June 09, 2015

Singapore ISP aims to disrupt the market with low-cost, high-speed fiber services

June 05, 2015
CommunicAsia Show Daily

The Singapore government aims to lead the world in terms of innovation

June 04, 2015
CommunicAsia Show Daily

Don't fear new technologies that could bring major benefits: deputy chair

June 03, 2015
CommunicAsia Show Daily

Singapore is first in the world for broadband download, upload speed

May 25, 2015
Networks Asia

The facility will be used to support Singapore's Smart Nation plan

May 18, 2015

The ISP vying to be Singapore's fourth telco targets contract-averse consumers

May 14, 2015
Computerworld Hong Kong

With its new DCNet service KVH aims to expand to serving operators

May 12, 2015
eGov Innovation

Singapore regulator aims to stimulate the development of green DC products

May 11, 2015
Networks Asia

Partners with Epsilon, KVH to link up 14 DCs in Singapore

April 17, 2015

OMGTel and the transport giant will vie for Singapore's fourth telco license

April 16, 2015

But revenue increases by a mere 0.2% over the same period

April 09, 2015

Singapore operator offering the service at no extra charge

February 25, 2015
Telco Analytics Asia

Top entry uses data visualization to help in developing better business strategies  

February 24, 2015
eGov Innovation

The only Asian city to make the top five list from Juniper Research

February 16, 2015

Expects to achieve 95% outdoor coverage in March