Betway VS Hollywoodbets: Comparing 2 of The Biggest Betting Sites in South Africa

When you want to get into betting, the chances are that you want a sportsbook that will give you the best odds, it is legit, has good customer support, and other great features. If you are in South Africa, your choice for such sportsbooks would be Betway and Hollywoodbets. So, between Betway and Hollywoodbets, which one would you choose? This can be a hard question when they both stand out for being great sportsbooks in the market. However, it does not have to be hard anymore, especially with this guide. This Betway Hollywoodbets comparison between the two in various aspects so that you can understand what each company has to offer. Let us get started.

Bet with Betway

Benefits And Disadvantages Of Hollywoodbets And Betway


Welcome Bonus

Both companies have a welcome bonus with differing values. It is possible to find that the bonuses also change from time to time, so it is best to keep checking the respective websites for updated versions.


Betway Bonus

The Betway signup bonus
Betway bonus for signing up

Betway has a welcome bonus where your first deposit is matched 100% up to R1,000. This can be a good amount to get you started with betting. Keep note that you cannot withdraw the bonus as it is in the form of a free bet. First, you have to bet with it then you can withdraw your winnings.

Keep in mind that the bonus is for sports betting alone. However, you can come across other bonuses like joining casinos and other betting games.


Hollywoodbets Bonus

The bonus for signing up on Hollywoodbets
Hollywoodbets signup bonus

Hollywoodbets is offering new South African players a bonus package of 50 free spins on selected Spina Zonke slots and a R25 sportsbook bonus. To claim the bonus, players just need to sign up for an account, and the free spins will be automatically credited to their account. The free spins must be used within 24 hours, and the maximum winnings from them are R1,000. The sportsbook bonus must also be used within 24 hours and wagered at odds of 5/10 or higher.


The Verdict

Looking at the two welcome bonuses mentioned above, it is clear that Betway would have the upper hand. You get a lot more worth in a free bet and you also have a longer period to claim it. Hollywoodbets has a shorter window and the bonus is also low.

Keep checking each individual website for either a Hollywood voucher or a Betway voucher. You never know when you might get some.


Betting Features

Several betting features on Betway
Betway betting features

Betting features can be a broad term to mean many things, but it is essentially just how the sportsbook would enhance the betting experience.

Each sportsbook would generally have various features to improve how well you can bet on the platform. Such features can include live betting, live streaming, data-free, bet builders, and cashouts.

We have only selected a few things that can help measure the different aspects of the sportsbook. We found that Betway offers live betting, live streaming, cashout, bet builders, and data-free modes. Comparing the same with Hollywoodbets, we see that it only has live betting, cashout, and bet builders.


Betting Features Of Betway And Hollywoodbets

Live bettingYesYes
Live streamingYesNo
Bet builderYesYes
Bet with Betway

The Verdict

The comparison above shows how Betway has more features than Hollywood bets. This is enough to make Betway our top pick for this section.

Hollywoodbets Sign-Up
Hollywoodbets Sign-Up

Betting Games

The betting markets on Hollywoodbets
Hollywoodbets betting markets

When someone decides to choose to bet, they would be interested in sports events such as football, basketball, and others. However, there are many other options to consider when it comes to betting games.

The options you would get include dice games, blackjack, roulette, virtual sports, and more. We find that the two sportsbooks offer many games to consider for betting. You cannot even compare them to the other companies in the same country.

The betting games are categorized as live games, bet games, lucky numbers, and virtual sports.

The live games are examples of the casino game types which are virtual and interactive. As for the bet games, they are what you can watch a broadcast to follow along.

Lucky numbers are the same as the lottery. This is when a draw is run every few hours, days, weeks, or months to find the winner. It all depends on the terms and conditions of the lottery.

Many companies are now introducing virtual sports. Just as the name suggests, these are simply simulated sports having fixed odds. At least now you have several betting options to consider other than what you are used to.


The Verdict

Comparing the two, we find that Betway and Hollywoodbets all have live games, bet games, lucky numbers, and virtual sports. However, you will see that Hollywoodbets offers more in terms of fantasy league betting, live instant win, and Spine Zonke games. Go ahead to try out the Betway live and Hollywood live games to see how good they are in general.

Betway Sign-Up
Betway Sign-Up
Bet with Betway

Betting Markets

The available betting markets on Betway
Betway betting markets

When a betting site has more betting markets, it means that you can have more opportunities to bet and earn big in return. Over the years, both Betway and Hollywoodbets have increased the number of betting markets to make sure that the users have more ways to bet on the platforms.

We looked at various random betting events to see which would offer multiple betting markets for the clients to consider.

We look at events including soccer, cricket, rugby, and horse racing for a single day. We found that Betway had more betting markets at 152 for soccer while Hollywoodbets had only 120. Looking at rugby, Betway had 41 markets while Hollywoodbets had only 1. In the end, Betway had 288 markets while Hollywoodbets had 136 markets.


The Different Betting Markets On Hollywoodbets And Betway

Number of markets288136
Live gamesYesYes
Virtual sportsYesYes
Fantasy league bettingNoYes


The Verdict

Looking at the numbers mentioned above, we see that Betway has many more betting markets than Hollywoodbets. This would make some people more inclined to choose Betway for regular betting because they get more markets.

However, there will be other markets where Betway does not have any markets to bet on. An example is horse racing. There are times when you have to consider Hollywoodbets for the markets lacking in Betway.

You may now have to keep checking the two to find out more about each event to see where you can get the most. However, expect Betway to keep having more markets.


Betting Odds

The betting odds on Hollywoodbets
Hollywoodbets betting odds

The betting odds are key in ensuring that you make the most of your bet slip. That is why people would always compare Betway and Hollywoodbets to see which one would offer more.

Just as in markets, the more the odds the better. This is because the winnings are equal to the odds multiplied by the stakes.

We also look at a few games from the two sportsbooks to see which one has more odds. Keep in mind that the games we look at are the same and will be held at the same time. As always, we compare soccer, horse racing, cricket, and rugby as examples.

Looking through the list of various betting odds, we find that Betway has higher odds than Hollywoodbets. The only time Hollywoodbets wins is in horse racing events and that is because Betway does not offer this market.


The Verdict

Looking at the two, we see that Betway is the clear winner in this category. That is why you might find it having a bit more traffic because people see there are better odds on the platform. It is possible that even the new betting markets that Betway introduces would have more odds than Hollywood bets.

Betway Data Free South Africa
Betway Data Free South Africa
Bet with Betway

Deposit Methods

Of course, you need to deposit funds before you can start betting. For that to happen, you need a company that supports your available payment methods.

We had to go deep to analyze the kind of deposit options available from each company.

Betway has several deposit methods to consider including:

  • Card Transactions;
  • Easy Load;
  • MTN Mobile Money;
  • Nedbank App;
  • USSD;
  • OTT Voucher;
  • Kazang;
  • Ozow;
  • FNB ATM;
  • etc

You can see that is quite the list. Keep in mind that not all deposits can be used for the withdrawal process. However, you will always have plenty of options.

What about Hollywoodbets? This sportsbook has the following deposit methods

  • Ozow;
  • PayU
  • Zapper;
  • PayFast;
  • Direct EFT;
  • Spot Money;
  • Virtual Card Services;
  • Nedbank Top Up Voucher;
  • etc.

In case you want to withdraw money from Hollywoodbets, you have the option of EFT/Bank Transfer or via ATM.


Deposit Methods For Betway And Hollywoodbets

Card TransactionsVirtual Card Services
ABSA EFTNedbank Send-Mail 
OTT Vouchers etc.Instant Money etc.


The Verdict

It is clear that Betway is the leader in this category too. This is because of having a comprehensive list of deposit methods you can use for betting. Maybe Hollywoodbets might keep introducing more methods in the future, but for now, you are quite limited in your choices for deposit methods.

Bet with Hollywoodbets

User Experience

How to access and bet on Hollywoodbets
Hollywoodbets user interface

The user experience is simply how easy it is to use the website. We have to look at the website's interface and compare them to see which one would be ideal for which person.

People love websites that are easy to use so that they can get down to betting as fast as possible. We look at how it is easy to place a bet, find the teams you want to bet on, deposit funds, withdraw winnings, and others.

We generally find the user experience can be tricky because different people would be looking for different things in a sportsbook.

How to access and bet on Betway
Betway interface

Ask anyone who has used both Betway and Hollywoodbets and their answer would be that both websites are good in their own ways. Well, we try to be as objective as possible to give you a good review of the two.


The Verdict

We found that both Betway and Hollywoodbets have some amazing interfaces that people enjoy using. However, Betway feels a sleeker interface while on the other side, Hollywoodbets has a fully kitted website with almost everything you need.

We also find that both Betway Hollywoodbets login is quite simple so that betting is faster too.

We can say that the two sportsbooks tie in this category as they are both equally good. 

Hollywoodbets Login from South Africa
Hollywoodbets Login from South Africa
Bet with Betway

Mobile Experience

This is another subjective topic that the outcome can vary from one person to another. There are bound to have many personal preferences, especially with the apps. The apps can perform differently from one phone to another. Some phones might not have the same performance parameters as others.

Other than the apps, you also get to experience the mobile version of the desktop websites. In both cases, the websites are responsive meaning they can resize based on the screen size of the device you are using.


Mobile Experience Of Betway And Hollywoodbets

Mobile AppsYesNo
Data FreeYesNo
Mobile VersionYesYes
Betting Experience5/54.8/5


The Verdict

If you want to use mobile apps for betting, no need to consider Hollywoodbets because it does not have any mobile app available. You only have the option of using their mobile website to start betting. Of course, the mobile website is still good even though there is no app.

Betway on the other hand has both Android and iOS apps. This makes the sportsbook quite good in terms of providing you the flexibility of either using the apps or the mobile version of the desktop website.

We find that the because of app availability, we can find Betway is better in providing you with a better mobile experience.

Bet with Hollywoodbets


The FICA process is important to the point many sportsbooks are actually requesting it right now. Not many people might realize this, but having a verified account would make your betting easier. Most sportsbooks would require that you have a fully verified account to even withdraw funds from the betting account.

Both Betway and Hollywoodbets have various methods to consider when you decide to get an account with them. All you have to do is follow the instructions on each website to upload the necessary documents to help with verifying the account information.


The Verdict

Betway has an automatic FICA verification system. This means that they can only verify the account upon uploading the documents via the website. In case you have issues, Betway also accepts the documents via email. However, their email response can often take too long.

You also have the option of using Hollywoodbets too. For this one, you have up to five different ways of submitting the FICA documents. This includes Facebook messages, website uploads, and even dropping them off in a physical Hollywoodbets branch.

For this category, we find that Hollywoodbets stands out as the best choice.


Wild Card

As much as Betway has shown to be the best overall, we can still give Hollywoodbets a bonus point for being the most trusted sportsbook in South Africa. Compared to Betway, we also find that Hollywoodbets has authority in horse racing betting. That is not something that Betway can match.


The Final Verdict

Looking at the number of times we have said Betway is better, it is clear that it wins this comparison. We have to point out that some of the categories can go either way as some are personal preferences, so do not be shocked if your friend loves Hollywoodbets more than Betway. That being said, both sportsbooks are the best in South Africa and are likely to remain so for a while. Simply choose the one that can address your betting needs better.

Bet with Betway


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