Webwire: Google pays $22.5m fine; Bharti slides on downgrade

Staff writer
Google has agreed to pay a $22.5 million fine to settle an investigation by the US FTC into allegations the company used cookies to monitor Safari browser users who had opted out of being tracked.
Shares in Bharti Airtel fell to a six-year low after Goldman Sachs cut its credit rating on the operator, one day after the company missed expectations with its quarterly earnings.
The Indian government has claimed to have discovered a way to monitor the content of BlackBerry corporate emails without RIM having to supply the encryption keys, according to reports. The government has been pressing RIM to enable surveillance of the emails for some time.
Samsung and US operator Verizon have forged a partnership to offer IPTV content over the Verizon FiOS network for Samsung's smart TV line.
RIM has won an appeal against a court order to pay $147.2 million in damages to Mformation, for allegedly breaching the latter's wireless remote management patents.
India's Environment Ministry has issued new guidelines asking the department of telecom not to approve the installation of new mobile towers within 1km of existing ones, or towers that would obstruct the flight-path of birds, in order to mitigate the impact of EMR on birds and bees.
Deutsche Telekom has maintained its full-year outlook, after reporting a strong 76.4% increase in bottom-line profit for the second quarter.
A Russian security company claims to have discovered a new virus in the middle east linked with Stuxnet and Flame, the cyberweapons believed to have been unleashed by the US and Israel targeting Iran's nuclear and oil industries.