July 20, 2016
Miriam Deasy/Ovum

Details plans to help meet telcos' needs across four key pillars

July 14, 2016 B/OSS Asia

Operator survey reveals a preference for small-scale transformation projects focused on billable use cases over major overhauls

July 08, 2016
Phil Pexton/Ovum

Application development and management skills remain in short supply

July 06, 2016
Julian Bright/Ovum

DoCoMo and SKT and others are trialing 5G over bands not yet approved by the agency

July 05, 2016
Nick Gurney and Rob van den Dam/IBM
Telecom Asia

In the wake of digital disruption, research from IBM shows CSPs can emerge in 2020 as new and stronger digital businesses, but they must make changes at warp speed to complete that evolution in time

July 04, 2016

The reason everyone is experiencing "digital disruption" is because they didn't see that disruption coming. At all.

June 30, 2016
Tony Poulos

Cognitive systems will reveal the true potential of big data and start the second cognitive revolution – just 70,000 years after the first one

June 29, 2016
Mike Roberts/Ovum

Asia and North America will each account for 40% of the total

June 28, 2016
Michael Philpott/Ovum

Industry reps agree that current models will not be enough to ensure mass adoption

June 28, 2016
Ismail Patel/Ovum

India, Indonesia on impressive trajectories

June 27, 2016
Tony Poulos

Knowing your customers’ true value can help telcos set more valuable tariff plans without going into the red

June 27, 2016
Rob Powell/Telecom Ramblings

The potential impact of the leave vote on the service provider and infrastructure markets

June 23, 2016
Neha Dharia/Ovum

The companies have renewed their focus on communications in the past month

June 21, 2016
Neha Dharia/Ovum

The Fring Alliance enables operators to work like OTT players

June 16, 2016

Bad customer service seems to be everywhere– and Generation Z isn’t having it