How to Log In Supabets Account from South Africa and Get Welcome Bonus in 2023

So, how do you access your Supabets account? That is what this guide looks at so that you have an easier way of doing it. Let us learn more about Supabets login.

Log in to Supabets Account from South Africa

Supabets Welcome Bonus

Supabets Welcome Bonus
Get the Welcome Bundle from Supabets

Supabets offers a variety of welcome bonuses, including the R50 Signup Bonus, the First Deposit Bonus, the Second Deposit Bonus, and the Third Deposit Bonus.

New users can enjoy the exclusive R50 Signup Bonus, which will be credited to their account the day after they register.

For the First Deposit Bonus, users can receive a 100% match of their initial deposit, with a maximum bonus amount of R2,000. To withdraw the bonus funds, users need to play them four times at odds of 14/10 or better.

The Second Deposit Bonus grants users a 50% bonus on their second deposit, up to a maximum of R1,000, following the same terms as the First Deposit Bonus.

Likewise, the Third Deposit Bonus awards users a 100% bonus on their third deposit, up to a maximum of R2,000, with the same requirements as the First Deposit Bonus. 


How to Login

Supabets login SA can be done in a few simple steps as shown below;


Get to the Supabets Homepage

Get to the Supabets Homepage

The homepage will help you find options for signing up and logging into your account. Proceed to the next step.


Click the Login Button

Click the Login Button

Once you click on the button, a form appears for you to input account details. Enter the necessary details before proceeding.


Proceed to Login

Proceed to Login

Once you are done, click the Login button on the same form. This would send you to the dashboard of your account so that you can start betting.


Difference Via Log In with Supabets App

Supabets comes with an app you can download and install on your Android device. Unfortunately, the iOS device users might have to wait a bit longer before enjoying the Supabets app login.

Those who have used the app to log in to Supabets account have so much love for it. They claim to have an easy with Supabets login South Africa process. They can do it anywhere they want considering it is also a data-free app. So, you will always have the latest odds in case you want to bet on your mobile device.

The good thing about Supabets is that you still have the desktop version of the website. With the desktop website, you can do the Supabets register, Supabets account page South Africa access, and many other things. Most people find it easier to perform the Supabets signup process on the desktop version than on the mobile website. Also, you can upload the FICA documents with ease also.

Also, with a mobile app, you have to consider how often to keep updating the app. Once the app is outdated, you will have to update your existing app before you can continue using your app. This ensures the bugs are fixed and you have a more secure Supabets app.

Log in to Supabets Account from South Africa

How to Register for Supabets

Online betting should be easy with Supabets. Below are the steps you should take.

A form for signing up on supabets
Supabets signup form
  • Get to the Supabets homepage;
  • Look for the Register button at the top right of the website;
  • Click the Register button and fill out the signup form;
  • Click submit at the bottom of the form to complete registration;
Supabets South Africa Old mobile app
Supabets South Africa Old mobile app
Login to Supabets Account from South Africa

Supabets Login Problems and How to Solve Them

As you have seen from the steps above, logging into your Supabets account is straightforward. However, bettors may experience a few problems accessing their accounts. Here are some of the problems and solutions so that you can access your account with ease.


Forgot Password

Forgetting your account is nothing new. It could be that you use a complicated password, but it does not mean you cannot recover the account.

So, what should you do in case you forget the password? We recommend that you reset the password.

The process of resetting the password is easy. You simply click on the Login button and you should see the “Forgot password” link. Click on it and follow the instructions. You will be required to input the Username and a password reset code or link would be sent to your email. It is that simple and you should now access the account.


Incorrect Login Details

You might think it is impossible for some people to forget their account details when trying to access their accounts. This is quite a common problem with the Supabets login my account process.

This would be a common issue especially if you have several betting accounts. This would mean that you mix up the account details of other betting platforms. You might get the username right but have a problem with the password.

So, make sure you are using the right password for Supabets to access the account.


Username Is Not Found

Several things can lead to getting this type of error. The first reason would be that you are yet to sign up on Supabets. So, make sure to follow the method mentioned above on how to register an account so that you can use the username.

You might already have an account, but you are writing the wrong username. So, check the spelling of the username ensuring it is the right spelling, and go ahead to input the right password.

Another reason could be that you also have a deactivated account. This is a common problem for those who do not take enough time to read and understand the terms and conditions of a betting site. You would then end up making errors that can lead to account closure. A banned account cannot be reopened. You are better off looking for another sportsbook.

Other than having a banned account, you could have considered taking your time off betting for several weeks or months. This would make it impossible to log into your Supabets account. So, contact the support team to reactivate the account before attempting to log in.


Supabets Taking too Long to Load

You should start by checking your internet connection. Sometimes a slow internet connection can make it hard for the Supabets website to load with ease. Try to load different websites to see how fast they respond. If the other websites load fast, then it could be a problem with the Supabets servers.

If it is an internet connection problem, contact your ISP to help in resolving it so that you can have a faster internet connection for accessing the website.


Supabets Site Is Under Maintenance

Sometimes you can try to access your Supabets account and you get the message that the website is under maintenance. When you see this message, it means that you cannot just yet access the website. You should consider giving a couple of minutes or hours before trying again.

Supabets will always give a potential timeframe of when they expect to finish the update and now you can log into your account.

You can also expect this error to be explained by Error 522 or sometimes Error 404 when the page you want is unavailable. If the website address is correct, give Supabets some time to rectify the issue and you should access the website later with ease.


Customer Support

It is good to know that Supabets has good customer support for email, but we feel like other forms of support could be improved. Sometimes you might be stuck and it is the support team who can help. That is why you have the option of calling the support team, having a live chat, or sending an email. The other option would be to interact with the company via their socials.

  • Phone: +27 11 215 7000;
  • E-Mail: [email protected];
  • Facebook:;
  • Twitter:;
  • Instagram:;
Log in to Supabets Account from South Africa


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Also ask
Can you login via mobile app?
Yes. You will get an Android app you can use for logging into your account. Download it directly from the website and install it.
How long with account verification take?
So long as you can submit the required documents, the verification will be completed within a day.
Is it hard to log into the Supabets account?
No. It is a simple process you can finish by following a few simple steps as mentioned above and start to bet.


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