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Easybet is a South African betting haven offering some of the best sports betting features for all betting enthusiasts. With amazing bonuses and promotions players start their betting experience on high with loads of events and features for their entertainment. In addition the sportsbook offers data free betting and mobile apps for both android and iOS users. Easybet is an amazing betting experience with great winning possibilities.

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How To Access Easybet Data Free

Accessing Easybet data free is a quick and easy process, Easybet data free is available for players via their interactive app. The sport betting app is very convenient as players can enjoy their betting experience even without internet credit. The following steps are how players can access Easybet:

  1. Go to the official website of Easybet;
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the webpage;
  3. Locate Easybet “data free”;
  4. Click “data free”;
  5. Download data free app;
  6. Install Easybet data free app.
Get Easybet Data Free

How to Register Easybet Data Free App

Easybet DataFree registration process is easy to use for new players. It takes a couple of minutes in 5-7 steps only.


Visit the official Easybet website

Visit the official Easybet website

The first step for players is to Visit the official Easybet website;


Click “Join”

Click “Join”

Players must then click on “join” to start the registration process;


Verify phone number

Verify phone number

The next step is to verify the phone number which starts by entering the number and receiving a verification code that the player must enter;


Complete phone number verification

Complete phone number verification

The next step is to complete the phone verification process by entering the correct code received via mobile;


Enter personal details

Enter personal details

The next step is to complete the phone verification process by entering the correct code received via mobile. The code is sent to the player's mobile number, therefore players must ensure they have entered the correct number or they will not receive the code;


Complete entering personal details

Complete entering personal details

The final step is to complete the registration process by confirming the details entered. The details need to be accurate for everything to go smoothly for the player. After completing this process the player will be able to login and start betting.

Easybet Sign-Up South Africa
Easybet Sign-Up South Africa

How to Log Into Easybet App Account

If you already have a registered account then the login process will be fast and simple. You need only follow step-by-step sign-in instructions below.


VIsit the official website

Easybet login process
Easybet login process

To login, players first need to visit the website;


Enter login details

Easybet login process
Easybet login process

The next step is to enter their login details by clicking on the login icon;


Confirm login details

Easybet login process
Easybet login process

Players can then complete the login process by confirming their details.

Easybet Login from South Africa
Easybet Login from South Africa
Get Easybet Data Free

How To Download Easybet App

Easybet South Africa has an interactive app that is easily accessible and downloadable from the website. Players looking to enjoy their playing experience on their mobile devices can follow these simple steps to get the app:

  1. Visit the Easybet official website on mobile;
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of page;
  3. Locate android app icon iOS or Android icon;
  4. You will redirected to the Easybet app download page;
  5. Download apk App;
  6. The mobile apk app will immediately start downloading.
Easybet Mobile App South Africa
Easybet Mobile App South Africa

How to Set the Easybet App to Data Free

When a player wants to enjoy the best of Easybet free data they need to download the app and then set it up so that everything works smoothly. Below are the steps for setting up the Easybet app:

  1. Visit the Easybet official website on mobile;
  2. Scroll down to the bottom of page;
  3. Locate android app icon iOS/Android icon;
  4. Download apk App;
  5. Once downloaded;
  6. Ensure your phone allows downloads from unknown sources;
  7. Install the app;
  8. After that allow installation to complete;
  9. Set up an account by signing up or logging in if you have an account.

Setting up an Easybet app ensures the player is able to enjoy the perks of betting for free, without using their data credit.

Get Easybet Data Free

What's Available on Easybet Data Free?

From live sports betting to Aviator to Vegas games, players can find it all on Easybets as it aims to offer players the best betting entertainment in the country. Sports betting enthusiasts can easily access their most favored sports events and make their betting decisions. With live betting also on mobile apps players can bet conveniently on the go and not having to missout on the action. Players can enjoy the thrill of aviator, one of the most popular games out now and also try their luck with lucky numbers which offers an exciting winning opportunity for fortunate players. To top it all off there is also winners wheel and spin & win which are exciting competition draws that players can be a part of. Players can also find some of the best promotions and bonuses in the sports betting world including a no deposit bonus, referral bonus, weekly bonuses and promotions offering players a lot of winning possibilities.


Easybet Data Free Overview

Easybet Data free is an amazing betting option for players as they are able to play without data. The availability of the mobile apps makes the betting experience so much more exclusive and better. With a wide range of betting options, a player can never get tired of enjoying what Easybet has got to offer. The sportsbook also has great promotions which include the amazing R50 no sign up bonus and bonuses such as referral bonuses and bet match promotions. The no deposit bonus is a great bonus as it beats the competition that offers only first deposit bonuses. The bonuses stand out as they offer bettors more playing opportunities.


How to Add Easybet Data Free to Your Home Screen

Easybet home screen
Easybet homescreen

If a player should want to do so, they can add Easybet to their home screen by doing the following:

  1. Download Easybet Android/iOS app;
  2. Allow phone to download from unknown sources;
  3. Install on mobile device;
  4. Locate mobile app on phone;
  5. Drag the app to your home screen.

Adding the Easybet app to your homescreen makes the players betting experience even more exciting as it puts them more in control of their bets.



Alisa Barladyan
To conclude Easybet data free is amazing betting platform for players. The sportsbook has the best bonuses and incentives in the country with its no deposit welcome bonus, referral bonuses and also data free app. These features stand out from the rest as they are rarely offered elsewhere. Players are introduced to the platform with a R50 no deposit bonus that offers more playing opportunities and even get incentives by successfully referring a player to join Easybet. I really like how it prioritizes the players' betting experience with a lot of competitions, promotions and features, these are the important features that make a sportsbook stand out and Easybet Data free has done more than just that. The Interface of the platform is fast and easy to use, everything is accessible and without very fast registration and deposit processes players can start their playing journey in minutes.
Get Easybet Data Free App


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Also ask
Are any punters excluded from the Easybet Data Free option?
No punters are not excluded.
How can I know that I am on the Data Free option?
By switching off your data whilst playing on the Data free app.
Which features are limited on the Data Free plan?
Slots and live dealer games are not available on the Data free plan.
Do I Need A New Account To Use The Data-Free App?
No, you can use your already set Easybet account if you already have one.


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