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Best Betting Sites in South Africa 2024

Online sports betting has remained an ever so popular and steady-growing industry in South Africa. Because of this entertaining and leisurely phenomenon, a good number of betting platforms are now available for player pleasure. Among these however, there are good betting sites and top-rated betting sites. Through our lenses, you can see what qualifies a platform to be quoted to be at a level, and make your choices from the best bookmakers in South Africa.

Every bettor wants a bookmaker that provides great opportunities to play, have fun and win. Users want to engage in games that are thrilling, but also relaxing as well as being profitable. There are sportsbooks that can offer some of this and a little of that, while other bookies will meet all of these standards and more. This is why we want to zero in on the top betting sites in South Africa.

Here, you will find great website designs, fantastic features, unique gaming options, cool odds, outstanding casino sections, awesome promos and bonuses, mobile tools, and a long trail of excitement and intrigue. So many attractive sites that are considered to be very good are available, and though most players are in the look out for a platform with reasonably fair offers, in this review, we will do one better and give you the best betting sites in South Africa.

Here is our list of top betting sites in South Africa in order of priority.

Betway Homepage
Sports Betting in South Africa

The South African betting terrain has expanded significantly over the decades, since 1965. This was when the Gambling Act was passed to officially state that all forms of gambling were illegal. Over the years, between 1994 - 2010, it had been moving, being steered on a bumpy road. But, with the draft of the Remote Bill of 2014, online gambling with a licensed bookmarker was given an amber light, creating a gray area in the activity.

In order to maintain traditional standards in the country, there is a close monitoring of bet services by a strict state regulator. Despite the laws and restrictions, the industry reportedly brings in a whopping 10 billion ZAR yearly. The government are slowly seeing the high profitability in the business, even as they try to keep it sanely controlled.

In a 2006 survey, only less than 10% of South Africans said they'd never gambled. Obviously, the average South African doesn't mind taking a bet.

South African Betting Official Info Table

Generally, when betting on a South African bookmakers website there are several common things to note. There are certain pieces of data that you will likely need to know and have if you are going to engage in legal and smooth betting. This information is basically the most standard that you'll come across on any bet platform in SA. 

CountrySouth Africa
LanguageEnglish, Afrikaans, Zulu, Xhosa +7
CurrencySouth African Rand
Popular sportsSoccer, cricket, rugby
Is betting legalYes
RegulatorNational Gambling Board
Gambling taxes15%
Most popular payment methodsVisa/MasterCard, EFT, vouchers, etc
Hollywoodbets homepage
Choosing Betting Site in South Africa

Just as we said at the beginning, the choice of betting site is completely up to you. However, it is important that we take you through certain phases to be able to ascertain if a betting site is worth your selection. Everything that a bookmaker offers should be considered before making your choice, but there are specifically a number of things that should be ensured are available. These are the bookmakers: Registration Process/Legality, Welcome Bonus, Mobile Compatibility/Apps, Sports/Games/Odds/Betting Market, Payment Method, User-Experience and Customer Support.

✔️ Legality/Registration

Registration is, interestingly, the last and first (in that order) thing to do when trying out a betting site. As a visitor, don't rush to create an account before ensuring the site is legally licensed. Carefully peruse its features and legality before deciding to join or not. On the other hand, you can't properly try out or benefit from anything you see, e g. place a bet, enjoy bonus, play, etc. If you are just a visitor.

So, check if the online form is standard and flexible for smooth registration. No user wants a complex or unnecessarily lengthy sign up. Note that it's extremely important that betting sites request proper documentation from you for the security and safety of all parties. But, these documents should be allowed to be uploaded after you register, since you may not have them readily available at that moment. So, look out for a site that has a legal standard detail registration e.g. your full name, email, phone number, T&C, etc.

✔️ Welcome Bonus

A welcome bonus is similar to your new neighbors bringing you a cake because you just moved in. It's a gesture that portrays appreciation and acceptance at the same time. Arguably all top-rated bookmakers offer their newbies a welcome bonus. Sometimes it comes in the form of a first deposit match bonus and otherwise as free money to bet or free spins. Either way it is a very vital spec of a good bet service provider.

One reason it is quite important to look out for a welcome bonus is that if you're completely new to betting or a type of bet, the bonus gives a sort of leeway to lose and not lose everything at once. It gives you a better chance to play and learn at the same time. Take note of the terms and conditions of the bonus, and make sure it is reasonable to accept before proceeding.

✔️ Sports/Games/Odds/Betting Market

Betting sites run on these together, and that's why they're combined as one. There actually isn't or shouldn't be one of them without the other. It is important to know what manner of sports and games that are available on the betting site you want to choose, and how large the betting market is and what odds the bookmaker is offering.

Having a large sport, casino, eSport or virtual sports game list is a massive advantage to you. It is most unlikely you won't find your choice of game(s) on the site. A large sports list automatically means a large betting market. Similarly, you will have a choice of the type of bets likely to interest you, even something bizarre, e.g. referee to interfere with a goal. These are likely to influence the odds, which will give a more interesting play, depending on your choice.

✔️ Mobile Compatibility/Apps

For flexibility, greater ease of movement and ease of access, bettors will carry their mobile phones around. And, this is a very important factor in choosing a betting site in South Africa. Most people, punters included, have their mobile devices on them as they go about their daily engagements. There will be a time of the day, in that busy schedule, you may want to quickly make a booking or watch a game you might have bet on, privately.

In fact, taking into cognizance the way betting is perceived in South Africa, it is almost mandatory that the betting site should be able to operate on your phone. So, ensure to check if the site page is compatible with most mobile operating systems, and start by trying it out on your phone. You can even go further by downloading the app, which should be free, to your mobile.

✔️ Payment Methods

After becoming part of a betting platform, the first thing you want to do is make a deposit, bet, play and win, then withdraw your winnings. Hence, it is important that the payment methods available on the site are ones that will serve your purpose. The most common methods of transaction in South Africa are credit and debit cards, electronic bank transfers, cryptocurrencies, cards and vouchers. Payment methods are not only to be multiple but also to be flexible. In any case you have a registered account and you're far away from home, in a place where your regular transaction method isn't functioning. Does the betting site have an alternative method, which can function where I am at this time? You should look out for a site that gives you that level of flexibility and versatility. And, if you find such a bookmaker, add that tick to the list of areas to look out for before choosing a betting site.

✔️ Customer Support

At one time or the other, you might find yourself stuck while using your account or navigating an option. The immediate point of call would be help, and you would love it to be prompt and precise. Aside from that, a good customer support will have several means or channels of communication, such as phone, email, live chat and even social media. So that, if one medium is down, there are alternatives to reach customer service. Some customer support service options include toll free calls, while some others have WhatsApp lines for chat and online calls. If a bookmaker doesn't have proper and accessible means of reaching them, then its a red flag. Because, if you encounter certain issues that you're not sure how to go about, it will be worse if you have no trusted help. Choose a betting site with a section for FAQs, How To's and other help areas e.g. responsible gaming and protection. Having robust customer support is very important.

✔️ User-Experience

Without considering user-experience many bookmakers may not do well. If a new user finds it hard to move around a site, and or read instructions, option descriptions, they may not be motivated to come back. This rule applies to basic things in general. You want a betting provider that eases things up and not complicates it. User-friendly interface, appealing appearance, favorable way to edit preferences are some of the factors to consider when choosing a betting site.

A user-friendly site will make it easy for you to locate options like login, register, logout, sports/casino games, deposit, withdraw, place bets, etc. Even a complete newbie should be able to find and see options such as these. This therefore means that the color theme and graphic design of the website must match the text font, text size and text color. For a good user-experience consider all these when choosing a betting site in South Africa.

Sign up, registration, creating an account or joining are all words or terms used to describe being a part of a betting site and having full access to all their offerings. Certain information is required/has to be provided by an intending customer in order to sign up. 

Generally, here are the fields to fill during sign up:

Name: Your legal name and surname should be entered exactly how it appears on your bank account.

Username: You ascribe to yourself a unique name or sometimes you're given one to peculiarly identify you on the platform.

Email: You receive confirmation messages via your email, to activate your account.

Mobile number: You may also receive confirmation codes and notifications to your personal phone for account verification.

Password: Your password is your unique key to open your account and gain access into it. Without it, no one can access your betting account.

Now, here's a step-by-step short common guide about the registration process:

  • Go to the bookmakers page and click the REGISTER/SIGN UP/CREATE ACCOUNT/JOIN button and the online registration form will automatically appear;
  • Fill the required information e.g. full name, email, password, mobile phone number, etc;
  • Click the SIGN UP/REGISTER/CREATE ACCOUNT button to complete and conclude the process.
Betting on South African Sites
How to Bet on Betting Sites

When you have completed your account registration, the next thing you want to do is make use of your account, that is, place a bet. Even though the sign up process is free, and even as downloading a mobile app costs nothing, you cannot bet on any betting sites without making a real money deposit. It is true that you may receive a free bet bonus as a new user, however, after fulfilling the wagering requirements, part of the general terms and conditions will require that you fund your account with a minimum amount before you can withdraw any bonus winnings.

If you're going to place a bet, you will need to have the following things figured out: what sport you want to bet on, which sporting event or competition to choose, what betting types are available, what are the match odds.

Here's a step by step guide on how to bet on betting sites:

✅ Deposit funds

Before you can bet on a betting site, make a deposit of minimum amount. Do this by visiting the bookmakers homepage and logging into your account. And then, locate the deposit section on the homepage or find it on your profile. When you have done that, select from the list of available deposit means on the site, the one that is most preferable to you. Enter the amount you want to deposit into the provided space and make your deposit.

✅ Choose sport

Carefully look through the website to find the sport you want to bet on. Some websites have the list of sports arranged vertically at the left hand side of the homepage while others have it lined up horizontally on a scrollable bar. There are sites that have tabs that indicate the gaming section, and so when you click the sports tab, all the sports on offer will appear.

✅ Select event

Under the sports category is a subcategory of sporting events. Some websites categorize the sports competitions by country, so you will have to select the country where that particular event is being hosted. What this means is that, for instance, if you select football as a sport, and you want to bet on a Premier League match, then you have to choose England as a country before choosing that event.

✅ Choose betting type

There are thousands of betting types to choose from when you want to place a bet, depending on the sport game and event. You can decide to bet on an outright winner of a match or a winner per round if it is a tennis game. Another player could bet that one player will score a hat trick if you're deciding on the game of football. All these depend on what betting types the bookmaker has to offer.

✅ Select betting odds

Odds vary with betting type. For instance, the odds that a team like Real Madrid will beat Wigan would be fair. However, the stakes would be very high if you bet that Wigan will bet Madrid. The odds you choose determine how much you'll win if your prediction is correct. Therefore choosing the most favorable odds is safe but will get you less than picking the almost impossible outcomes.

When you've completed these selections, finalize your selections by checking them on your bet slip. Confirm your selections very well and then place your bet.

There are different sorts of welcome bonuses offered on sites in South Africa. Some of the best welcome bonuses come in the form of free cash bet, deposit match bonus, no deposit bonus and even free spin bonuses.

⭐️ First Deposit Welcome Bonus

This is a percentage bonus, where new account holders get a certain percentage of their first deposit back as a bonus. Some are 25%, 50%, 200%, 300%, etc. This bonus usually has a minimum deposit that qualifies you to get it. They also have a maximum bonus winning withdrawal limit.

⭐️ Deposit Match Bonus

This is another form of percentage bonuses, where new customers get 100% of their initial deposit. For example, if the first deposit a newbie makes after registration is R100, they will get R100 extra as bonus. However, this has a maximum limit, e.g. 100% up to R5000. This means that irrespective of how much initial deposit you make, your withdrawable winnings cannot exceed R5000.

⭐️ No Deposit Bonus

An NDB doesn't require a new player to make any initial deposit to receive a bonus, which could be in the form of free spin or to play a game and win. Immediately after signing up, they can take advantage of the bonus, e g. play a game or take a spin, even before making any deposit.

⭐️Free Spin Bonuses

Visitors can take a free spin and win, before signing up on a site. Whatever is won will only be credited to the visitor if they register immediately after they spin and win.

Free bets can be offered to both new players and existing ones alike registered with a betting provider. They are sometimes offered as welcome bonuses, while other times as rewards for betting in a certain way.

⭐️ Free Cash Bet Bonus

New users can get a specific amount of cash that can be used solely for betting, immediately they register with a minimum deposit, e.g. Register and Get R500 Freebet. That amount has to be used following the wagering requirements before it can be converted to withdrawable cash.

⭐️ Multibet Boost Bonus/Accumulator Free Bet

When you make multiple bet selections on a specific amount of games at once, you get a percentage cash back, in the form of a free bet, depending on the number of games selected, e.g. 3% on 4 games, 10% on 12 games, 50% on 30 games, etc..

Betting sites in South Africa are replete with all manner of games for all kinds of betting individuals. One of the highlights of the best sportsbooks is that they have some of the most popular and best betting games available to players. Daily and by the minute, thousands of users are on their mobile smartphones and PCs playing, hoping to get lucky. One set is fully in competitive mode with the random system generator on a computer, while the other set are digging it out with fellow players online. And so, categorizing them in no particular order, we want to take a look at some of the best betting games in South Africa.

▶️ Lottery Games

South African Betting Sites Lottery Games
South African Lottery

Lottery games, also generally termed as random number games, are some of the most popularly played games in the South African online betting space. By survey, it is estimated that up to 97% of people in South Africa take part in the lottery online and offline. Arguably, all of the best betting sites in the country offer games from the lottery. Money is paid out in the daily and weekly draws from the best lotteries such as PowerBall, Lotto Plus, Daily Lotto, SportStake, etc.

▶️ Live Dealer Games

Live Dealer on Best Betting Sites
Live Dealer Games on South African Sites

There are not many online betting games that surpass South African bettors demand for live dealer games. These types of games are seen as a must-have on the best betting sites. Many players who have a thing for card games like Poker, Baccarat, Blackjack, Dice, and Roulette find it more entertaining and exciting when playing live dealer bets. There are so many different brands of these games available to thrill players.

▶️ Slots

Not only in South Africa but all around the betting sphere, slots seem to be most popularly played games. Understandably, it could be because of its variant varieties like live spins, jackpots, adventure, action, etc. Slots are also quite crowded in the physical game arcades, hence it is no surprise whatsoever that they are part of the best games in South Africa. The collection of slot games in South Africa are termed Spina Zonke. Some of the best slots games include Hot Hot fruit, Tooty Fruity Fruits, Fruity Halloween, etc. Slots games are usually the most, and are used for promotional purposes.

▶️ Crash Games

Crash Games at South African Betting Sites
Best Betting Sites Crash Games

One of the most simple, but intriguing and heart throbbing games selection is the crash games. These are part of the best game feature among bettors. Regular users expect a betting provider to have Aviator, which is one of the most played crash games, on their site even if they don't have a fully active casino game section. JetX Spaceman, Big Bass Crash, Aero, Space XY are some of the best betting games in South Africa.

▶️ Virtual Games/eSports

Best Betting Sites Virtuals South Africa
Best Betting Sites Virtual Games

Virtual games and eSports are an interesting set of games. And, this is why they are some of the best games of betting sites in South Africa. The young and adventurous gamers find themselves in the eSports group, e.g. Dota 2, League of Legends, World of WarCraft, CounterStrike, and more are full of action and sleek competition. On the other hand, virtual football, horse racing, V tennis and the likes are more attractive to the older group of bettors.

A betting market describes a type or category of wager on which punters can bet against another's bet, on the basis of the outcome of an unpredictable event. Online betting markets are the available bet types offered by a betting site, from which players can choose what predictions to make when it comes to a certain sport or sporting event, e.g. first half win, home team to score, etc. There are hundreds of betting markets overall, offered by the best betting sites, and these vary on sport and event.

Odds are also provided on the basis of these numerous event outcomes. Ultimately, it is up to bettors to select and bet on one or multiple potential results.

Here are some of the best and most common betting markets in South Africa:

❇️ Totals: Over/Under

This is perhaps the most common and straightforward type of bet. It is a direct bet on the total score or points in a match. If as a bettor, you are trying to predict whether the total score will go over or under a predetermined number. You are not trying to guess the exact number. For example, you make a bet on a football cup game to be “Under 1.5” goals. If the final score of the match is 0-0 or 1-0, you will win because the total of goals is 0 or 1, both which are. less than 1.5. If the final score of the match is 1-1, 2-0, or 3-1 you lose because the total of goals is more than 1.5. For “Total Over 1.5” it is the exact same. Only that the total number of goals must exceed the specified value of 1.5.

❇️ Total: Odd/Even

This is also another form of total bets. In this case, the winning or losing bet depends on the total match points or score combined produces and odd or even result. For instance, the final score of the match between Nice vs Lens in a football game is 3-1. Combined, the total of goals is 4, which is even. Therefore, if you bet Even, you win. But, if the score was, let's say 1-0, then the Odd bettor would have won.

❇️ Handicap/Point Spread

A handicap bet is also known as point spread. It is the expected final score margin (+/-) between two teams. If the favorite team wins, it gets the negative point, while the underdog gets the positive. This is to say, the underdog (the team less favourite) is given a goal advantage to level the playing field. On the other hand, the favourite or stronger team is given a goal deficit. So here, the stronger side has to overturn the predetermined deficit in order to win the bet.

❇️Double Chance

A double chance bet can be described as a two-in-one bet. It is when the bettor can bet on two possible outcomes out of three in a sport game. The bet type comes in these three options: Home Team wins the match or draws it (1X); Away Team wins the match or draws it (2X); or Home or Away team Wins (12). For instance, let's say a football game South Africa v Chad. If you back SA/Draw double chance then any South Africa victory OR draw wins you that bet. But, if Chad win then you lose the bet and vice versa.

❇️ Live Betting Market

It is known, not only as live betting, but also in-play, in-running; or in-game betting. Basically, this is the type of betting done while a match is underway. It is one of the most exciting and enjoyable betting types.

To engage in this type of betting, you have to be part of the best betting sites, a sportsbook that offers live sports. You also have to get used to the sites interface, the stats, and the data on participating teams. Examples of live betting markets are next goalscorer, time of next goal, next corner, etc.

❇️ Prop Bets

Prop bets are bets you can place on individual player or team performance, stats, etc, instead of betting on the final result or things affecting the overall outcome of a match. For instance, in a basketball game, punters can bet on the following: the over/under on how many points a player scores; how many assists an individual distributes; how many rebounds a player grabs; how many three-pointers an individual makes, etc. Other examples of player props are such as those in baseball, e.g. are home runs, hits, and strikeouts.

❇️ Futures Bet

This is another very straightforward type of bet. Futures bet is one that is made on a long-term outcome, one that plays out, generally, across a number of days, weeks, or months of tournament/competition. And, just as the name implies, it pays out in the future. For example, a bettor betting on which team will win the Champions League, Super Bowl, the World Series, the NBA Championship, or even a particular player winning the MVP award.

Generally, there are three most popular sports in South Africa, which are football, rugby and cricket. There are a few more that follow these like golf, cycling, swimming, horse racing and athletics.

Soccer, without a doubt, is arguably the most popular game in the world. It is widely called soccer in South Africa. It has one of the widest and most diverse betting markets on any betting sites.

Rugby is more popular in South Africa than any other African country. It comes very close to popularity with soccer. The national rugby team, the Springboks is currently ranked number one in the world. This is another sport in the country that has great betting options.

Cricket is another well accepted sport in South Africa. The best betting sites offer great odds, freebets and more related to the cricket game. It is one of those sports that can get players some good returns while betting.

There are a good number of bookmakers in South Africa that provide the best soccer offers. Because soccer is probably the most famous sport in the country and maybe in the betting industry, sportsbooks in SA all have the sports offerings at the top of every bonus. These sites have the all the top football leagues, tournaments, competitive and international friendly matches lined up with special offerings to players. Some of the events that they offer include:

  • UEFA Champions League;
  • UEFA European Championship 2024;
  • NHL 6;
  • World Cup;
  • UEFA Europa League;
  • England Championship;
  • England League One 6;
  • Club Friendlies;
  • Russian Cup;
  • UEFA Conference League;
  • Copa Sudamericana;
  • Copa Libertadores;
  • World Cup 2026 Qualification;
  • England League Cup;
  • England Premier League, etc.

Top 10 Soccer Betting Sites in South Africa

Betway100% First st Deposit Match up to 1000%
HollywoodbetsSoccer Money Back: Win 10x your stake back; Soccer Bonus Bonanza
Playabets5% Weekly Cash Back; Sport; MultiBet Moneyback Up to 1000% of your stake back
10betBafana Bafana Best Odds; 100% Golden Free Bet
SupabetsSuperBru Predictor; Cashout on Prematch Events
SportingbetUp for 6 Score Predictor; Football Multi Special Freebet
GbetsSoccer Multi Boost; Anytime Goalscorer Promo; Soccer 200% Refund
YesPlay100% Welcome bonus up to R3000
Bet.co.zaR100 Footy Free bet; PSL Multi Madness up to R100
Play.co.za1st, 2nd & 3rd Deposit Match Bonus for sports

Some of the best rugby games and its players appear in the websites of the top bookmakers. The Rugby game is one of the most traditional games in the world. Many sports lovers do not exactly understand it, particularly in Africa. But in South Africa, it is a well represented game, such that the country’s rugby team is celebrated as mush as their soccer team. It is a massive sport in South Africa and to the people. The betting providers offer very good odds and additional incentives in the form of free bets to Rugby faithful. All the top rugby events in every country around the world of the Rugby Union are provided. These sites offer events such as:

  • Welsh Premiership;
  • Six Nations;
  • Super Rugby;
  • Top 14;
  • World Rugby Sevens;
  • Rugby Championship.

Top 10 Rugby Betting Sites in South Africa

GbetsRugby Hero (Double Your Winnings up to R2000); Rugby Try Double Up to R1000
SupabetsRugby Early Betting R1000 freebet
Bet.co.zaRugby Try Your Luck Promo R100 freebet
Playabets100% Welcome Bonus for Sport (Rugby) up to R2000
10betMultiBet Booster up to 100% extra on sports (Rugby)
HollywoodbetsR25 Sign Up Bonus for Sports (Rugby)
Sportingbet100% Risk-Free Sports (Rugby) Bet
Betway100% Welcome Bonus for Sports up to 1000% (Rugby)
YesPlay100% Welcome bonus up to R3000
Play.co.za1st, 2nd & 3rd Deposit Match Bonus for sports (Rugby)

Cricket is the third most popular sport in South Africa. And, because the sport is widely embraced in the country, it makes for a great betting sport. This is also why South African bookmakers have a great betting market for it, as several interesting tournaments are offered on the top betting platforms. Here are some of them:

  • ACC Challenger Cup;
  • JLT One-Day Cup;
  • Sindh Premier League;
  • T20 League;
  • Cricket World Cup.

Top 10 Cricket Betting Sites in South Africa

Bet.co.zaR100 Cricket Live in-play Promo; Cricket MVP Promo 100% up to R500; Super Over Special; Five's Alive Promo
SupabetsR5000 in Deposit Bonuses for Sports
GbetsR25 Sports Bet on SignUp (Cricket)
Playabets100% Welcome Bonus for Sport (Cricket) up to R2000
10betMultiBet Booster up to 100% extra on sports (Cricket)
HollywoodbetsR25 Sign Up Bonus for Sports (Cricket)
Sportingbet100% Risk-Free Sports (Cricket) Bet
Betway100% Welcome Bonus for Sports up to 1000% (Cricket)
YesPlayUp to R3000 Welcome Bonus
Sunbet Innings Half Run 50% Refund; First 15 Overs, 50% Refund as Freebet

This equestrian performance sport became legal in 1965. Today however, horse races from the country's of Australia, New Zealand and even South Africa are on offer at the top sportsbooks in the land. Some of the equestrian events include:

  • VAAL Turf Classic;
  • FairView;
  • Jockeys Championship;
  • Trainers Championship Gosford;
  • Redcliffe;
  • Townsville;
  • DoomBen;
  • Albury. Ascot Park.

Top 10 Horse Racing Betting Sites in South Africa

Betway100% First st Deposit Match up to 1000%; 6% Tax Scratch Horse Racing
HollywoodbetsR25 Sign Up Bonus for Sports (Horse Racing)
PlayabetsR25 Freebet only for Horse Racing
10betR500 Freebet
SupabetsR50 Sign Up Bonus for Sport (Horse Racing)
Sportingbet100% Risk-Free Sports (Horse Racing) Bet
GbetsR25 Sports Bet on SignUp (Horse Racing)
YesPlay100%  Sport Welcome bonus
Bet.co.zaR5000 Sports Bonus (Horse Racing included)
Play.co.za1st, 2nd & 3rd Deposit Match Bonus for sports

Betting sites user experience is a description of the overall feeling, ease of interaction, and level of satisfaction that a player derives from using a betting provider's services, such as the website or application. Often, how pleased a user's experience is depends on the user; it is often subjective. However, there are certain areas that most visitors pay attention to more:

User Interface (UI) Design: Should be visually appealing, intuitive, easy to use and place bets, clear typography, adaptive to varying devices and screen sizes.

Easy Account Registration and Verification: Should be easy and straightforward with simple form fields, clear instructions and secure verification.

Secure Payment Options: User experience is enhanced by secure payment gateways, multiple payment options and SSL certificates.

Availability of Customer Support: Multiple contact channels, 24/7 availability and fast response time are features that users appreciate.

Personalized User Experience: Features such as customized notifications, personalized recommendations and customized dashboards trigger user interests much more.

User experience while betting on mobile phones and devices is another important aspect in rating the best sites. It is less of an argument that most players do more betting on mobile than on any other medium. Therefore, mobile user betting experience points to how satisfactory it is to access and make use a bookmakers platform via mobile.

Fast Loading Times: Mobile bettors expect that less data is used, links are easily connected and users can effortlessly switch tab sections.

User-Friendliness: Mobility with the use of apps, ease of access by one-touch icon, and staying signed in when moving to another app.

Social Media Integration: Availability of blog pages, news sections, thr platform community on social media channels.

Live Streaming: Live match updates on-the-go, in play betting, match highlights, upcoming games and live team news and stats.

Rewards: Mobile bonuses, stable and periodic promos, loyalty program, and giveaways.

App NameAndroid AppiOS AppMobile Bonus

There are numerous payment methods available to customers in South Africa to make deposits and withdrawals to and from their betting accounts. These payment methods are all highly secure and fast in operations. Also, they are flexible and allow a easy transactional process from point A to point B. Some of these payment methods are:

⚫️ Debit/Credit Cards

Debit and credit cards are the most widely used payment options for South African bettors. Usages of these cards is not only quick but very easy to use, e.g MasterCard, Visa, Amazon, Maestro, etc.

⚫️ Skrill

Skrill is an e-wallet, that is designed to offer a variety of functions for customers payment ease. With Skrill, bettors can ease of access to a lot of different currencies to make betting payments, including the South African Rand.

⚫️ Cryptocurrencies

There are so many cryptocurrencies that can be used to make deposits and even receive payments on betting transactions. Crypto is fast and very easy, e.g. Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Dogecoin, etc.

⚫️ EFT/Bank Transfer

Whether they are called wire transfer or electronic funds transfer, this payment method enables users to fast and secure payments from their bank accounts to their betting accounts and back.

⚫️ Zapper

Zapper is an innovative mobile app that bettors use to make deposits to their betting accounts. The app allows users to fund their accounts by just scanning the QR code on their device screen.

⚫️ Vouchers

Bookmaker offer vouchers as a method of depositing funds to your account. You can buy these vouchers at betting shops or appointed outlets, e.g. OTT Vouchers, 1For You, etc.

⚫️ Neteller

Neteller is another e-wallet. Customers can use a variety of methods to deposit and withdrawal funds. It's known for speed and versatility. Transactions on Neteller are instant. Additionally, with Neteller, transactions can be made using traditional fiat currencies and also cryptocurrencies.

How to Deposit on Betting Sites

In order to bet, play and win real money, customers must have actual money deposited into their betting accounts. If you don't have money in your betting account, you cannot make real money bets. Depositing money into your account is not only for playing, it is also a requirement on some sites for activation of deposit bonuses, weekly percentage bonuses, and several others. Even to make withdrawals, a certain amount of money must remain in your betting account. So how do you deposit on betting sites? The first thing you must do obviously is login to your account. Then, look out for and follow these steps:

  • Go to your account profile: This is where your registered information such as your name, address, email, etc appears.
  • Locate the DEPOSIT button: Some betting sites may have it written as cashier. It is the same as it serves the same purpose.
  • Choose your payment method: A number of means to deposit your money will appear, e.g. Visa, EFT, 1For You, etc. You have to select the one that best for you and provide your banking details.
  • Enter your deposit amount: Type in the amount of money that you want to deposit into your account. Most betting sites have minimum deposit amount, e.g. R50. You can enter that amount or more.
  • Deposit and confirm: You will be given the option to go over what you're doing and confirm your deposit. When this is done, your betting account will be credited with that amount.

FICA with Betting Sites

FICA stands for Financial Intelligence Centre Act. It is a law that was introduced in 2021 to fight against money laundering, terrorism financing, fraud and tax evasion. The reason for FICA is to ensure that South Africa is a safe business place and a safe space to do commerce. This law also ensures that all companies comply with anti-money laundering standards. This is why it is so necessary and compulsory that both the betting companies and the bettors follow FICA requirements.

According to the FICA, all betting companies must start by checking the identities of their customers to verify who they say they are and what they do. Afterwards, the companies must conduct ongoing monitoring to regularly review their customers' information. In addition to this, companies must report on suspicious activities on their platforms. This is why you must carefully read through the regulations of betting sites.

How to Withdraw from Betting Sites

When you have completed your bet, you follow up to know if you have won. Now, winning a bet sometimes is not as straightforward as picking a sport, making selections of odds and markets and that's it. No. Some bets, particularly free bets, require that you complete a certain number of playthroughs. You may be told to only choose specific odds, or some particular games, or accumulated bets before you can play to win. It is only when you have followed these requirements that you are eligible to withdraw your winnings as actual money. More importantly, if you have not completed your FICA form, you will have to do so. If you don't, you won't be able to withdraw from betting sites in South Africa.

Here is how to withdraw from betting sites:

  • Go to your account profile or cashier: Login to your registered account and locate the appropriate button for transactions.
  • Locate the WITHDRAWAL/WITHDRAW button: The withdraw button is sometimes right beside the deposit. Some sites have it as CASH OUT.
  • Choose your withdrawal method: Select your choice of receiving your money. In most cases, you want a direct bank transfer, straight to your account.
  • Enter the amount you want to withdraw: Ensure that you have this amount in your account and that it is the withdrawable amount.
  • Confirm withdrawal: Once you have made your withdrawal, you might not see it credited immediately. This is because several financial firms will take days to ensure the authenticity of the transaction before releasing the funds.
Alisa Barladyan
The best betting sites in South Africa offer betting enthusiasts all the necessary features of a sportsbook. Starting from the legality of being a regulated bookmaker that ensures to follow the procedure of registration with ease, to a standard company that approaches customers' data security with rigour. Just like Betway, Hollywoodbets and Playabets, who have a legal registration process, offer great welcome bonuses, function fully with mobile compatibility, off fantastic sports, games and odds plus a large betting market. In choosing the best betting sites, we consider that they have at least five of the most popular sports to bet on in the country, soccer, rugby, cricket, horse racing and golf. And they offer both line and live betting services in these sports. Not only here, but also in games like live dealer games, slots, the lottery, crash games plus virtual/eSports games. The user experience on Betway, Hollywoodbets and Playabets is one of innovatively easy designs, easy account registration and verification, secure payment methods and great customer support service. And all these are replicated in their mobile betting, which has great loading time, is user friendly, has a good social media integration, has live streaming features and rewards for all users.

❓ Best Betting Sites in South Africa FAQs

Is sports betting in South Africa legal?
Technically, sports betting in South Africa is legal. As long as the betting company is duly registered with the National Gambling Board, it can operate.
Do all sportsbooks accept local currency in South Africa?
All South African betting sites accept the local currency, the Rand.
Which sportsbooks accept cryptocurrency in South Africa?
Most South African betting sites do not accept direct crypto currency payments. However, you can transact using cryptocurrency if you pay through e-Wallets e.g. Neteller, that will convert it to acceptable funds.
Do you need to pay tax on winnings from betting in South Africa?
Yes. You must pay the required taxation percentage placed on bet winnings.
Why do I have to verify my betting account in South Africa?
You have to verify your betting account because if you do not, you will not be allowed to make any withdrawals from that account, irrespective of your winnings.
Which betting site has the highest odds in South Africa?
Betway has the highest odds in South Africa.
Which betting site in South Africa has the highest payout rate?
Betway has the highest payout rate in South Africa.
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