Betking Old Mobile App 2022: Comparison with New Version and App Features

BetKing is a fast-rising bookmaker in the Nigerian sports betting industry that hopes to build a name there. The betting site offers a wide variety of markets is a great option. Providing a positive experience for customers is essential in the online gambling industry.

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An Overview of BetKing's Old Mobile App

BetKing is a Lagos, Nigeria-based sports betting firm that began in 2018. There are many sports to bet on this website, including football, ice hockey, basketball, volleyball, and other popular sports. If you're looking to wager on a specific sport, you may also do so on Dota, League of Legends, etc. Sport betting services, security, and value for money are top-notch at this bookmaker.

BetKing, a subsidiary of SV Gaming Limited, was created to provide more excellent value to consumers. The Lagos State Lotteries Board, the Anambra State Gaming Company, and the Osun State Government all have gaming licenses for this establishment.

While BetKing's new mobile site is accessible to all customers, it also provides an older version for those who use older phones. Betking old mobile app download is not available since it is accessed through a mobile site using your phone's browser.

In other words, if you're looking for a BetKing mobile lite for your smartphone or tablet, you should know that there isn't one. However, you should not let this deter you from placing a wager with BetKing. No matter what operating system a user has, the betting sites work well on mobile devices.

Compared to the most recent version, the outdated website or mobile app is deficient in several areas. Cookies and caches are likely to crop up when using the outdated version. And in this review, you'll learn about BetKing Old Mobile's benefits for its customers. mlite mobile site
Betking old mobile site

Pros and Cons

  • It's designed to work with older phones;
  • Newer smartphones can access it as well;
  • It is easier to understand;
  • Opens on a browser that is no longer supported.
  • Needs an updated version;
  • It takes time to load;
  • Occasionally, the page freezes;
  • The interface is not user-friendly.

BetKing's Old Mobile App Features

Customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the Betking old mobile app, which they believe is out of date and lacks features and experiences. Therefore, many users may find the old version preferable since it is compatible with older-model phones, which some individuals may still have. A few features in BetKing's old mobile app are not included in the enhanced version.

betking mlite mobile site
Betking old mobile site live in-play feature
BetKing Mobile App
BetKing Mobile App

Design and Layout

Compared to the newer version of the BetKing mobile app, the old Betking mobile lite version seems less polished or visually appealing. In addition to the new mobile applications, BetKing lite has the old mobile app. In this way, every phone user will benefit.

The old Betking mobile app for mobile devices lacks some icons available in the newer version. Despite the lack of some symbols, the essential ones are included in this release.

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Accessibility and Usability

BetKing has both a desktop and a mobile version available. In terms of usability, the mobile app beats out the desktop version. Since so much information is available, it may be challenging to keep up with everything.

However, even if you are using the BetKing old mobile app, everything is simple to find. As we've previously explained, everything you need to place a wager is there at your fingertips.

betking mlite mobile site
Betking old mobile site sports
BetKing Sign-Up
BetKing Sign-Up
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Withdrawal and Deposit

BetKing's helpful deposit and withdrawal support area is one reason it is so well-liked by its consumers. The old mobile BetKing may have a limited selection of options. The previous mobile BetKing app, however, does provide a few deposit alternatives, including GTB, Quick Teller, Zenith Bank Transfer, Polaris Collect, and Interswitch WebPay.

 withdrawal by bank transfer is the sole option available in Betking old mobile lite app. The older edition of the BetKing mobile lite version does not allow cryptocurrencies as a method of payment, either, like the current version of it.


Missing new features

Even though the previous version of BetKing may still be accessed, it has several limitations. In the new mobile login, various features are not accessible in the previous BetKing mobile:

  • Enhancements to the market layouts for an accurate score;
  • A less amount of data is required to visit the website;
  • Improvements in loading speed and overall performance;
  • A brand-new last-minute page;
  • BetKing's new mobile store;
  • Option to keep track of recent searches;
  • The Quick Bet Option;
  • Addition of a Coupon Editing Option;
  • An improved page for today's games.


The service provided by BetKing is outstanding, even though it is still in its infancy and has a few issues to iron out. This app's desktop and mobile versions go above and beyond what the average user could ever hope to get out of it. Even though an outdated mobile BetKing lacks a function, it is still helpful since it can serve a more significant number of customers than the updated version.

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