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Crickex is one of the betting platforms recently introduced in the Indian betting industry. It is a Cricket Trading, betting exchange unit and online sports betting platform that is becoming more popular among bettors in India and Bangladesh. Crickex aims at providing an exciting, trusted and legal betting platform for its customers in India. This Crickex login review gives you a step by step guide on how to access your account and the platform at large.

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Other Login Guides

We are in the know of the importance of hitch-free online sports betting user experience. That's why we provide login guides to assist our online betting users with easy access to their accounts. We have dedicated login guides available on our website for players from different countries, including Bangladesh and India.

If you are a player from Bangladesh, we have a comprehensive login guide specifically tailored to the needs of Bangladeshi users. This guide, available via this link Crickex Bangladesh Login, provides step-by-step instructions on how to log in to your Crickex Sportsbook account, ensuring a smooth and efficient login process.

Crickex Login from Bangladesh
Crickex Login from Bangladesh

Similarly, for players from India, we have a separate login guide designed to cater to the requirements of Indian users. This guide can be found via this link Crickex India Login on our website, and it provides detailed instructions on accessing your Crickex Sportsbook account from India.

These login guides are created to simplify the login process and help users navigate the necessary steps to access their accounts. Following the instructions outlined in the guides, you can quickly and securely log in to your Crickex Sportsbook account, allowing you to enjoy the wide range of sports betting options on their platform.

Crickex Account Login from India
Crickex Account Login from India

Using any kind of computer or smartphone device, you can easily reach the Crickex official website using any browser. Make sure the name of the sportsbook is clearly and correctly spelt so as not to encounter any difficulties;


Crickex Account Login

Having an account with Crickex gives you the privilege to enjoy services provided to its customers. Cricket Login is simple and super fast that it won't even take up much of your time. Below Are the simple steps to access my Crickex account if you are already registered.


Open The Official Website

Open The Official Website

On the top right corner of your desktop, or the bottom right corner of your phone, there will be two options of either logging in or signing up an account. Pick the ‘LOGIN’ option to display the Login form;




Upon accessing the Login form, you need to enter your correct username and password to finally get a hold of your account. This is the final stage of ‘Crickex Login my account’ process;


Enter Your Details

Enter Your Details

Logging in using the Crickex app is slightly different from using the bookmaker's official website itself. If you are a new user or you just wish to Login in using your mobile, you will firstly need to install the Crickex Application on your phone. The app can be downloaded from the bookmaker’s official website. The use of the Crickex App Login is easier and faster as compared to using the site. And with ‘fingerprint’ touch ID, logging in is faster than ever before.


Difference Via Login With Crickex App

If you are new and hoping to have membership with Crickex, then the step by step Crickex registration below is all for you;

Cricket main page
Crickex App download

If you are new and hoping to have membership with Crickex, then the step by step Crickex registration below is all for you;

Log in to Crickex

How To Register For Crickex


Visit Official Website

To access the registration page, you need to follow the ‘SIGN UP’ option on the top right corner on the main page of the betting platform;

How To Register For Crickex
How To Register For Crickex


Fill The Registration Form

Following each and every step outlined on the registration form, fill out all the information required of you without missing out. It is important to pay attention to the necessities for a successful registration. Your password should be at least six characters long and contain at least one upper case, one lowercase and one special character like a number. The Username should be four or more characters long. Verify your age and confirm by clicking on the tick just below the registration form. That is all you need to do and you can log in Crickex account;



Registering via mobile does not differ much from using the bookmakers website. The only difference might be that it is shorter by two clicks, especially if you already have the Crickex app on your phone already installed. If not, you can easily just download the application by clicking on the mobile icon on the top left corner on the main page of the official website. After that, just repeat all the steps outlined above and your account shall be ready in no time. 


How To Register Via Mobile In Crickex

The big question you might remain with is if it is worth the trouble owning an account with Crickex. Why choose Crickex over the other online sports betting platforms. Well, all these questions can only be answered by your analysis. This review will give you all the benefits that come with being a Crickex customer and the choice will be all yours to be made. Below are some of the things you might find worthy of it all.

Crickex Sign-Up
Crickex Sign-Up
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Why Is It Worth Registering With Crickex

It is best to settle for a betting company that benefits you just enough to give yourself reason to keep betting. And Crickex betting platform is the right place to be when it comes to such an idea. It has many great offers that will make all your hard work pay off without you even having to do anything. All the way from a’ Refer a Friend’ bonus to a birthday bonus, Crickex has it all. I think one of the first things a gambler looks for as they scramble through betting platforms is the number of these great offers, promotions and bonuses. Some of these bonuses and promotions include;


Promotions And Bonuses

‘Refer a friend’ bonus is a beneficial bonus to both the betting company and the bettor. By inviting a friend, you win money and the company gains a customer. This bonus is given to both the person inviting and the one invited under the condition that the invited person should deposit at least 1000 INR and have the 5000 INR turnover finished within five days after registration. This bonus goes up 1000 INR each;

Refer A Friend Bonus

To earn this bonus, you need to be a registered member of Crickex who has deposited at least 5000 INR within three months before your birthday. On your birthday, you need to contact customer service to receive this bonus and the bonus will be granted to you;

crickex promotions page
Crickex Refer a friend bonus

Birthday Bonus Up To 1000 INR

Each 1000 INR deposit attracts 1 ticket. Winners are selected at random every Sunday of the week;

Crickex birthday bonus
Crickex birthday bonus
Log in to Crickex

Weekly Lucky Draw

Bet on either the EVO or the Sexy baccarat to be eligible to win this cashback. Every monday, a cashback of 5000 INR is made. Other promotions include the slot cashback and the 1.2% daily slots rebate. The Slot cashback is similar to the EVO and Sexy cashbacks. To earn the 1.2% daily slots rebate, you need to play real money slot games to be eligible for it;

Cashbacks Bonuses

Crickex has 24/7 active customer services. They are always there to help you with your inquiries and any problems you might encounter as you use their online sports betting platform. You can directly contact them on any of the online social media platforms like WhatsApp, Telegram, Facebook and many more.


Crickex Cashback Bonuses

ProductFrequencyBonusMin CashbackMax CashbackTurnover
EVOWeekly5%INR 50INR 5,00,0001X
SEXYWeekly5%INR 50INR 5,00,0001X


Active Customer Service

Not all online betting platforms give you a chance to watch live matches. Crickex has an option that allows you to watch matches as they happen in real life and lets you be the judge of your own bet.

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Live Streaming

A crickex blog is a channel on the platform that brings to you all the important information about your favorite games and matches all around the world. With this option, you can check out all the news you need to know about Cricket and the matches of the day.


Crickex Blog

Betting with comfortability is an important aspect of online sportsbetting. Money is somethingthat needs to be handled with care. It is even more important to trust the people you are transacting money with so as not to be scammed. Crickex has got all the safest means of money transfers known and trusted by money. Some of which include bank deposits, Rupee-O, Phone-Pe, IPay, Immediate Payment Service, paytm and the United Payment Interface.


Payment Methods

Each journey has got ups and downs. As a gambler, you may encounter certain issues during my account Login. Every problem that comes with a computer is never too big not to be solved by mankind. If you happen to meet any problem, the solutions below are a great referral to help solve your problems;


Crickex Login Problems And How To Solve Them

The most common problem experienced by many is the ability to forget their credentials. But this problem is solvable with Crickex. With just a few simple steps, the password can easily be recovered or reset. Visit the Crickex Login page. Just below the page is an option that enables you to set a new password. Click the ‘forgot password?’ option and that should take you to a password reset page. Make sure you create a password that you can easily remember.


I Cannot Remember My Account Password

If you are unable to access both the Crickex app login and the site login, then the website might be shut temporarily for maintenance or you are in a region where Crickex is inaccessible. The only solution is to wait for it to get back up.


Crickex Not Working

This is a problem that might occur if you have poor internet connection or you tried logging in with incorrect details. Double check any information you enter to make sure you don't get this problem.

Log in to Crickex

I Cannot Access My Account

A page error on Crickex mainly occurs due to unstable internet connection or when you are connected to a VPN of a country where you cannot reach the platform. Thus making it impossible to even reach the Crickex account.


Page Error

Not using your account for a very long time can get it deactivated hence the failure to access it. If you get such a problem, contact customer support to get it activated again.

For any other problem not covered in this article, feel free to contact customer support below;


Inactive Account

Crickex has an active customer support team which is active 24/7. If you wish to contact Crickex corporate team, there quite a number of ways to reach out to them. These include;


Customer Support

Crickex has an active customer support team which is active 24/7. If you wish to contact Crickex corporate team, there quite a number of ways to reach out to them. These include;

  • Live chat;
  • Telegram support;
  • Telegram channel;
  • WhatsApp: +855 88 951 7356;
  • Facebook messenger;
  • Marketing Email: [email protected];
Log in to Crickex


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Also ask
Can I open more than one Crickex account?
It is not possible for one person to own more than one account with Crickex.
Can I open a Crickex account from anywhere in the world?
No. Crickex is only accessible in India and Bangladesh.


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