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Such networks are already orchestrating better, faster Ethernet service quality
For first responders, saving time can mean saving lives
The cloud changes the equation for managed services by introducing standardized, automated services
Global IBM survey finds telcos still lag in customer engagement and make it difficult for them to
Amdocs' Matt Roberts insists that telcos must embrace big data to remain competitive and the end

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Tony Poulos
Anything that impacts customers adversely should be treated as a business risk
Joseph Waring
In a move that has been 10 years coming, PCCW/HKT debuts quad-play billing


Ovum analyst
Aims to offer telcos the ability to control data assets, improve customer experiences
Phil Marshall/Tolaga Research
As mobile operators seek to improve their return on invested capital performance, network optimization


Lum Yew Yuen from Huawei talk about why successful customer experience management needs to be part of an organization

Luqman el Hakiem outlines Huwei’s hostng center rollout and what benefits it brings to mobile network operators.