Webwire: MTN won't exit Iran; Sprint may call off LightSquared tie-up

Staff writer
MTN Group will not bow to international pressure to exit its the Iranian telecom market, where it owns a 49% stake in Iran's second-largest mobile operator, unless South Africa implements official sanctions against the nation.
Sources claim US operator Sprint Nextel may end its network sharing deal with beleaguered wireless venture Lightsquared as early as next week, following regulator FCC's decision to deny LightSquared's plans to build an LTE network.
TOT's labor union has asked Thailand's anti-corruption commission to probe an executive at the state-owned telecom company, claiming irregularities in a soft switch purchasing contract.
French media group Vivendi may cut hundreds of marketing and administration jobs at wireless unit SFR in response to increased competition in the French mobile market.
The Philippines' PLDT has assured regulators it is on track to surrender the 3G license held by subsidiary CURE on-schedule in July, fulfilling a condition of its $1.6 billion acquisition of former mobile rival Digitel.
Hacker group AntiSec has attacked the website of security vendor Panda Labs, claiming retaliation for Panda Labs allegedly helping law enforcement officials track down and arrest members of LulzSec.
Facebook has hired 25 new underwriters for its up to $100 billion IPO, bringing the total number of banks supporting the deal up to 31.
Watson, the IBM supercomputer which famously won the quiz show Jeopardy, will be put to work providing financial markets analysis and advice. Citigroup has become Watson's first Wall Street client.