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BetKing bookmaker is available on Android and IOS devices. How to download applications and from where, read the article.

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About BetKing

BetKing sportsbook has one of the most reliable and efficient apps for gamblers. It makes it one of the best free mobile apps on the markets of online sportsbooks.

It promises a seamless and flexibly betting experience. So, if you are on a trip and need to bet with your phone, you would need to stay tuned to the platform.

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BetKing Sportsbook Mobile App for Android

The Betking app is available for android devices, and unlike the regular sports betting app, it can be gotten on the Google Play store. However, to get it on your phone, you would need to follow certain procedures and search out the app yourself. This section is devoted t getting the app from the app store down to your phone home screen.

The steps include:

  1. Ensure that your phone has enough space as it could affect installing the app. A minimum of 512MB of Ram is sufficient to get the app functional on your android device;
  2. Next, head on to the google play store and search out the keywords. Ensure they are correct as they would aid your search's accuracy, making it easier to access the application you need;
  3. Click on the button that says to install the app. This should start downloading and take a while to complete. Now, it is reliant on the speed of your internet connectivity to get done;
  4. The app should have installed on your menu tray or home screen. From there, open up the app and start betting.

This is the process that leads to installing the BetKing Sportsbook mobile app on your android device> Note, there are minimum requirements that your device is meant to meet, which determines the success of the installation. But, any recent Android device should be able to go through with the design.

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BetKing Sportsbook Mobile App for iOS

TheBetKing Sportsbook Mobile application is available on the iOS App Store and iTunes store in some regions. Still, there are places where you would most likely not find the application.

But, in regions where they are found, you would need to follow the following steps:

  1. Go to your applications tray and click on the iTunes app store and wait for it to launch. This should not take a lot of your time as it is optimized to respond in a matter of seconds;
  2. Tap on the box dedicated to search out applications at the top of the screen. Now you should correctly fill in "BetKing." This would ensure that the search is a lot more accurate and channeled when bringing results;
  3. Here, a list of all the best options that should have loaded up and ready for you to choose from. So, click on the right one that says "BetKing" from the list of various application suggestions;
  4. You would be required to fill in certain information. Once you have done that, you would be left to go through the terms and conditions and then accept them. This is necessary for your download to begin;
  5. Once the download has been completed, you would need to tap on the completed app and begin the installation process. This would take a bit of time but not long, and then you are good to go.

With the information provided above, you can successfully have the application on your mobile device. But, if you cannot get the app, you can still do it the old fashion way.

As a bettor who cannot access the BetKing Mobile app on their iOS devices, you would require a functional browser and reliable internet at all times. Just create a shortcut to the betting link on your home screen, and then you would be able to bet easily on your mobile app.

Below are the system requirements that have been put to understand the process better.

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System Requirements for the Android and iOS BetKing Application

In this section, all the mobile apps' requirements have been highlighted and made understandable for all users. Check them out below:


iOS App Requirments

Features Requirments
Cost Free
Category N/A
Size N/A
Requirements for OS iOS 7.0 or higher
Age rating 18+
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Android App Requirments

Features Requirments
Cost Free
Category Bet, Sports
OS needed Android 4.1 or higher
Size 8.4 MB
Release Date 2020, February 22
Age rating 18+