Betway Data Free App in South Africa

Betway Data Free is a service that permits players or bettors to wager pre-match and live-bets on their preferred sports or virtual games with zero data. This feature can be accessed by anyone with a registered Betway account. Betting without data on Betway is very simple. Simply download the Betway app and turn on Data Freemode.

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How To Download The Betway App

Downloading and having access to the Betway app has to be one of the simplest and most straightforward processes to complete. To install this app, access the Betway Website on your iOS or Android device. The amount of data enough to download the app is very minimal, ranging from about 5 to 7 mbs.

The following easy steps must be followed to successfully download the app:

  • Go to the Betway App Download Page on your mobile browser or desktop;
  • Click on the download banner;
  • Download the Betway App on Apple Store or Google Play store;
  • Adjust some security settings if required by your device;
  • Complete the download and log into your account;
How to Download the Betway Free App
Betway Free App download

How To Set The Betway App To Free

The Betway sportsbook is very easy to navigate. Setting this app to freemode is another easy step that is completed within seconds. With a stable internet connection to set up the Betway app to data free, this should not take you a long time. After you have successfully completed the download on your device all you need to do is to set it up to freemode and click  the “ Go Data Free” button at the top of the page and you have successfully switched to Freemode.

Data freemode on Betway
Betway Data Free

What’s Available on Betway Data Free?

After switching to the Betway Data Free,any bettor or player can agree that it is a very exciting experience to be able to place a bet without incurring data expenses or charges. The Betway Data Free is available for any person who is 18 years or older. This free service offers a variety of betting options for sports punters. Unfortunately for the Casino Players,it is not so pleasing on their part because this feature does not have a variety of games for them to access using Betway Free Data. Casino players will need to turn on their data if they want to place bets on games that are not available on the Betway Data Free. Though the service has a few disadvantages, you can still access a number of features.

Betway Sign-Up
Betway Sign-Up
Bet With Betway

With Betway Data Free you can access:

  • Pre-match sports;
  • Cash outs;
  • Live sports;
  • Sports analytics;
  • Sports results;
  • Deposits;
  • Withdrawals;
  • Betway Promotions;
  • Lucky numbers;
  • Lucky number results;

The live games on Betway and the Betway TV are unavailable on the Free mode as well as certain  debit or credit deposits. That means you  will need to use data to access these sportsbook features.

Betway Vs Hollywoodbets in South Africa
Betway Vs Hollywoodbets in South Africa


Conclusively any player or bettor can agree that this newly introduced feature on the Betway Bookmaker’s website has improved and enhanced the betting experience for many players and clients using Betway as their betting site. On average the calculated amount of data spendings is very low with the introduction of this service because it allows you to place bets with zero data. The betting experience has definitely been changed as there are higher chances to win different prizes and bonuses for players who may not always have data or access to data services. The Betway Free mode uniquely distinguishes the site from other betting sportsbooks because it offers a service which few or no sportsbooks offer. This website not only lowered the cost of data spendings for punters wagering bets on different sports but it is also a very reasonable app to download. The app is very efficient and can be accessed on both the Android and iOs devices. This makes it very convenient because anyone with these devices has access to this service.

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Also ask
Can you access the Betway Data Free without having a Betway account?
No, you cannot. To access the Betway Data Free you must have an active account on the bookmaker’s website.
What kind of deposits can you make using the Betway Data Free?
When using the Betway Data Free mode, you can make any kind of deposit except the debit or credit deposit, as these require data.
How can you access the Betway Data Free Mode?
To access this feature you must successfully download the Betway app and on the homepage of the site, you will see the “Go Data Free” button, click on it and you have switched to Data Freemode.
What sports can you place a bet on using the Betway Data Free?
When you are using the Data Free mode you will be able to wager bets on: Football, NFL, Tennis, Cricket, Snooker, Golf, Rugby, Darts, Boxing.


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