Samsung sells 600k Galaxy Tabs

Samsung sells 600k Galaxy Tabs

Mark Jones/Rethink Wireless  |   November 25, 2010
The figure is in for the first month of sales for the Samsung Galaxy Tab and it's a quite impressive 600,000 units. This figure indicates that Samsung should easily reach its target of selling 1 million Galaxy Tabs by the end of the year.
Despite concerns that the device might be overpriced it has proved it itself as one of the most successful tablets so far, and sits comfortably behind the iPad, which sold 1 million units in its first month - although that was just in America.
The gap may be significant, but compared to other tablet makers such as HP - which is struggling to keep up with demand for 9,000 of its Slate 500 device - it seems more impressive.
Even with its specs - which have rapidly been replicated and improved upon by promised upcoming tablets - and criticism about its seven-inch form factor it has done surprisingly well.
To recap, it features a 1GHz ARM Cortex A8 processor with 512MB of RAM and a choice of 16 or 32GB of internal storage. The webcam is 1.3mp and the rear facing camera 3mp.
With a slew of more reasonably-priced devices on the way t hat don't require the consumer to buy a data plan, it would seem the Galaxy branding has won customers over.
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