Login to Your 1xBet Account Today: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide

Online Sports betting business is blossoming and without season too, it has become man's best friend just saying… But this gist is not to ponder on the profit margins of the sports betting industry, rather it's a gist for 1Xbet sports betting clientele both existing and new coming. Chill back and continue reading this review piece. It's going to be a short trek. By the end of this review, users must have understood and learned how they can access their 1XBet account.

Login to 1xBet

How To Login

To be able to access your 1XBet login my account section is a very easy feat. But to own and operate a 1XBet user account such a person must have attained the legal betting age of 18 years old plus. If you already belong to this bandwagon of eligible users kindly adhere to the demarches below:

  • Surf the net to access the 1XBet official web page.
  • Locate and use the login button on the page.
  • On the pop-up prompt page, fill the form by providing your log-in details.
  • Click on the “Login” menu button to confirm the log-in process.
Login to 1xBet

What To Do If You Haven't Got An Account

An image of the 1XBet sportsbook registration form
1XBet sportsbook registration form image

There is no headache, in fact jumping on the 1XBet bandwagon is as easy as babies crying when they are hungry. They are three (3) different ways a sports betting fanatic who wants to patronize the 1XBet bookmaker can join and they are contained in the table below:

1xBet Sign-Up
1xBet Sign-Up


Registration methods guide

An image of the 1XBet online sportsbook homepage
1XBet online sportsbook homepage image

Phone Method

  • Go to the 1xbet Nigeria online sportsbook web page, on the top right section of the page locate and tap on the Register button, you will then be directed to the registration portal
  • Choose registration by phone
  • Choose your currency
  • Input your promo code if you have one.
  • To end the process, tap on the Register button.
1xBet Mobile App
1xBet Mobile App

Email Method

  • Go to the 1xbet Nigeria online sportsbook web page, tap on Register.
  • Choose registration by email.
  • Select your country and your region
  • Put in your email details, your name, and phone digit
  • Put your promo code if any.
  • Tap Register to sign up using the email method.

Social Networks & Messages Method

  • Go to the 1xbet Nigeria online sportsbook
  • Tap Register link
  • Choose the social networks and messages as your preferred sign up method
  • Set your currency
  • Choose your country
  • Use a promo code if you've obtained one
  • Tap on Register to finish the registration process

Follow the tread board below to understand and self-help yourself in getting an account. 

  1. Firstly, a user must confirm that they are 18 years or more in age, which is the legal betting age.
  2. A user must make sure that they have a computer, gizmo, or mobile device and a working internet gateway source.
  3. If you've covered the first two requirements, you can now go online to the 1XBet website and use the “Registration” menu button.
  4. On the registration prompt page, choose your preferred registration method and fill in their required verifiable pieces of information according to their preferences.
  5. Finally, click on the “Register” menu button to end the registration process.


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