How to Download & Install Betlion Mobile App from Kenya in 2023

Betlion is among the top-rated sportsbooks in Kenya. It is for this reason, you would want to also use the betting site on your phone. That is where the Betlion app comes in handy. So, is there a Betlion mobile app that you can use? Is the Betlion APK safe? These are some of the questions someone asks before opting for the Betlion app download Kenya option. We answer all the questions in this guide and help you understand why you should install the Betlion app today.

Download Betlion Mobile App in Kenya

How To Download & Install Betlion Mobile App?

Since many people are now using mobile apps even for betting, it would be nice to know how to download the Betlion app free and start using it.

The app is not on Google Play or Apple Store, you will only find it on the Betlion official website. That is why you should consider visiting the website with your phone or any other device to download it directly. We talk more about the steps you will take to download the app and install it below.


Download Betlion Mobile App For Android

Here are the quick steps to follow when downloading the mobile app for your Android device;

  • Visit the Betlion official website from your device;
  • Click on the menu link which is three horizontal lines to open an additional menu;
  • You will see the option “Download our app” as part of the menu. Click on it;
  • This downloads the Betlion APK to your phone;
  • Once the download is complete, tap on the downloaded APK file and follow the onscreen instructions to install it;

Now you should be ready to start betting if you already had an account. 


Betlion Mobile App System Requirements Android

Operating SystemAndroid
File size2.7Mb
Required memory16Mb
Android versionAndroid 4.0 or higher
Download Betlion Mobile App in Kenya

Download Betlion Mobile App For iOS

Betlion currently lacks an iOS app. We assure you to update you as soon as the iOS application is available.


Betlion Mobile App Main Features

Here are some of the reasons why you would want to download and install the Betlion mobile app.


Decent odds

Decent odds are what you need from a mobile app also. Betlion makes sure that if you were getting the odds on the website, they are still the same. You will not have to worry that there will be a delay in the updating of odds just because you are using the app rather than the website.


Live betting and cashout

Live betting is a good thing for either a sportsbook website or app. You still get this option from the Betlion mobile app. It should make it easier to catch up on some games as you can bet on them when they are ongoing.

The cashout feature also makes the mobile app better. You would know when to get out of the bet slip because of quick wins or because you want to control your losses.


Offers or promotions

You might notice that you have offers too on the mobile app. As much as they are not specific to the mobile app, you will enjoy using them. These offers include free bets for new members, loyalty bonuses, and more. Always read the terms and conditions of the offers before opting for them and find out if you qualify also.


User interface

The user experience and interface are quite good on this mobile app. You will always have the links and menus in the right place to ensure you get all that you need fast. The sleek interface also makes it appealing to those that might want to keep using the app for longer. The company is always improving its app’s experience and interface, so you should not have a hard time once the new version is released.

Download Betlion Mobile App in Kenya

Betlion Mobile App Bonus

Betlion is known for being a good choice even if it means installing the app. It might not have a mobile app bonus, but it has a welcome bonus for its new members. The new account users are eligible for a free bet once they approve their accounts and make the first deposit.

You are advised to make a deposit of Ksh. 20 or higher to qualify for the risk-free first bet. So, in case you lose, Betlion will refund you for the case where the free bet applies. Remember that this offer can only be redeemed once for each customer.


Betlion Mobile Version

Sometimes you do not always have to download a Betlion app because you can use the sportsbook services. That is where the mobile version comes in handy.

Looking at the official Betlion website, you will quickly notice it is a mobile version even if you access the website on your desktop. This shows that the company optimized its website for mobile devices. That is why most people betting on it would be using their phones.

We find the website still easy to use and have great functionality just like the app. You can do Betlion signup and login straight from the website as opposed to Betlion app signup and Betlion app login. This can be good for those who do not have enough space to install more apps.


Betlion Mobile Version VS Betlion App

It seems like this would be a common debate among people before they decide on the Betlion download Kenya app. This is because, some would argue, what is the purpose of having an app when you could have just used the mobile version website?

One thing about the Betlion app is that it makes it easier to launch the sportsbook. This is unlike the website where you have to type in the browser first. So, having the sportsbook at your fingertips makes it easier to use it.

Other people might argue that the mobile app needs updates and this means uninstalling and downloading the new app. This can be additional work not many people want. Also, sometimes you may have to remove other apps to get enough space to install the Betlion app. However, all of this can be subjective to a person. You can often find that choosing between the two would be a matter of preference.

Download Betlion Mobile App in Kenya

Old Betlion Mobile App

Betlion keeps on changing its apps. The aim is to ensure that you can get a good and stable version of the Betlion app. The newer app would still have most of the bugs fixed and more improvements are done. However, you cannot download the old Betlion mobile app. Once a new version is released, the old app is no longer supported and is removed from the website.


What can be improved in Betlion Mobile App


Better support team

The support team is responsive enough, but people would wish for a more active support team. This is especially when you have to get help via socials. It might take too long before someone attends to you.


No live streams

We also find that there is no live stream on Betlion mobile app. It would be a nice addition if we could get a live stream option on the mobile app. So, rather than having to check out third-party providers, you can now opt for the live stream link in the app.


iOS app should be introduced

Right now, there is no iOS app for Betlion. This should be introduced in the future to make it easier for people to access the platform with their iOS devices in addition to the mobile website.

Download Betlion Mobile App in Kenya


Looking at the Betlion mobile app above, we see that it can be an alternative for you to keep betting on the sportsbook. As much as you only get the Android version of the app, it is still good to cater to a wide range of users. There is a mobile version that you can use in case you have an iOS device or that is what you like. We can expect the newer versions of the Betlion mobile app to be better than the current one. Keep checking its official website for updates on new mobile apps.



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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
Yes. Betlion is legal to operate in Kenya. If you are in the country, it is possible to verify its license with ease.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
Betting on Betlion mobile app is similar to the mobile website. This means you should easily win money too just as you were doing before with a website.
How to bet on your phone?
You can opt to use the Betlion mobile website or app. Login into your account, choose your games, enter the betting amount, and activate the bet slip.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Betlion App?
You will pay taxes on your winning after a bet. This amount is around 20% of the won value of the bet slip.


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