Download & Install Hollywoodbets SA App for Android and iOS 2022

Hollywoodbets is one of the top-notch sportsbooks available in South Africa. While you have been betting through the Hollywoodbets website, did you know that they have a commendable mobile application just as good and even better? Just tap the button below or read our full guide, that can help you not only get the Hollywoodbets App, but to gain 25R Sign-Up Bonus.

Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App

Hollywoodbets Welcome Bonus

Hollywoodbets Welcome Bonus

Hollywoodbets on Mobile Devices


How To Download & Install Hollywoodbets Mobile App?

The Hollywoodbets mobile apk is a web application that anyone can access in their mobile browser with just a few clicks. Hollywoodbets team took this rare approach to give their user the advantage of the app being lighter to run and actually taking very minimal phone space to suit the different phone needs of their clients. Here are the steps of accessing the Hollywoodbets app and downloading it;

  1. Open their official website;
  2. Log in to your account if you are already registered;
  3. Press sign-up and fill up the necessary personal details if you are not a registered member;
  4. Press “OK” to the pop-up on your screen to save the Apk on Home screen;
  5. Save the link in the bookmark section if you do not get the pop-up;
  6. Exit the website and open the app on your home screen and enjoy!

Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App For Android

It is pretty simple to download the Hollywoodbets mobile apk on your android phone. All you have to do is ensure your phone has enough space. Here are steps to getting this app.

  • Go to Google Playstore;
  • Search Hollywoodbets App;
  • Click on download and install

Upon installing, login or create an account if you do not have one, fund your account and start wagering.

Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App

Hollywoodbets Mobile Android App System Requirements

 Software Version4.0.1
 App Size25 Mb
 Sign-Up Bonus25 R
Operating systemAndroid 5.0 or Higher
 Minimum space needed 100MB
 Internet Connection RequiredYes
 Available on Google PlayNo
 Download linkHollywoodbets.apk

There are a few standards that need to be met before you can say that your phone is enabled to handle this Hollywoodbets application. Without meeting these requirements, the app will malfunction and not work correctly. Here are the requirements needed for you to enjoy this app to its fullest;

Hollywoodbets Sign-Up
Hollywoodbets Sign-Up

Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App For iOS

The IOS has very high security features that do not allow installation of other apps apart from the official app store. It comes as no surprise that there is no official Hollywoodbets apk for iPhone users since it also lacks an official one for the android fellas.
However, accessing the official website from your phone will give you the utmost experience of this fantastic sportsbook webpage.

Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App

Hollywoodbets Mobile App Main Features

Everyone always asks why use the phone application and not the desktop version. Well, we are here to give you enough answers to this. Hollywoodbets mobile application does a lot of simplification of the desktop version fashioned for the mobile screen only to optimise your experience at the comfort of your phone.
Here are some of the most outstanding features in the platform;


Bet Build up

This is a feature where you can use a wager to bet on different markets and accumulate it into one bet that gives you the chance to win great prizes and big monetary rewards.


Event Line-up

Did you know that the Hollywoodbets app can be set in such a way that it redirects you to the sports of your choice from the many sports available to bet from? This is a feature you can enjoy especially when you have a busy schedule.


Better Higher Odds

The higher odds are not just to get your interest but are put there without a time limitation attached. This means you get to enjoy these great offers forever!


Special bets

Hollywoodbets mobile apk offers special bets such as Soccer Pot, Soccer specials etc.


Live Betting

The app gives you a chance to bet on games that have already started.



This feature enables you to withdraw your money even before the games you have betted on are finished. This option however is offered by the bookmarker if the probability of your team winning is higher. Some sports will have this and others might lack.



The Hollywoodbets app offers a user-friendly interface to help users navigate easily to the different sports they can wager on. This improves the user experience significantly.



The app enables you to quickly search for games of your choice without buffers unlike using the website which might lag behind a little.


Live Alert

The Hollywoodbets app will give you timely updates of the sports of your choice to keep you up to date. This feature is very unique compared to other sportsbook websites or apps.


Live Streaming

Hollywoodbets app enables you to actually live stream the games you wagered on free of charge eliminating the need of you watching the game using a TV. This feature makes your life easier eliminating other forms of media to bring you all the updates you need.


Payment Methods

Depositing and withdrawing from Hollywoodbets app free is quick and easy. You can withdraw funds online via the Hollywoodbets mobile app or on any Hollywoodbets shop around in South Africa. It takes around ten minutes to credit your account at Hollywoodbets mobile. In case your deposit does not reflect you can reach Hollywoodbets app free customer care team who will sort you out.


Hollywoodbets app free deposits and withdrawals

Credit CardPhysical withdrawal in Hollywoodbets shops
Bank DepositEFT
Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App

Hollywoodbets Mobile App Bonus

Using the Hollywoodbets app sign up gives you the opportunity to get a free R25 as a welcome bonus. Moreover, they also give you an opportunity to earn more using promo codes where you get an extra R50 when you invite a friend to download the app! The more friend referrals you get the more money you earn which are redeemable for free bets!
However, usage of these bonuses is time-bound meaning you only get 24 hours to place a wager using them.


Hollywoodbets Mobile Version

Hollywoodbets mobile version is a simplified version of the Desktop view of the official website. It is customised to provide all the features in the mobile view but has all the services that you would otherwise access in the website.


Hollywoodbets Mobile Version VS Hollywoodbets App

The comparison is always there for one to choose which one is most suitable for their needs. However, there are very small differences that do not affect any service delivery of both the app and the mobile view version.
Here are a few distinctive differences you may experience in this quest to choose what works best for you

  • The Mobile application has a different navigation structure meant to make it easy to navigate compared to that in the Mobile view;
  • The Hollywoodbets Mobile application have different colour splashes and hues compared to the one on mobile view for user optimization;
  • Horse racing, football and tennis tournaments can be accessed from the mobile app homepage unlike that of the mobile view;
  • The mobile view has a more expansive format to getting in touch with the casino Support team unlike that of the app which is just at the bottom left part of the screen;
  • You can access the Cash-out feature in the mobile app which is not enabled in the mobile view

Hollywoodbets Data Free App

Unfortunately for Hollywoodbets sportsbook, they do not offer this data free app at the moment. It is a requirement to have an internet connection to access their app and services.

Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App

What can be improved in Hollywoodbets Mobile App

While the app is highly praised and perform the basic tasks conveniently, there’s still room for improvement to close the loopholes to maximise their number of users and be competitive in the gambling industry


Improved Out-Look

The Hollywoodbets mobile apk does not reflect the “modern look” that we see in their recently redesigned website. The current UI of the app does not allow diverse functionality i.e., of seeing the status of a match and even the ease of scrolling is proving to be a menace.
However, the changes being implemented on the website is a light at the end of the tunnel that the same will happen in the application version.


Notification Alert

The apk lacks this feature where they can give you timely updates on games you have placed bets on and even sports that you have deemed as favourites. This is a feature that will greatly push the viability of this app.


Native Apk

While Hollywoodbets website is a fantastic website that can be used in every device, we cannot say the same about their mobile application. Their current available app is only available to Android users which limits their market share in the gambling world.


Mobile Features

There are very important features that are only enjoyed with a specific group of people based on the type of OS they use. Those using IOS tablets and phones lack features such as Special bets.
In addition, inclusion of features such as Voice assistance and Live chats that deal with all sports issues would be a great boost to the features the app can offer.



Hollywoodbets have put lots of effort into their website but very little on their apps. The fact that they lack the data free app and official phone applications for both Android and iPhone users with same features is a big disadvantage which should be improved by Hollywoodbets app download South Africa.
We also recommend the numerous bonuses they have attached to their mobile apps which are interesting and captivating to new members.
Hollywoodbets is one of the high rated sportsbooks that you should definitely check out for your ultimate gambling needs.

Download Hollywoodbets Mobile App


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Also ask
Is the sportsbook app legal?
Yes. Hollywoodbets is legal in several countries, among them South Africa. It abides by the gambling rules of this country and is regulated by local gambling Authorities.
Can you win money on sportsbook apps?
Absolutely Yes! Hollywoodbets has millions of customers that play daily and win depending on what they have placed a bet on.
How to bet on your phone?
Logging in to your account on your Hollywoodbets app log in or browser, selecting the games you want to bet on, then place bets.
What taxes should you pay for winning in the Hollywoodbets App?
Per the South African regulations, betting tax is applicable to your winning bets, the tax will be deducted from your winnings and the remaining amount will be paid to you.


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