May 29, 2015
Phil Marshall / Tolaga
Security Insights

The Iot: forget “the firewall”

May 28, 2015
Tony Poulos & Alex Leslie
Telco Analytics Asia

Governments are finding it harder to balance privacy and data ethics to everyone’s satisfaction

May 26, 2015
Francesco Radicati/Ovum

Google allies with Luxottica to develop a new version of the wearable

May 19, 2015
Julie Kunstler / Ovum
Broadband Insights

FTTx PON propels broadband revenues , but so do CSP competition and non-residential apps

May 13, 2015
Tony Poulos and Alex Leslie/

Do customers hate getting bills? Or do they just hate the way they get them?

May 13, 2015
Naveen Mishra / Frost & Sullivan
LTE Insights

Collaboration and convergence help drive strong upward trend

May 13, 2015
Johan Khoo, Neil Morgan / Accenture Source
LTE Insights

Five strategic tips for successful LTE adoption

May 12, 2015
Francesco Radicati/Ovum

The move will be key to the technology's adoption in industrial IoT

April 29, 2015
Tony Poulos
Telco Analytics Asia

Instead of deploying new fancy analytic tools, telcos should leverage apps developed by their existing vendors to analyze and make full use of data

April 27, 2015
Sonia Agnese/Ovum

Telco/OTT partnership was a key topic of LTE Latin America 2015

April 23, 2015
Don Sambandaraksa

Spectrum spaghetti means TDD is the more suitable technology

April 21, 2015
Daryl Schoolar/Ovum

The merger may lead to some major changes in the vendor landscape

April 20, 2015
Caroline Gabriel/Wireless Watch

Whereas Google's Android One initiative stalls

April 20, 2015
Richard Edwards/Ovum

European Commission launches an antitrust probe into the company

April 17, 2015
Daryl Inniss/Ovum

Vendor demonstrates use of VCSELs in links longer than 100m at 100G