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Enhanced betting experience, quick access, convenience and other features such as updates on live scores, live betting, and promotional offers are the benefits of using the Supabets Mobile App. The South African bookmakers sports betting on the go is a plus for mobile device users, as a lot of betting platforms have picked up this innovation to drive their trade home, literally wherever punters may find themselves.

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Supabets Welcome Bonus

Supabets Welcome Bonus
Supabets R50 sign-up bonus

The R50 Signup Bonus, which is granted solely to new users, will be automatically posted to their accounts the following day after they sign up.Users can earn a match of one hundred per cent of what they put down for the First Deposit Bonus, up to a maximum bonus of R2,000. Users must wager the bonus money four times at odds of no fewer than 14/10 before they are permitted to withdraw it.

According to the same guidelines as the First Deposit Bonus, the Second Deposit Bonus offers users a 50% bonus on their second deposit, up to a maximum of R1,000. Similar to the First Deposit Bonus, the Third Deposit Bonus offers players an additional one hundred percent on their third deposit, with a maximum benefit of up to R2,000, with the same conditions.


Supabets INFO
Minimum DepositR50
Minimum WithdrawalR5,000,000
LicenseMpumalanga Gaming Board
SportsRugby, Soccer, Volleyball and 10+ more

How to Download and Install Supabets Mobile App?

It's worth noting that at present, Supabets online sportsbook has yet to release a traditional downloadable mobile application. However, this is not due to any deliberate attempt to discourage potential users from accessing their services. In fact, both iOS and Android device owners can still take full advantage of the wide range of online sports betting opportunities offered by Supabets. Despite the lack of a mobile app, the platform remains accessible to all interested punters who are seeking a secure and convenient online betting experience.


Download Supabets Mobile App for Android

Supabets does not have a mobile app for Android at the moment. Android users can make use of the mobile version on their Android devices or download the data-free app from the supabets website and have access to the same Supabets Mobile App features.

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Download Supabets Mobile App for iOS

Supabets does not have a mobile app for iOS at the moment. iOS users can make use of the mobile version on their iOS devices and have access to the same Supabets Mobile App features.


Supabets Mobile Version App

In case you don’t have access to a PC — laptop or desktop, and can't get your hands on one in order to place a bet on Supabets, you can use the Supabets mobile site version.

This version's interface is suited for a mobile user's view, however its functionality is the same as the website.

The process of accessing Supabets Mobile Version is simple: open your mobile browser and type in the Supabets official web address.

Tap the profile icon that appears at the top right end of the page to view your personal account. If you already have an account, login into it, and sign-up for an account if you do not have one.


Supabets Mobile Version App Main Features

The compact and small size fit of the Supabets Mobile Version is a great characteristic. Users don't have to bother about deleting some file or app in order to use the mobile version. You can enjoy te mobile site as well as keeping your needed files as well.

You can get Supabets mobile version to use free of any cost. Use your internet-enabled mobile device or smartphone to link to the mobile site and you're good to go.

When you are on Supabets mobile version, one thing that stands out is that it is easy to use. The simple navigation features such as menus, buttons and tools aid even newbies knowing their way around with little effort.

With red and green coloured sprinkled over the black background with white text gives it an interesting feel, communicating a platform not wanting to be flashy and at the same time not losing the fun.

A combination of its small size and simplicity of graphics makes the Supabets mobile version quite fast. Performing functions and opening pages is immediate while tasks are performed.

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Register for a Supabets Account

Before you can enjoy any of the bonuses, promotions and fun offered to customers on Supabets, the first thing you must do is sign-up for a Supabets account. You can do this through the Supabets Mobile Version.


Supabets Mobile Version App Sign-up

  • Visit the official website. From the official website, click the REGISTER button on the mobile version of the site;
  • Fill in details. Create and type in a unique username, ID number (for South Africans) or Passport info (for non-South Africans);
  • Submit. Provide your name, phone number, and password, then click SUBMIT button;
  • Create an account. Complete the FICA form details and register to create your account.


Supabets Mobile Version App Login

  • Visit the official website. From the official website, click the LOGIN button on the mobile site;
  • Fill in details. Type in your username and password into the field;
  • Login. Tap the LOGIN button to login to your Supabets account.

Supabets Mobile Version VS Supabets App

As earlier stated, Supabets does not have an Android and iOS version, but has a mobile version that can work on any internet-enabled mobile device.

However, generally mobile versions of betting platforms and apps are usually not too far apart as both function similarly in appearance and performance. In terms of quick access to the site, because an apps icon will appear on your mobile home screen, it is preferred to having to open your browser in order to enter the mobile site version.

Downloading the app obviously requires more storage in comparison to the mobile version.


Author's Opinion about What Is Better Supabet Mobile Version Or Old Mobile App

Alisa Barladyan
I enjoyed the services of the mobile version much more than I did when using the old mobile app. I can confirm that I usually use the mobile version to log in to my Supabet account more often than I did with the old version of the mobile app. As the old mobile app lacks some of the features that I have become accustomed to, I had no choice but to consult the newer version. However, I understand that sometimes, when trying to access a previously created betting option, one may be tempted to use the older version of the mobile app.
Supabets Account Login South Africa
Supabets Account Login South Africa
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Supabets Data Free App

With Supabets Data Free app, you can place bets on Sports content using your phone or desktop, with no data charges.

To begin data free betting, you must have an existing Supabets account and then download the Supabets Data Free App to your device. To download the Supabets data free app:

  • Visit the Supabets official site with your mobile device;
  • On the homepage find and tap on the Data Free App menu button;
  • On the pop-up download page identify and tap on the Datafree download menu button;
  • Once you complete the apk download, install into your mobile device.

Supabets Data Free App VS Supabets Mobile Version App

To use both apps, you must have a Supabets account, and you must download both apps to your mobile phone.

On the data free app you can bet on horse racing and pre-match, and live sports only. Supabets Data Free App doesn't include Supanumbers, Jika Sports, Live Games, BetGames, Keno and Mo-China (Fafi), without needing data.

Supabets Mobile Version App gives you access to all these features and more, without limits. You will however need to have enough data to carry out those functions.


Supabets M-lite Version/Old Supabets Mobile App

Sports offerings and usability on Supabets Mlite version are great. It is uncomplicated and user-friendly. All information is seen directly on the page as icons, which you can toggle to appear as a list or grid.

On the Supabets old mobile app, you can sign-up, play Vegas, card games and adjust odds settings and even link to the new mobile site.

To download Supabets old mobile app, type it into your browser and search. Tap the link and it will take you directly to the Supabets old mobile site, which is also called the Supabets mlite.


Author's Opinion about Supabet Old Mobile App

Alisa Barladyan
I partook in the exhibition of fervor by South African bettors who expressed faith in the old mobile version by engaging the old mobile app. I can attest that the general outlook is visually stunning and I can understand why a significant number of customers in South Africa are in for a good time while using the sportsbook's old mobile app. This simplicity gives this version the ease with which customers can access live betting and other Supabet sportsbook features.

Supabets Mobile Version VS Supabets Mlite Version

By comparison, both the Supabets mobile version and the Supabets mlite are not extremely different. First, both versions carry the same dark shade background graphics. They are both accessible on any internet-enabled phone and both have a fast response time.

However, Supabets mobile version is less compact than mlite. Supabets Mlite puts its main menu directly on the homepage presenting it with even less abiguity compared to the mobile version. Not to say that the mobile version is complicated.

Obviously, the Supabets mobile version is slightly more advanced in terms of design and functionality. The graphics on the mobile version are better with more tool options, while the Supabets mlite is basic and simple.


Author's Opinion about What is Better Supabet Old Mobile App or New Mobile App

Alisa Barladyan
I would wear my heart on my sleeve when it comes to my desire for the new Supabet mobile app. I cherished the new mobile app version more as a result of the changes I can make to the display. The fonts are much more readable, and the web design is much more responsive on my device than the old mobile version, so I can say for sure that the Supabet new mobile app is far more optimized for mobile devices than the old mobile app.

What Can Be Improved in Supabets Mobile Version App

Supabets does not have an app downloadable from the App Store or Play Store, hence does not have a mobile phone app. So, one major area that needs to be worked on is the Supabets iOS and Android app versions. Notwithstanding, the mobile site app version is still very good in absence of that, and can also be improved upon.

In light of the modern betting app platform, live streaming services are absolutely necessary. The absence of live-streaming is always notable, and its addition will only make it better for the platform and more importantly, the punters.

As much as the simple graphics aid the navigation speed and response time of the mobile site app, with modern technological advances and creativity in design, it is very possible to have top notch graphics and good speed at the same time. Supabets mobile version app appearance can be better particularly if it hopes to compete with the innovative side of sport betting platforms. It doesn't have to be overly distracting or complicated, just a tweak and tightening about it.



Suраbеts is а good sports bеtting platform. The mobile version арр, which offers the basics, still requires а lоt оf imрrоvеmеnts to compete with the standard of most online bеtting platforms today.

Although there are instances of glitсhеs аnd frееzing here and there, Suраbеts’ options to ассеss their website are commendable. Players can switch and choose frоm thе mоbilе site version, free mobile арр and the Mlitе version tо suit their online еxреriеnсе.

Even though it's quite new, Suраbеts covers a lot of mаrkеts. This еnsurеs рlаyеrs аrе nеvеr shоrt оf орtiоns, including bаnking орtiоns, рrоmоtiоnаl оffеrs, analysis, аnd stаts. Supabets mobile version арр is dеsignеd fоr thе Аfriсаn mаrkеt.

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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
Yes. Supabets Sportsbook is legal. With Reg: 2009/016148/07, Portapa 2 (Pty) Ltd t/a SUPABETS is licenced by the Mpumalanga Gambling Board (MGB). The company's licence Reference No is 9-2-1 00055.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
You can receive bonuses on Supabets Sportsbook as long as you have an account. These rewards can include Sign-up bonus, weekly Cashback, etc.
How to bet on your phone?
After you've deposited it to your account, simply decide the sporting event you want to bet on and click on it. You will see the odds, betting markets, etc, make your choice and place your bet.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Supabets App?
Players are obligated to pay all applicable taxes including income tax and VAT on winnings.


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