November 26, 2014
IDC projects that growth will have slowed to 7.2% for 2014
September 18, 2014
Working on a 12.9-inch and a new 9.7-inch model: report
September 03, 2014
ComputerWorld Hong Kong
Teams with four educational groups for an e-learning project
July 28, 2014
Enterprise Innovation
IDC expects the market to increase in 2014, but at a slower rate to 2013
July 09, 2014
Enterprise Innovation
Smartphones will account for 66% of the year's handset sales: Gartner
June 24, 2014
ABI predicts that total tablet shipments will reach 200m units
May 12, 2014
"Sharpest ever" drop in iPad shipments impacts the market: Canalys
March 18, 2014
Enterprise Innovation
But Apple remained the top-selling individual vendor: Gartner
February 12, 2014
Enterprise Innovation
Majority looking for a unified experience across computing devices: MS
February 06, 2014
If they are, PC sales were up in 2013
January 06, 2014
PC business scale-down may be announced Tuesday
January 03, 2014
Enterprise Innovation
Smartphone segment set for another short-term surge: IDC
December 19, 2013
Innovation, strong consumer demand fuel growth
November 07, 2013
CRM Innovation
But PC makers are not fulfilling the strong demand
October 28, 2013
To generate majority of OEM factory revenue in 2013