October 12, 2015
Michelle Gwee and Saahil Malik/Delta Partners

A compelling OTT video proposition in emerging markets

October 12, 2015
Rob Gallagher/Ovum

It is making less and less sense to force people to sit through intrusive TV ads

October 12, 2015
Mark Newman/Ovum

Traditional mobile operators are facing a challenge in the emerging IoT sector

October 09, 2015
Claire McCarthy/Ovum

Expression Target allows for personalized, targeted mobile advertising

October 06, 2015
Camille Mendler/Ovum

The Australian telco's new leader Andy Penn is willing to rip up traditional telco strategy

October 05, 2015
Rob Gallagher/Ovum

Trends are likely to result in an increase in overall spend by service providers, although this is increasingly concentrated on a relatively smaller amount of content

October 02, 2015
Mark Newman/Ovum

The internet giants seem to be bypassing telecom networks in their bid to connect the unconnected

September 30, 2015
Clare McCarthy/Ovum

VoltDB Version 5.6 can help operators use their data assets more effectively

September 25, 2015
Alla Shabelnikova/Ovum

The regional economy is slowing, and staying put may tarnish the telco's image

September 24, 2015
Mark Newman / Ovum

To help overcome regulatory reluctance to support consolidation

September 23, 2015 DisruptiveView

When it comes to innovation, analytics is no substitute for humans practicing good business management

September 21, 2015
Rob Gallagher/Ovum

Broadcast TV should take the autoplay feature as a serious threat in the longer term

September 21, 2015
Mark Newman/Ovum

There has been little public discussion about what the business will look like in a software-defined future

September 16, 2015
Al Blake/Ovum

Former communications minister Malcolm Turnbull was a founder of an ISP

September 14, 2015
Mark Newman/Ovum

Operators getting excited again at the prospect of the smart home must brace for competition