Download & Install Bet365 App from Kenya for Android and iOS 2023

Bet365 being a leading sports betting platform, we expect it to have the best mobile apps also. We can see that in addition to the Bet365 mobile version website, there is also the Bet365 app that you can easily use for betting. The app is straightforward, easy to use, and works on most mobile devices. We look keenly at the Bet365 mobile app and see how best to utilise it.

Download Bet365 Kenya Mobile App

Bet365 Mobile App Bonus

Currently, there is no specific bonus for using the Bet365 mobile app. Even the company lacks a signup bonus for the Kenyan market. Nevertheless, you can get other offers such as a bet boost, 2 goals ahead payout offer, 70% accumulator bonus, a baseball early payout offer, and more.

Bet365 keeps updating its bonuses, so check them to ensure you can find the latest bonuses from the company. Install the Bet365 app to enjoy more offers at your fingertips.

Get Bet365 Bonus

How To Download & Install Bet365 Mobile App?


Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store

Visit the Google Play Store or Apple Store

The easiest way of installing the Bet365 app is by downloading it from the Google play store or Apple store.


Search for Bet365 App

Search for Bet365 App

Go ahead and search for the Bet365 app in the mentioned platforms, and you should see them appear.


Tap on the right app and install

Tap on the right app and install

It is possible to see several apps with similar names. Make sure to tap on the right one based on the company name and publisher to download onto your device.


Install the app

Install the app

Once the app has been downloaded to your device, go ahead and install it by following the onscreen instructions.

Download Bet365 Kenya Mobile App

Download Bet365 Mobile App For Android

Here is how to download the Bet365 Android app:

  • Open Google Playstore;
  • Search for Bet365 app;
  • Tap on the right app to download it;
  • Once downloaded, install it on your device;


Android app requirements

App version8.0.2.334-row
App size36MB
Android versionAndroid 5+

Download Bet365 Mobile App For iOS

Here is how to download the Bet365 iOS app:

  • Open Apple store;
  • Search for Bet365 app;
  • Tap on the right app to download it;
  • Once downloaded, install it on your device;

With the Bet365 download Kenya app done, you can start betting on your favorite sports.


Requirements for iOS app

App version8.0.2.334
App size136.5 MB
Android versioniOS 13+
Download Bet365 Kenya Mobile App

How to Create an Account on the Bet365 App?

Bet365 has made creating an account so easy on its website. We find it is the same thing with Bet365 app sign-up and Bet365 app login. So, whichever platform you decide to consider, it will be easy to access your Bet365 account. Here are a few steps to follow when creating an account on Bet365 App.

  • Install and open the Bet365 app;
  • Tap on the Join button found on the homepage;
  • A form appears to enter your account details;
  • Make sure the information is correct before tapping the Join Bet365 button;

If additional steps are needed, you will be notified via email. You can now log into your account and start placing bets.


How to Verify Identify?

The Bet365 app free allows you to create an account and verify it also. The verification can be checked when you are logged into your account under the dashboard.

You will see what information you must submit for the account to be active. We recommend submitting this information, including your ID, proof of address, and more. It will not take long to have your information verified.

Once the information is verified, you can access the account's full features, including withdrawals.


Bet365 Mobile App Main Features

Before you can consider the Bet365 app download Kenya process, here are some of the main features to keep in mind.


Multiple offers

Bet365 might not have a mobile app bonus or sign-up bonus for new Kenyan users, but it does come with other offers. When you look at the offer page, you will see a lot more offers you can use for different games.


Easy installation

Since you can download the app from the Google Play store or Apple store, it makes people have an easier time doing so. Also, there is trust that people would have in an app that has been downloaded from such platforms.

The installation is also straightforward, like other apps you have used before.



Bet365 allows you to live stream and have live updates on various events throughout the year. Pick a sport, and if the live stream link is available, you can easily start watching. If not, check out the live updates.


Touch ID compatible

The app is touch ID compatible. With this option enabled, it means you can easily log into the app and start using it with your fingerprint. This cuts down the time needed to input the username and password.


Manage the account

The mobile app also allows you to manage your account better. This means that you can make deposits, withdrawals, verify the account, and so much more in a central place.

Download Bet365 Kenya Mobile App

Bet365 Mobile App Betting Options


Types of bets

Bet365 has so many sports options to consider for betting. This means more types of bets too. The bet types vary based on the sport. We can consider football for illustration. In this case, the bet types are overall winner, under/over, even/odd, number of goals, number of corners, and more.


What sports to bet on?

Being a big brand, Bet365 is known to give you a lot more options to bet on. Some of the notable sports to consider include;

  • Football;
  • Cricket;
  • Baseball;
  • Basketball;
  • Cycling;
  • Boxing;
  • Darts;
  • Formula 1;
  • Golf;
  • MMA;
  • Rugby;

How to place a Cricket Bet?

Now that you have gone through the download Bet365 mobile app and it is installed, how do you place a cricket bet. We will use cricket as an example, but the procedure also applies to other sports. Here is how you would place a bet.

  • Log into your Bet365 account on the app;
  • Load the account with the money you want to bet with;
  • Scroll through the available cricket games and choose the one you want;
  • When you choose a sport, it is added to the bet slip automatically;
  • Enter the amount you want to bet with on the bet slip and then click the place bet button;

Bet365 Mobile Version

Bet365 also offers the mobile version in addition to the Bet365 app. It is not unusual for a brand to do this. Some people might want to use the mobile version instead of installing the app. At least they have a chance of doing so.

The mobile website is simply a mirror of the normal desktop version. Nothing much changes other than the orientation and fit on mobile devices. Loading it on a mobile device is often easier than loading the desktop version.

The mobile version is still as sleek and will not take up much of your phone or tablet resources in case you decide to use it. Logging in and placing bets is also as simple. The result is easier to use the Bet365 platform on your mobile device.


Bet365 Mobile Version VS Bet365 App

Given these two options, sometimes it can be confusing which to use. We find loading an app and betting easier than the mobile website. This is because an app does not need you to go through a browser. Simply load it from your phone to access the latest game odds.

When you look at the Bet365 app, it requires installation before using it. Because of such, sometimes you end up requiring space to run it. Not everyone might have that kind of space to run the app. Still, not everyone trusts all apps not downloaded from the Google Play store. As a result, it is easier for them to simply run the mobile version.

We can say that the choice between the two can be personal. You can go ahead and pick the one you like and start using it.


What can be improved in Bet365 Mobile App?

The Bet365 mobile app is one of the best out there in terms of the games available to bet on and the bet types, but it is not the sleekiest. Many people find it dull and believe it could use better sleek designs. Also, it works best mostly with the latest Android or iOS software. Older phones might struggle to keep up with its system requirements.



We can see how it will be easier for you to download, install, and use the Bet365 mobile apps. Most people would have an easy time doing so because it is like setting up any other app you may have always wanted. We also see that the Bet365 mobile apps are easy to use. It is like using the website where everything is conveniently placed for you to use the app. So, it is a great way of betting and you should try it.

Download Bet365 Kenya Mobile App


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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
Yes, the app is legal. So long as the platform is allowed in your country, download the app and start using it.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
Yes. Bet365 app allows you to win money so long as you make the correct prediction. Take your time to analyze the games, and you can choose how to bet best on the games.
How to bet on your phone?
You will need to either use the mobile version website or download and install the platform app. Choose the one that you like and use it better on your phone.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Bet365 App?
The Kenya Revenue Authority collects a 20% withholding tax from the games that you win on the Bet365 app.


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