Login to Your 1xBet Account: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide 2024

There are numerous substantial reasons why 1xBet is so famous. As soon as you open the bookmaker’s website, you will automatically fathom why. Starting from its interface to the different features, every component of 1xBet is ideal. It has endless options for sports betting. And not just sports betting. It includes many other betting activities that widen the scope of online betting for users. Additionally, this betting platform has a fabulous range of unending promotions and offers to imbibe more interest in the users and make their betting experience more exciting.

Log in to 1xBet

How to Login?

Let us begin with the important part of the discussion: the s to log in to a 1xBet account. The steps are absolutely effortless. You can log in in two ways, and one is through the official website. And the other one is through app erosion. The app of 1xBet is available for android users and iOS users.


Access the official site

Access the official site

The first of these is to go to the official website. You can also use the app version, which is available for android and iOS users;


Register with your account

Register with your account

If you yet not have an account on the 1xBet website, you will have to undergo the process for 1xBet registration;


Select “Log in”

Select “Log in”

After registration with your account, you will see the option of “LOG IN” on the top right part of the website or the app. Click on that option;


Enter details

Enter details

Then you will require the essential information. One of which is your username. You can also use your email instead. Then you will have to put in the password for your account;


Log in

Log in

Then click on the opinion “LOG IN”;


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Difference via Log In with 1xBet App

As we have mentioned above, you will find two ways to 1xBet login to my account. One is through the official website. And the other one is through the [pp versions of 1xBet. So, what is the difference between the two ways? Well, the difference lies in convenience and benefits.

Needless to say, the ease or convenience of logging in through the app is much more than through websites. It is because when you have an app version on your phone, you can readily log in to your account in a few seconds. You need not visit the website every time. It saves a lot of time for you.

Also, you need not always log out of your account when using the app version. So, the hassle and constant repetitive s for logging in via browser are eliminated when you use the app version. For websites, it is best to log out. You often have to re-login to the account even if you do not. Additionally, via the website, you often lose track of how many times and how many browser windows you have logged into your account. So, using an app is far better than using the website for logging in.

Log in to 1xBet Account

How to Register for 1xBet?

Well, by now, you would know how much we have stressed on the part that you need to have an account at 1xBet if you want to log in and use the platform for an impeccable online betting experience. So, for registering, you will have to undergo the s for 1xBet sign-up. The s for it are equally simple as that of logging in. so let us now look into the s for registering at the 1xBet platform.

  • Go to the official website of 1xBet. Or you can use the app version of 1xBet, which is available for iOS and Android users;
  • You will find the option “REGISTRATION” in the app and on the website. Click on that option;
  • You will find three options here: “ONE-CLICK”, “BY PHONE”, and “BY EMAIL”. Choose the option you are comfortable with;
  • Fill in the necessary information and details. Ensure that all the information is authentic;
  • The platform will verify your account, and after successful verification, you will have a new account at 1xBet to enjoy optimum online betting.
1xBet Sign-Up
1xBet Sign-Up

How to Register via Mobile?

Let us now elaborate on one of the ways, as mentioned above, of registering into the 1xBet platform via mobile. The s are easy to follow. So, here are the ways to register with a new 1xBet account with the help of your mobile phone. You can use Android as well as an iOS phone. Here as well, you can avail of the two ions available. You can use either the option of registering through the website or the app. The s will, however, remain the same.

  • Go to the official website of 1xBet if you have opted for this option. Or, if you want to use the app version, open the app;
  • You will see the option “REGISTER” in the top right corner of the website. You will find the same option on the mobile app. Click on it;
  • You will get three options. Generally, the middle option is “BY PHONE”. Select that option;
  • Fill in with the necessary details. It includes your phone number, the currency you will be availing and any promotion code;
  • You will get a “confirmation code” on the phone number you have just entered. Fill in that code on the allotted box;
  • Your account will then be confirmed and verified. And after a successful confirmation and verification, you will have your account at 1xBet;
1xBet Mobile App
1xBet Mobile App

Why is it Worth Undergoing Registration on the Betting Platform?

We have been discussing the different aspects of the 1xBet app login. But, you may ask, what is the reason behind this discussion? Why would I even need to register on this platform? Well, the fundamental reason is that without registering, you will not be able to enjoy the innumerable beneficial features of online betting that this platform offers.

To make this clearer to you. We have briefed the different advantages of betting on this platform. So, they are as follows.


Numerous options for sports betting.

Under betting on sports, you will find an endless number of options. There are more than 20 different sports options for netting on this platform. All the influential and popular sports and their matches are included on this platform for plane betting. You can go through the odds and bet on the most significant matches. You need not worry about betting on crucial matches, for this platform includes every important match of every type of sport;


Betting options other than sports betting.

Your online betting experience is not restricted only to sports betting. You will find various other options for online betting other than sports betting. It includes 1xGAMES, ESPORTS and many more such options. Thus your betting experience widens, and the excitement never ceases;


Optimum user interface and app

The platform offers you an optimum betting recurrence. But, its interface is equally attractive and easy to use. It sums up all the necessary features for online betting. You will find every essential aspect of the website effortlessly. Also, there is an app version for the platform. The app is available for android and iOS. So, the convenience and level of optimal betting experience are enhanced to the utmost level;


Responsive and responsible customer support

If you face any hassle on this platform, you can readily resort to customer support. They are responsive and responsible. They will readily reach out to you and resolve all your issues in no time;


Login Problems and How to Solve Them

Sometimes you might face certain issues while you try to log in to your account at 1xBet. How can you solve them? So, we have put forth some of the common issues and their respective solutions below. 


Need for registration

One of the general issues is that the user does not have an account on their registered phone number or email with which they are trying to log in. so, firstly, ensure that you have a registered account with the email or the phone number you are trying to log in. 


Compatibility of the app

Sometimes, your device might not be compatible enough with the application. It is an issue when a bettor uses the pp version to log in. so ensure that your device fulfils the necessary compatibility requirements for the app version to run. 


Network issues

Lastly, you require a strong and stable internet connection for the app or the website to function smoothly. In the absence of it, the platform will surely be unable to work properly. So, this can also be an issue. The solution is to check and ensure that your internet connection is strong enough and not fluctuating.


I have lost my password for my 1xbet account. What to do?

It is quite common for users to forget their passwords. It can be because they are logging in after a long time or for other reasons. There is a quick and effortless solution for it on the app itself. You have to click on the opinion “Forgot your password?” when you choose the option “LOG IN”. Then, they would send a verification code through which you will be able to set a new password.


Customer Support

You can request a callback. The contact number for customer support is 000 800 919-02-66.



1xBet is a legal betting platform that has flourished over the years. And this was all about its login aspect.

Log in to 1xBet Account


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Also ask
Do I get any Welcome Bonus when I log in at 1xBet?
You get a “Welcome Pack” and “First Deposit” bonus when you log in for the first time and make your first deposit on the platform with your account.
Does 1xBet have an app?
Yes. 1xBet has an app version for android users and iOS users.
Does registration or logging in at 1xBet require any charges?
No. You need not pay any charges when you register or log in to your account at 1xBet.


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