Bet365 Soccer Substitute Guarantee

Bet365 presents an enticing promotion for soccer enthusiasts. In the event that your player is substituted before half-time, you have the opportunity to receive a refund for your bet.
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About the Bonus

Bet365's Substitute Guarantee is a captivating promotion that ensures if a player you have wagered on is substituted before half-time, Bet365 will refund your stake in the form of bet credits. This promotion covers various markets, including bet builders, but is limited to pre-match bets. It is open to both new and existing customers and is available daily for selected football matches.

Bet365 Soccer Substitute Guarantee
Bet365 Soccer Substitute Guarantee
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How to Get the Bet365 Soccer Substitute Guarantee

 Now, let's delve into the specifics of this promotion and examine its details more closely. The principle of getting a bonus is quite simple. Here is the quick guide about it:


Register/ Login

If you don't have an existing account, you will need to visit the official website of the bookmaker to complete the registration process. Registering to Bet365 is a quick and straightforward procedure, requiring just a few clicks. Simply click on the "REGISTER" button and provide your personal information, then confirm your details.

For those who are already registered, you can easily access your account by clicking on "LOG IN" and entering your login credentials.


Put your pre-match wager on selected Soccer markets

If the player you have chosen in a single bet is substituted before halftime and the outcome of the bet has not yet been determined, Bet365 will refund your wager as Bet Credits.

If, in a multiple bet, the player you have selected is substituted before halftime and the outcome is still undetermined, that particular portion of your bet will be nullified. However, any subsequent returns from the bet, including the remaining selections, will be awarded as Bet Credits.


Get your Bonus

Once you have placed your bet, you will need to wait for the progress of the selected game. If the player you have chosen is substituted and fails to complete the first half of the match, provided that the outcome of the bet has not already been determined, you will receive the return of your wager as Bet Credits, which will be credited as your winnings.

Imagine the grand stage of the World Cup final, where France and Argentina are battling it out for glory. You've placed a bet on Olivier Giroud to score the first goal, with a stake of 15 EUR. The anticipation is high, but unexpectedly, Giroud is substituted in the first half due to tactical reasons. However, fear not! Bet365 has you covered. Since the outcome of your bet is still undecided, they step in and refund your entire 15 EUR wager as Bet Credits.


Eligible Markets

There are some restrictions in terms of participating markets. To be eligible for getting this bonus you have to place a bet in one of the following betting lines: 

  • First Goalscorer;
  • Last Goalscorer,;
  • Anytime Goalscorer / To Score at Any Time;
  • Next Goalscorer (first goal only);
  • To Score Two or More Goals / To Score 2 or More;
  • To Score Three or More Goals / To Score a Hat Trick;
  • Scorecast;
  • Anytime Scorecast;
  • Wincast;
  • Timecast;
  • 1st Half Scorecast;
  • Team First Goalscorer;
  • Team Last Goalscorer;
  • 1st Player Booked;
  • Player to be Booked;
  • Player to be Sent Off;
  • Man of the Match.

Important Bonus Conditions

Below are certain terms and conditions which the bettor should be aware of before participating in this offer:

  1. This offer is open for only new and eligible players in Bet365;
  2. Bets should be placed only on a soccer match (participating markets are mentioned above);
  3. If the outcome of your stake is already determined before the substitution took place, then you will receive only your bet’s winnings (you won’t qualify for the bookmaker’s bonus);
  4. Fully cashed out stakes won’t be considered as a participating for this offer;
  5. Bettors need to wager their received Bet Credits in 90 days, otherwise it will be forfeit and removed from the gaming account.


In the fast-paced world of soccer betting, Bet365's Soccer Substitute Guarantee stands as a beacon of reassurance and excitement. This promotion adds a thrilling twist to your wagers, ensuring that even if your chosen player is substituted before halftime, your bet remains in contention. The prospect of a refund in Bet Credits adds an extra layer of confidence and flexibility to your betting strategy. Whether you're a seasoned bettor or a newcomer to the world of soccer betting, the Substitute Guarantee opens up a world of possibilities and safeguards your stakes. With Bet365, you can dive into the game with confidence, knowing that your bets are protected and your journey is filled with thrilling possibilities.

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