1Win Aviator Game: How to Play & Win (2024)

The aviator game has gained popularity not only in Kenya but also worldwide. This online game provides a thrilling gaming experience, combining fun, strategy, and the adrenaline of watching the increasing multiplier. Many top bookmakers in Kenya offer this exciting game to enhance players’ betting experience. In this guide, we will focus on 1Win aviator. You will learn more about 1Win aviator login, 1Win aviator registration, 1Win aviator hack, how to play the game, and much more. Let’s delve in!

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1Win Aviator Game – Overview

1Win Aviator
1Win Aviator Game Overview

1Win aviator game is easy to play, even for newbies. The game uses a concept where players bet on the distance a plane covers. The higher the plane flies, the higher your potential winnings. You need to cash out before the plane flies off the screen. If you cash out on time, your bet amount is multiplied by the coefficient of the aircraft’s flight.

If the plane disappears before you cash out, your bet is lost. To succeed well in playing this game, you need to react quickly and use different approaches. The aviator game 1Win is easy to access on the main menu and it is visually appealing.


1Win Aviator Game Kenya

Game NameAviator
Min Bet10 KES
Demo VersionYes
TypeCrash Game
FeaturesLive-in statistics, in-chat game
FairnessUses Random Number Generator
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1Win Aviator Gameplay

1Win bet aviator game is exciting and easy to play. However, this game is based on luck, good timing, and implementing the right strategies. The aviator 1Win game has a user-friendly interface and has a plane that takes off and disappears off your screen with an increasing multiplier.

You need to place your bet before the plane takes off, and when it flies, decide when to make a cashout. If you manage to cash out before the plane flies away your bet amount is multiplied by the current multiplier value. If the plane disappears before you cashout, you lose your bet,

Players need to make a cash out before the plane flies away, which happens randomly. The longer the plane flies, the higher the multiplier and so is the potential winning. Playing this unpredictable game gives you a thrilling experience since you don’t know when the plane will disappear.


How to Play Aviator on 1Win

Playing aviator 1Win game is quite simple even if you are a first-time player. You can play 1Win game on the website or using your smartphone. If you are a beginner and need to learn some gaming basics, you can start playing on the demo version.

To play the aviator game on 1Win, start by creating an account on the platform. You can choose registration via social networks for quick registration.

Next, login and go to the deposit section, and deposit money in your account using the provided payment methods. M-pesa is one of the most convenient payment methods in Kenya.

After depositing money, visit the main menu and click “Aviator”. You can now start playing the game with as little as 10 KES. Place your bet before the plane takes off and the bet amount depends on your limits.

When the plane takes, watch the multiplier increase, which translates to your potential bet returns. Decide when you want to cash out by clicking the cashout button. If you wait too long and the plane disappears, you lose the bet. If you make cash out before the plane flies away, your bet amount is multiplied by the current multiplier and you can collect your winnings.


1Win Aviator or Paripesa

Both 1Win and Paripesa offer aviator games, each with appealing features to players. While choosing which platform to play the aviator game depends on your personal preference, several reasons make Paripesa a great choice. For instance, when comparing the two bookmakers, Paripesa offers a clean and user-friendly interface, making it easier to navigate the game.

Paripesa also offers aviator-specific bonuses and promotions. For instance, the platform provides 60 free bets in Aviator every Friday. Players enjoy 20 free bets in the aviator game when they deposit at least 1080 KES. You can make a maximum of 3 deposits every Friday. Paripesa also provides superb customer support, so you can expect quick assistance if you have any questions regarding the aviator game.


1Win Aviator Registration

1Win Aviator Registration
1Win Aviator

If you would like to try playing 1Win aviator game, you need to register first. This is a quick and simple process, and you can have your account working in no time. Creating 1Win account is easy, and you can choose social networks or quick registration depending on your preference. Follow these steps for 1Win aviator registration.

  1. Visit 1Win website on your smartphone or desktop;
  2. Click the registration button on the top right of the home page;
  3. Choose your preferred registration method and enter your details;
  4. Enter a promo code if you have one;
  5. Agree to 1Win terms and conditions;
  6. Click the register button to complete the registration process;
  7. You can now click the aviator game on the main menu and start playing.

1Win Aviator Login

1Win Aviator Login
1Win Aviator Kenya

Once you have an active account on 1Win, you can access your account anytime and enjoy playing the aviator game. The following are some quick steps on 1Win aviator login.

  1. Visit 1Win official website;
  2. Click the login button on the top right of the homepage;
  3. Enter correct login details;
  4. Click the login button.
Play Aviator on 1Win

1Win Aviator Bonuses

1Win does not provide any aviator-specific bonus at the moment. Keep checking the betting site’s notifications to find out when new aviator bonuses are available.


Welcome Bonuses For New Kenyan Players

1Win Welcome Bonus
1Win Aviator

New Kenyan players who register on the platform enjoy a welcome bonus of +500% on your first deposit. This bonus is distributed in your first four deposits in 200%, 150%, 100% and 50%. Additionally, there are other casino offers and promotions available.


Deposit Money to The Game

1Win provides different methods you can use to deposit money into your betting account. The most convenient method for Kenyans is M-pesa. Follow these quick steps to deposit money in your account.

  1. Visit 1Win website and log in;
  2. Click the deposit button on the top right of the homepage;
  3. Choose the deposit method you would like;
  4. Enter the amount you want to deposit;
  5. For M-Pesa, you will get a pop-up notification prompting you to enter your M-pesa pin to complete the transaction.

Withdraw Money from The Game

Withdrawing money from the game is quite easy. 1Win offers Kenyans convenient withdrawal methods which include M-pesa, Airtel, Equitel, Perfect Money, and Cryptocurrency. Below are some quick steps on how you can withdraw, money from the game.

  1. Visit 1Win official website;
  2. Log into your account;
  3. Go to the account section and click withdraw;
  4. Choose your preferred withdrawal method;
  5. Enter the withdrawal amount and click withdraw.

1Win Aviator Betting Options

Playing the aviator game at 1Win is an exciting experience. Players have access to several betting options like:


Manual Betting and Cashout

This is a type of betting option where the player bets for each round manually. You can adjust your bet amount, and the minimum you can bet on 1Win Aviator Kenya is 10 KES. The cashout is also done manually any time before the plane flies away. If the plane flies away before you cash out, you lose the bet.


Auto Betting and Cashout

If you don’t want to play the aviator game manually, you can use the auto-bet option, and your bets are placed automatically. You can adjust your stake and the game debits the money at the beginning of every round. However, you need to cash out for each round until you turn off the auto-play option. The auto cash out feature helps you cash out automatically once each round is over depending on where you set the multiplier.


Double Betting

You can place two bets simultaneously in one round and maximize your chances of winning in the aviator game. Place your bets at the start of every round, and you can be lucky to win on two different multipliers in one round. You can choose to cash out one bet when the multiplier is low and the other bet at a higher multiplier.


1Win Aviator App

Since most bettors find it convenient to bet on their smartphones, 1Win offers a mobile app that provides a seamless aviator betting experience.


1Win App for Android

Android users can enjoy playing 1Win aviator game on their smartphones on 1Win Android app. You can download 1Win aviator predictor apk on 1Win official website and install it on your device. The app provides a user-friendly interface and quality graphics for the aviator game. Follow these quick steps to download 1Win aviator predictor apk latest version:

  1. Visit 1Win website on your mobile phone browser;
  2. Scroll down and click application for Android;
  3. Download and install the app;
  4. Sign up or log in to start playing the aviator game.


1Win App for iOS

1Win iOS app is currently unavailable. iOS users can play the game on their smartphones through the optimized mobile version.


1Win Aviator App Promo Code

No 1Win aviator app promo code is available.

Play Aviator on 1Win

1Win Aviator App or Paripesa App

1Win and Paripesa Aviator apps are great options for any aviator lover in Kenya. Playing the aviator game on both apps is enjoyable, and easy since both apps are user-friendly. However, if you need engaging and fantastic aviator gameplay, Paripesa app stands for several reasons.

First, you will be impressed with Paripesa game features. Paripesa Aviator app is simple yet offers a thrilling experience. The app is user-friendly, giving you quick navigation on your mobile device.

Players also enjoy aviator bonuses every Friday where they are rewarded 20 free aviator bets for deposits of at least 1080 KES. This adds more value to your deposits. The app’s social feature is also great, making it easier to communicate with other players when playing.


How to Win Aviator on 1Win

Winning the 1Win aviator predictor is easy if you implement the right strategies, skills, and timing. However, winning is not always guaranteed since the game is based on pure lack. I have put together some essential tips that can help you win.


Know the Game Mechanics

One of the game’s success tips is timing. You must cash out before the plane flies away. Knowing the game’s mechanics can help you decide wisely when to cash out.


Start with Smaller Bets

Yes, I know you might be tempted to make more money quickly by placing larger bets. If you are just getting started, start with smaller bets as this will help you understand the aviator game dynamics while minimizing your losses.


Set Your Bet Limits

Greed can make you lose a lot in the aviator game. Always know when it is the right time to stop and don’t be tempted to chase losses. It is good to set your bet limits as this can help you manage your bankroll.


Don’t Work with Patterns

1Win aviator predictor outcomes do not follow a particular pattern. The results in the game are random, so finding a particular pattern to follow might not work for you. instead, you should pay more attention to the game’s mechanics as compared to following a pattern.


Practice with Demo Mode

Practice makes perfect. Before you start playing with real money, you can practice on the demo version to understand the game’s basics. This gives you a better understanding of the game and minimizes your losses when playing with real money.


Aviator Game Rules

The aviator predictor 1Win game involves a plane taking off, and a player needs to cash out before the plane disappears off your screen. Some of the rules you can follow to maximize your chances of winning include:

  • Always set your bet before the beginning of every round;
  • The multiplier increases as the plane flies;
  • Your goal is to cash out before the plane flies away. The higher the plane flies, the higher your winning but you also risk losing your bet;
  • If you don’t cash out on time and the plane flies away, you lose the bet;
  • Your winnings are calculated by the product of your bet amount and the multiplier.
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1Win Aviator game uses a fair algorithm to ensure fairness for all players regardless of your skills. The game uses a random number generator to ensure the game is transparent and fair. The results of every round are 100% different from each other and no one can manipulate the outcome.



Your success in the aviator game depends on the type of strategy you use. It is good to find a betting strategy that works well for you, keeping in mind your risk tolerance and your bankroll. Besides, you should follow your strategy and not your emotions when deciding on the game.



You can implement several tricks to help you win more in the aviator game. One of the top tricks you can use is to place two bets in one round. Most importantly, always follow your guts and consider the previous flights to give you an idea of the rhythm of the aviator game. You should also start placing smaller bets to avoid losing too much money.


1Win Aviator Kenya Pros and Cons

  • The game offers fair play
  • Features a user-friendly interface
  • The game is simple to play
  • Social chat feature
  • The game has a higher RTP of 97%
  • Bets with as low as 10 KES
  • Has live statistics
  • Risk of losses if you wait long
  • No guaranteed wins
  • The game can be addictive

Why Should You Choose Aviator Paripesa?

Paripesa aviator game stands out for several reasons. The platform offers a user-friendly interface, which offers easy navigation of the game. All players can be sure of fair gaming since no player has an advantage over the other.

Paripesa provides 60 free bets on Aviator every Friday for deposits of at least 1080KES, and you can make up to 3 deposits every Friday. Another reason why you should choose Paripesa Aviator is mobile betting, giving you the flexibility of playing the game anywhere. Their customer service is also prompt so your queries and answers are on time.


Author’s Conclusion

Alisa Barladyan
The aviator game has become one of the most popular games, and almost all top bookmakers offer this game. The game is exciting to play while giving you the chance to earn money. Playing 1Win aviator game offers engaging gameplay with every round giving you a new adventure and the chance to win. The game uses a random number generator to ensure fairness and transparency when playing. With as low as 10 KES, you can enjoy a thrilling experience watching the plane fly. The game is also mobile-optimized so you can play it on the go and enjoy a great experience. By using the right strategies and balancing your rewards and risks, you can maximize your chances of winning big on the game. I hope this guide will has given you all the resources you need to play the 1Win aviator game in Kenya.
Play Aviator on 1Win


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Also ask
Is it legal to play 1Win Aviator in Kenya?
Yes, it is legal to play the aviator game in Kenya as long as the betting site has a gaming license.
Does 1Win Aviator have a demo version?
Yes, 1Win offers a demo version to help beginners familiarize themselves with the game before playing with real money.
What Is the Best Time to Play Aviator on 1Win?
There is no specific time you need to play the aviator to win. Winning the game depends on your decision-making and the strategy you use.
What Is the Biggest Win in 1Win Aviator?
The highest win recorded in Africa on 1Win aviator was in Ghana where a player won $500,000.
Can I play the aviator game on mobile?
Yes, 1Win provides an optimized mobile app that makes playing Aviator on your smartphone fun and easy.
Is 1Win aviator game fair?
Yes, 1Win aviator game uses a random number generator to ensure fairness in all rounds.
Which strategy can I use to win 1Win aviator?
No proven strategy can guarantee you winning on the aviator. You can win the game by combining your experience and a better understanding of the game’s mechanics.


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