Easybet Aviator Game in South Africa

Easybet Aviator game from Spribe is one of the most played by South African bettors. There is a significant variety of online betting products offered to users on the Easybet platform in the form of sports, live dealer games, and virtuals. However, zooming into the Aviator game South Africa, we see customers place a bet with a minute amount of funds and watch it grow substantially unlike any other casino game. Much more, on the Easybet Aviator is the Make It Rain - PayDay Bonus that gives players a 25% Deposit Match up to R500.

Play Aviator on Easybet

What is the Aviator Game

In the Aviator game South Africa, the Easybet player assumes the position of an adventurous pilot that takes off on an airplane in flight, but you don't control its trajectory. The airplane flies continually higher with some dips and bumps, and your earnings are dependent on how high the airplane goes. Because the odds can rise up to a hundred times, a player can stake a minute bet and, in just a few rounds of play, it is turned into a significant amount of funds. Pressing the cash out option at the right time is how you maximize your winnings on Aviator games. If you cash out too early, you'll miss out on what you could win, and if it's done too late, you'll lose all you earned while in flight.


Aviator Game

Game nameAviator
Minimum BetR100
Demo VersionYes
TypeCrash Game
FeaturesLive chat, Game statistics, Demo Mode, Auto Cash out, etc.
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Easybet Aviator Game - Overview

Easybet Aviator Casino Game
Easybet Aviator Game

Aviator games are very popular in the online betting space. Easybet Aviator Bet is a crash game that can fetch you huge returns even with a little betting amount. Design-wise, Aviator bet is a simple but good quality crash game, it has an easy gameplay and its atmosphere is very engaging. The game doesn't have any complex rules or paylines, and there is a good chance to win significantly.

Aviator betting game online begins with a small graphic plane taking off the runway. As the plane goes higher, the multiplier rises . The higher and longer in flight, the steadier increasing the bet multiplier applied.

The goal of the Aviator betting game is to take out what you earn before the plane loses altitude, crashes or vanishes from your screen. If that happens, you'll lose both your current bet and all you might have won up to that point. This means that you can't play and win the Aviator game online by intuition only, so you must develop the skill to be able to analyze the game.


Easybet Aviator Gameplay

The gameplay on Aviator Easybet is a very easy and accommodating game. Because of the simplicity of the game mechanics, Aviator Easybet is suitable for both novices and professional players.

Aviator game online is basically a game where all you need to do is place a bet, watch a graphic plane take off and hope it doesn't crash or swerve off the screen before you get off the ride. The premise of the game is an airplane that takes off at the start of play, and after taking off, it begins to rise. As the aviator takes it higher, its multiplier rises and so also your big winning chance.

In Aviator gaming, players' ability to combine the essential factors of time, chance and strategy is the skill required for hitting big. Timing is highly fundamental in this game. You have to withdraw all cash you have accumulated before the aviator veers off the grid and disappears. But, if you do not cashout in time, you will lose the accumulated multiplier, and the Aviator Easybet game resets.


How to Play Aviator On Easybet

Aviator gaming is among the simplest you can engage in at Easybet. In order to win well on Aviator casino game, decide the amount you want to stake, and also when to pull out your cash. You have to remember that, to be able to bet on Aviator Easybet, you must sign up to the betting platform. Sign up to play Aviator on Easybet by going to the Easybet casino website, join by filling the form and creating an account. Now, if you already own an Easybet account and you want to bet, this is how to play Aviator:

  1. Login to your account, go to your profile and make a deposit of funds;
  2. Click the Aviator casino game icon on your Easybet account homepage, enter the amount you wish to stake and set your odds;
  3. Press BET/PLAY to set the airplane in motion and then follow your strategy.
Play Aviator on Easybet

Easybet Aviator Registration Process

Easybet Aviator Register
Aviator Easybet Sign-Up

To register at Easybet Aviator casino, there are certain terms and conditions of which you must take note. First, Easybet is only available to South African punters, and so, if you're trying to sign up from a different location, you will not be able to do so. Secondly, if you are not up to the official adult age of 18 years, you will not be allowed to register. Also, Easybet Aviator casino is compatible with desktop systems such as Windows and Mac PCs. It also works well on mobile phones, and has dedicated apps for iOS and Android device operating systems.


How to Sign-Up Easybet Aviator

To smoothly engage in Aviator betting on Easybet, it requires that you sign-up to create an Easybet Aviator betting account. The data needed to complete registration include your mobile phone number, your first and last name, email address, unique password and Easybet promo code. With these, you can proceed without ado. Here is how to sign-up Easybet Aviator:


Visit Website

Visit the EasyBet website with your desktop Windows or Mac, etc, and click the JOIN button;


Send Code

Enter your mobile number and click SEND CODE;


Verify Code

Enter the code you received into the available field and click VERIFY CODE;


Enter Data

Fill the sign-up form by providing the information required, e.g. email address, password, and promo code;


Complete Registration

Click COMPLETE REGISTRATION to conclude the Easybet Aviator sign-up process.

Easybet Sign-Up South Africa
Easybet Sign-Up South Africa

How to Log Into Easybet Aviator Account

Easybet Aviator Sign-In
Aviator Login

There are a lot of benefits that await customers upon Easybet Aviator login. Among the number of gains are in the form of bonuses and free bets, but if you don't perform an Easybet Aviator login, you will not be part of the exciting Aviator experience. Therefore, to perform a Easybet Aviator login, follow this simple guide:

Visit Website

Visit the Easybet website on PC (Windows or Mac, etc), and click the LOGIN button;

Enter Account Details

Type in the email address you registered with, or you can use your phone number, and then you can enter your password;

Login Account

Click LOGIN to complete the Aviator login process and sign in to your Aviator Easybet account. 

Easybet Login from South Africa
Easybet Login from South Africa

Easybet Aviator Bonuses

There are multiple bonuses on offer at Easybet South Africa. Some of the free bets rewarded by the bookmaker can be used in playing the Aviator game.To know the bonuses rewards that can be used to set off the airplane on Aviator, look through the platform bonus terms and conditions.

These bonuses include the R200 Refer a Friend Bonus Bet, Cash Gift of R100000, Weekly Free Spins worth R1000, Bet Builder, R500 Bet Match, Pick Six R1000 Bonus, Lucky Streak Bonus, Bet Your Way to Cape Town, Win 30GB with R20, Weekly Cashback of 15%, Win 10x Your Deposit with 1Voucher, Losing Leg 10x Bet Insurance, Unwrap the Sweetest Bonus Spins, PayDay Boost, R50000 in Betting Vouchers, R50 Sign Up Bonus, 150% First Deposit Match Bonus, 400% Multibet Bonus, Birthday Bonus Bet and Early Cashout.

Get Easybet Aviator Bonus!

Welcome Bonuses for New South African Players

Welcome Bonus Easybet
Welcome Bonus Easybet

As a new South African player on Easybet, you are welcomed with some very exciting bonuses that will boost your betting strength.

There is the 150% Deposit Match Bonus up to R1000 after registration. New players can simply fund their account with R20 or more then place bets equal to 4x the value of their deposit at odds of 2.0 or higher.

New South African players can also benefit from the R50 Sign-Up Bonus with 25 free spins after registration using the promo code "TA50." With this bonus, you don't need to make an initial deposit to activate it. Just use the TA50 promo code during registration, after which you wager the bonus 3x at 3.0 or above for it to be moved to your main wallet.


Easybet Aviator Deposit & Withdrawal

For a smooth process of bet, play and win, there must be a proper means of making deposits and withdrawals. This is why, on Easybet, there are several means through which users can fund their accounts and also receive their winnings. Among the multiple payment options, there are Instant EFT, Voucher & Credit Card and Bank Transfer. As a player on Easybet Aviator, you are free to choose the method that is most suitable for you.


Deposit Money to The Aviator Game

Aviator Easybet Deposit
Easybet Deposit

If you do not fund your Easybet Aviator account, you will not be able to place any stake with which to play the Aviator game. So, you must make a deposit before you can bet and play. The minimum amount you can deposit into your Easybet account is 5 ZAR. To fund your Easybet Aviator game account, follow this simple guide:

  1. Log in to your Easybet Aviator account and click on the BALANCE option to activate the account menu;
  2. Click the DEPOSIT option in the account section and a list of deposit methods will appear;
  3. When you choose a deposit method to use, a yellow dot will mark the selected option;
  4. Enter the amount of money you desire to deposit and click the SUBMIT button.


Withdraw Money from the Aviator Game

Aviator Easybet Withdrawal
Easybet Withdrawal

Aside from the fun of playing the exciting Aviator game round after round, another which could be more satisfying is winning and being able to withdraw your earnings. Methods of withdrawal include the use of eWallet using OTT, Instant EFT through OZOW or Instant Money. Again, whichever is more convenient for you as an individual player, you are free to select. Note however, that before you can begin making withdrawals from your account, your account must be FICA verified. To make Easybet Aviator account withdrawals, follow this process:

  1. Log in to your Easybet Aviator account;
  2. Select the WITHDRAW option;
  3. A list of withdrawal options will be presented to you;
  4. Choose the one you prefer to use and follow the instructions provided to complete your withdrawal.

Easybet Aviator Betting Options

The Easybet Aviator supports various features of betting options, like - autoplay, game chat, statistics and all it accompanied by music. If you're an experienced or novice Aviator player you can use all the features completely and no limits. Step-by-step try all the set of the airplane game features via app or on desktop.

Play Aviator on Easybet

Autoplay and Auto Cash Out

Players can set this feature in order to automatically withdraw winnings at a certain time. Users determine what, how and when they want to play. So, after placing a stake accordingly, you can manually BET to begin, and when you're ready, you can also tap the cash out button to take your earnings. However, you can set your Easybet Aviator account to play (number of rounds, odds, etc) and cash out for you automatically when it has gotten a preset position/multiplier.


Live/In-Game Chat

The live or in-game chat is a key option of the Aviator Easybet game. While the game is ongoing you can relate with other players online at different locations and engage with the Aviator game. Via the chat option, you not only communicate with other users, but also get important info from the moderators. Players can exchange messages, receive notifications about important events; and report any issue that may arise during play


Aviator Game Statistics

All Easybet Aviator gamers can see both the activities and earnings of other players. On the Aviator game panel there's a statistics section, which shows the time of the last game; name of winner; size of bet; and coefficient played at. So, you have access to past multipliers statistics, enabling you to note each bets' historical Random Number Generator (RNG) data. The RNG data gives you an in-depth insight that assists in improving your accuracy in deciding when to cashout, and this increases the likelihood of claiming substantial rewards. 



To help you relax and keep you entertained while watching your plane gain altitude, you can switch on the Sound/Music/Animation option. This feature adds more life to your gameplay and it increases the game's atmospheric excitement.


Easybet Aviator App

Mobile users don't have to look far to connect to their Easybet account and play the Aviator game. Irrespective of the mobile model or operating system you are using. Aside from Android and iOS phone users who wish to do so, you don't have the option of downloading the Easybet Aviator App to your device. Simply go to the Easybet mobile website via your web browser, tap the Aviator game button at the top bar of the homepage.

Download Easybet Aviator App

Easybet App for Android

  1. Visit the Easybet Aviator site using your Android phone;
  2. Scroll downward the homepage and tap the DOWNLOAD FOR ANDROID button;
  3. It'll automatically begin downloading, then install the apk on your phone to complete the process.


Easybet App for iOS

  1. Visit the Easybet Aviator site using your iOS phone and scroll downward the homepage;
  2. Tap the DOWNLOAD FOR THE APP STORE button, which will take you to App Store automatically;
  3. Start downloading and install on your phone to complete the process.
Easybet Mobile App South Africa
Easybet Mobile App South Africa


Easybet Aviator App Promo Code

The Easybet Aviator App Promo Code grants you access to a special bonus on your Easybet account. With the promo code, you can get a sign up bonus of R50 worth of free bets + 25 free spins to use to play on the Easybet platform. Here is how to activate the bonus using the Easybet Aviator App Promo Code:

  1. Visit the Easybet Aviator site and tap the JOIN button;
  2. Enter your mobile number, tap SEND CODE (receive the code, enter it and) tap VERIFY CODE;
  3. Fill the online form with your full name, email, password;
  4. In the PROMO CODE section, enter TA50;
  5. Tap the CREATE ACCOUNT button to redeem your bonus.
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Best Aviator Games in South Africa

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Play Aviator on Easybet

How to Win Aviator On Easybet

Spribe Aviator prediction Easybet
Easybet Aviator tricks

Knowing how to win Aviator on Easybet starts with learning how to play Aviator on Easybet. So, how to play Aviator on Easybet involves familiarizing yourself with the game rules, understanding the algorithm, developing a strategy to aid you in making an Aviator game prediction, and learning some Aviator Easybet tricks.


Aviator Game Rules

To secure a take-home amount, a user must cashout before the airplane crashes or suddenly flies off the screen;

  • Any payout that includes fractional amounts will be rounded down to two decimal places for withdrawal;
  • During play, if the system malfunctions, all bets, pays and plays will be cancelled;
  • All the game results are predetermined.



The Provably Fair cryptographic technology is used on Easybet Aviator, making it transparent and fair. On Aviator, each round multiplier is not set up on the servers, but with the help of the game operator and the first three users to bet in that round. The cryptic server data is merged with data from the 3 players, at the start of a round, to formulate a new mix, which produces the end multiplier. This technology ensures that there's no third party influence on the outcome of the rounds.



To set up a strategy you must observe the game. Watch carefully to know how the game works, particularly if you are new to it. Practice Aviator very well by using the demo mode so you can familiarize yourself with the games features.

Diversify your bets

On Aviator, you can place two bets at a time, and so, a smart strategy is to plan differently for each bet. Let's say, you set one bet to cover the amount you wagered, and the other bet for profit.

Use Auto Cashout

Set a target multiplier before you begin a round. With auto cashout, as soon as you hit this multiplier, it cashes out for you automatically. Rounds in Aviator move fast, this is why you have to react quickly. Therefore, auto cashout makes a significant difference in this case

Enjoy the Game/Play Responsibly

Never lose the idea of passing time and entertainment in gaming. This fun strategy eases the win-at-any-cost or go bust mentality. Set a budget and stay with it, that is, as soon as the fun stops, stop playing.


Aviator Game Predictor

Some people employ software for Aviator game prediction. That is not the best strategy to go with if you want to win Aviator. An Aviator predictor online tries to make the right guess to winning the Aviator game. The fact is that no Aviator predictor online or Spribe Aviator prediction tool on random sites can definitely predict how to win Aviator.


Aviator Easybet Tricks

Instead of an Aviator game - predictor, it's more strategic to note some Easybet Aviator tricks and tips that can help you become better with the game and build a better win percentage.

Demo Mode: Playing the demo or fun mode saves you the risk of playing with real money. Observe carefully, explore while you learn the Easybet Aviator game.

Aviator Bonus: When any aviator bonuses are on offer, make sure to take full advantage of it or them. and rewards. Doing this will lessen the expenses you make, and at the same time maximize your earnings.

Study In-Game Chats And Stats: Take your time to study and take note on how other professional players stake their bets. Notice patterns and strategies from regulars.

Set a Good Bankroll Strategy: Begin by betting a small amount of money and then gradually and steadily increase it. However, don't forget to still maintain a budget limit while doing this.

Keep Track: Systematically keep track of your wins and losses as you play. The purpose of this is so that you, can make adjustments to your strategies if and when there's a need to do so.


Easybet Aviator South Africa Pros and Cons

  • Simple rules;
  • Easy to learn;
  • Significant payouts;
  • Engaging gameplay;
  • Fun mode available.
  • High volatility;
  • Addictive tendencies.

Easybet Aviator FAQ

Nothing was found for your query :(
Also ask
Is it legal to play Easybet Aviator in South Africa?
Yes. It is legal to play Easybet Aviator in South Africa because the platform is a legal betting website. It is licensed by the Western Cape Gambling and Racing Board of SA.
Does Easybet Aviator have a demo version?
Yes. The Easybet Aviator has a demo version, which is also known as the fun mode. It allows you to play by practicing how you will fare in the real money game.
What is the Best Time to Play Aviator on Easybet?
There is no time that can be particularly referred to as the best time to to play Aviator on Easybet. As long as you have built a good strategy, having observed and practiced the game well, you can win at your calculated time.
What Is the Biggest Win in Easybet Aviator?
Aviator is still relatively new on Easybet. However, the South African that had the biggest win on Aviator was a lucky punter from KwaZulu-Natal.


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