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June 12, 2015

To promote the interoperability of VoLTE-enabled devices

June 10, 2015
BSS Insights

LTE creates a maze of opportunities for cellcos to monetize mobile broadband – good luck with that!

May 27, 2015

Voice over WiFi should be big news this year as telcos adopt IMS networks for VoWiFi

May 15, 2015

As part of plans to expand and optimize its LTE network

May 13, 2015
LTE Insights

Telecom Asia/Ovum survey finds that while operators are trying different 4G business models, it’s still network quality

May 13, 2015
LTE Insights

Collaboration and convergence help drive strong upward trend

May 13, 2015
LTE Insights

Tektronix Communications’ Samir Marwaha explains why end-to-end monitoring will be a crucial component of VoLTE’s

May 07, 2015
LTE Insights

VoLTE is ready to roam, but expect turbulence along the way

May 06, 2015
Delta Partners

Emerging and developed nations face different commercial and technical challenges

May 05, 2015
Global TD-LTE Initiative

This white paper provides an overview of the current global status of LTE TDD/FDD convergence

April 29, 2015

VoLTE is ready to roam, but expect turbulence along the way

April 14, 2015

Claim a world's first with the commercialization of the service

April 09, 2015

Singapore operator offering the service at no extra charge

March 25, 2015

Virtualized VoLTE prototype used off-the-shelf hardware servers

March 09, 2015

EXFO CEO Germain Lamonde outlines how assuring processes for the delivery of new services like VoLTE is critical in