Login to Your 22Bet Account Today: Welcome Bonus & Registration Guide

In this article, we will have a look at how to log in and explore all the possible issues you might encounter.

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About 22Bet

22Bet is a top online betting platform based in Kenya. It might not be the oldest sportsbook in the country, but it has for sure gained trust and loyalty among bettors in the country. When first accessing the platform, you will find several betting markets to start with. Those who might get stuck will find the support team being helpful to get you going.

There is the sports section, Esports, TV games, and casino. Well, anyone who wants variety should definitely find it a good pick to use for legal betting. Talking of legality, the company is fully licensed to operate in Kenya with the relevant authorities. Its license is easily verifiable so that you know it is a legal entity.


22Bet overview table

Company 22Bet
Website https://22bet.co.ke/
Email support[email protected]
Phone +254 (0) 712895599 / +254 (0) 0701895544
Parent company Pesa Bets LTD
Address 3rd Floor Western Heights, Karuna Road, Westlands Nairobi
Licensing Board Betting Control and Licensing Board of Kenya

How to Login at 22Bet

It is quite straightforward for those who might want to access a 22bet account. Below we look at the procedure for you to follow. 

Logging into a 22bet account
22bet login page
  1. Click the “Login” button on the official website of 22Bet
  2. A form will appear where you input the phone number as the equivalent of a username and also a password.
  3. Once you have entered the details, simply click “Login” and you should have access to your account.
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What to do if you haven’t got an account?

Registering on 22bet to own an account
22bet registration form

Anyone who lacks an account should definitely consider signing up for one. The process is as simple as that you have seen above for logging in.

If you are interested in creating an account on 22bet, follow these steps to get it done right.

  1. Click the “Register” button on the official 22bet website.
  2. You will get a form requiring that you input the phone number, pick the currency, and your preferred password.
  3. The platform will send you a confirmation message to your phone number.
  4. Use the confirmation code to verify your account and get started with betting.
  5. Remember to accept the 22bet’s terms and conditions then click “Register” to complete the process.
22Bet Mobile App
22Bet Mobile App
22bet Sign-Up
22bet Sign-Up

Why is it worth registering on the betting platform?

If you are yet to join the 22bet sportsbook, it might be time that you consider it. Here are the top reasons a person may want to undergo registration on a betting platform. 


Sportsbooks are convenient

The first reason people consider sportsbooks are because of the convenience it offers as compared to visiting a physical branch of a bookie. With online betting, you can start with betting within just 10 minutes. Also, the 22bet account verification is fast to get you betting in a short time. 


Regular promotions and bonuses

Those who have not used online bookies before would be surprised by the amount of promotions and bonuses people can get. On average, online bookies will give you a welcome bonus, betting daily, and other types of promos. This also applies to 22Bet.

All you have to do is check out the promotions page to see what is new the company might be offering.


Competitive odds and multiple markets

When you look at 22bet, you will quickly notice that it features hundreds of markets. This includes the sports section, casino games, virtual games, and others. With multiple markets, it is easier to find a good niche you are good at and start betting.

You may also notice that such a platform has more competitive odds compared to what a local bookie might offer. Who would not want better odds?


Secured gambling

When online gambling was first introduced, many people were worried about their safety generally. This is in line with their funds and also personal information. Right now, you can find many online bookies with strong encryption and safe payment methods. At least you are sure of a safe platform.


Live streaming and betting

These are other cool features that you can actually use from a 22Bet account. Live streaming means there is a video feed where you can follow the game as it happens. As for live betting, it shows that even when the game has already started, you have the option of betting on it. 


Top Bonuses


Data-free Login

22Bet currently does not offer data-free login. We hope that this can be included later when more people demand it. 


Login Problems

Like any other platform, 22Bet sometimes may have log-in problems also. Some of the problems you can encounter include;


Wrong account number

At times you might be in a hurry to access the account and you end up with an invalid account number error. Start by checking the account information ensuring that your account number is correct.

If you have lost the account information, make sure that contact the support team to recover the account. Simply provide accurate information to get quick help.


CAPTCHA issues

CAPTCHA is a system that checks if you are a human or robot. It is vital that you always input the right CAPTCHA so that you can access the account. Filling out this part is quite easy so it should not take long.

Once the Captcha is resolved, you can now access the account.

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Password Reset for Forgotten Passwords

Sometimes you may have used a password that is too complicated or it has been a while since you use the platform and you no longer remember your password. When it gets to this point, password recovery is necessary. 

Recovering your password on 22bet
Password recovery

To recover your password, click the “Login” button, and choose the “forgotten password” link to open a password recovery page as shown in the image above. You will have the option of using your email or phone to recover your password. Follow the steps in you