Betway Bonuses 2024: How to Get and How to Use Betway Bonuses in Nigeria

Apart from offering bets on a wide range of games, Betway Nigeria also has a good collection of bonuses exclusively for its users. Although you might be aware of quite a few of them, here’s a quick list of the ones that are available at almost all times.

Get Betway Nigeria Bonus

Betway Nigeria welcome bonus


Different bonuses offered by Betway Nigeria

Bonus NameAssociate prize valueApplicability
Welcome bonusUp to NGN 100,000Only new users
Weekly bonusUp to NGN 15,000,000Users registered from Ghana
Boosts bonusVariable for every boostFor all registered users
Cash Giveaway bonusUp to NGN 50,000Users registered from Nigeria
Get Betway Nigeria Bonus

How to get Betway Nigeria welcome bonus

  1. Given the name welcome bonus, this is applicable only for new users registered with Betway Nigeria.
  2. Secondly, place bets equivalent to 10 times the value of your first deposit.
  3. Third, select events and games which have odds of 3.0 or higher.
  4. Last, the approved welcome Betway Nigeria deposit bonus will be credited as a free bet after at least 1 valid bet has obtained a result.


Deposit and payment options for Betway Nigeria Welcome Bonus

Once the account creation is successful, the user is required to make a minimum deposit of NGN 100. You are free to use any of the payment options accepted by the platform and claim the Betway Nigeria welcome bonus. 


How to use and clear the Betway Nigeria Welcome Bonus

Once the deposit is credited to your Betway account, you can use it to play bets on either Sports or Jackpots.


Important notes

  1. You’ll have 30 days to place your 1st bet in order to claim the Betway Nigeria deposit bonus.
  2. There are no additional conditions on free bets. Users who make use of free bets will be entitled to cash out the winnings, of course subtracting the stake of the bet.
Betway Nigeria offering bonus after 1st deposit up to NGN 100,000.
Betway Nigeria welcome bonus

Betway Nigeria Weekly bonus


How to get Betway Nigeria weekly bonus

For winning Betway Nigeria’s weekly bonus you’ll have to participate in the supersized jackpots organized at the platform.

Next, you’ll have to make a correct prediction of every leg in Pick 5 or 13.

In case, your predictions were correct, you stand a chance at winning NGN 15,000,000.

However, if you were at a close call with the results, you may get rewarded in that case too.


Deposit and payment options for Betway Nigeria weekly bonus

Since this is a chance to participate in the weekly event, you need to place a bet on eligible games. Therefore, general steps of placing the bet apply here.

Simple, add the required funds at the time of placing the bet, predict the results and save.

However, only make use of the acceptable payment options as declared by Betway Nigeria promotions.


How to use and clear the Betway Nigeria weekly bonus

No details have been shared on the usage of the Betway Nigeria weekly bonus. 


Important notes

  1. You are eligible to play jackpots only if you are older than 18 years of age and are a resident of Ghana.
  2. The winning amount solely belongs to the verified winner. It will not be transferred to a 3rd party nor substituted. If a match is postponed/Voided – The Entire Jackpot will be voided.
Betway Nigeria offers weekly events to enter jackpots and win real money on valid bets.
Betway Nigeria jackpot promotions
Betway Nigeria Sign-Up
Betway Nigeria Sign-Up

Betway Nigeria Boosts Bonus


How to get Betway Nigeria Boosts Bonus

Betway Boosts is a list of fixtures that Betway Nigeria itself has hand-picked and boosted the odds on to up the excitement of your next bet.

The boosted fixtures have a lighting bolt icon in front of them for easy recognition by players/users. Once spotted, click on the icon and place the bet.


Deposit and payment options for Betway Nigeria Boosts bonus

Although it comes with exclusive monetary benefits, it follows the steps of placing a regular bet. Hence, maintain enough balance in your account to place the bet with boosted odds.


How to use and clear the Betway Nigeria Boosts bonus

No details have been shared on the usage of the Betway Nigeria Boosts bonus.


Important notes

  1. The fixtures list is updated frequently.
  2. Betway Nigeria boosts bonus is a promotional offer. The winnings can be higher on the same outcomes of applicable bets as compared to other bets on the online sportsbook.
  3. In case, any selected bet does not take place or is made void, all bets placed on the game will be void and removed from the boosts list.
  4. Betway Boosts prices are subject to change.
Betway Nigeria offers boosted odds for betting and earning more money than usual for all registered users.
Betway Nigeria Odds boosts promotions

Betway Nigeria Cash Giveaway bonus


How to get Betway Nigeria cash giveaway bonus

  1. Participate in the weekly qualified Betgames challenges for cash giveaways on a weekly basis.
  2. Complete all the milestones of the selected challenge within the allotted time.
  3. Level up your profile for Betway Nigeria cash giveaways and enter the weekly draw.


Deposit and payment options for Betway Nigeria cash giveaway bonus

The deposit details will be made available only when a player attempts and enters a weekly challenge.


How to use and clear the Betway Nigeria cash giveaway bonus

No details have been shared on the usage of the Betway Nigeria cash giveaway bonus.


Important notes

  1. Completion of additional challenges during a week will increase your chances of getting multiple entries in the draw.
  2. Profile level up progresses as you complete challenges. Gaining a level on your profile will earn an entry into the Grand Prize Draw of NGN 50,000.
  3. The Grand Prize Draw will be awarded to the lucky winner on 20 February 2022.
  4. You are eligible to play jackpots only if you are older than 18 years of age and are a resident of Nigeria.
Betway Nigeria is promoting bet games by offering cash giveaways to lucky and eligible winners.
Betway Nigeria offers cash giveaways
Get Betway Nigeria Bonus


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