that the game is legit and safe to play without any worries to avoid being distracted, thereby placing wrong wagers.



Start with a sound betting strategy. Know what you want. To win any crash game, a player who is just starting must begin with steadily smaller sums to prevent losing it all at once. By doing this, you might earn a significant return on your investments.

Developing a strong betting strategy is essential if you want to improve your chances of winning in the Aviator game. To minimize risks and optimize your investment, start with small bets as you learn along the way.



Some of the tricks one can employ to win include;

  • Check out the Aviator live statistics;
  • Bankroll Management - Setting a spending limit for your gaming session;
  • Responsible Gambling;
  • Use promotions and Aviator incentives if available;

Sportpesa Aviator Kenya Pros and Cons

  • Easy to access and play
  • Fastest payouts
  • Has Auto-cashout features
  • Low deposit and wager amounts
  • Huge Payouts
  • A uniquely customizable themed game
  • Built on cutting-edge technology
  • Offers social interactions via chat feature
  • Has convenient live betting statistics
  • Addictive
  • Risky game, which may lead to financial losses
  • A game of chance, with no guaranteed winnings

Why should you choose Aviator Mozzartbet?

These are some of the reasons the Aviator game on Mozzartbet is worth our recommendations; 

  • Huge Payouts;
  • Has a demo version;
  • Easy to access and play;
  • Low deposit and wager amounts;
  • Comes with promotions and special bonuses;
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Author’s Conclusion

Alisa Barladyan
To sum up, the Aviator instant game is quite different from other casino products, featuring a simplified game yet packed with an element of tactical prowess irresistible to both veterans and beginners. The attraction of Sportpesa Aviator changes from person to person. It is a love-it-or-hate-it game. Some players appreciate its simplicity, while few are attracted to its intuitive mechanics. However, the popularity of Aviator has soared, providing an opportunity for gamers to test their instincts, and fortunes. Besides its high return-to-player ratio and support across a variety of devices, it is also a factor that encourages its easy accessibility. The game includes an in-game chat feature in which players share their feelings, tactics, and responses, making people feel like being in a community and togetherness. In line with this, Sportpesa Aviator Game is an ideal venture for those seeking an enjoyable and potentially rewarding online gaming endeavors.
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Also ask
Is it legal to play Sportpesa Aviator in Kenya?
Yes. It is legal to play the Sportpesa Aviator game in Kenya since Sportpesa is licensed by the Betting, Control, and Licensing Board to legally operate in the country.
Does Sportpesa Aviator have a demo version?
NO, Sportpesa does not offer an Aviator free demo version to gamers to familiarize themselves with this Instant game which is a letdown for those who are just starting.
What is the best time to play Aviator on Sportpesa?
The Aviator is a game of chance, strategy, and unpredictability where players can place bets on a variety of elements, thus there isn't a single best moment to play. It is impossible to predict how a round will end because the results are determined solely by an algorithm that produces random numbers. Your strategy and tenacity will therefore be crucial to your success.
What is the biggest win in Sportpesa Aviator?
The biggest amount you can win at the Sportpesa Aviator game for one round is x1000 your stake which translates to KES 1,000,000.
What is the minimum stake in the Sportpesa Aviator game?
In a few seconds, you can now fly into huge winnings and it gets even better, as the minimum stake is just 2 shillings!
Does sportpesa have Aviator Game?
Yes, this bookmaker has an aviator sportpesa app where you can play the game.


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