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Msport Sportsbook Review

The world of online sportsbooks has become immensely popular in Nigeria, with an ever-growing number of people joining the fun. Msport is fairly new, only getting started in 2020 but has quickly become the best online sportsbook website. They allow you to make bets from covering real-world sports like soccer, Tennis to Esports like Dota 2 League of Legends. This article is an in-depth Msport SPORTSBOOK REVIEW and helps you decide whether it is worth it or not.

Home page of MSport website.
MSport website


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Msport Pros and Cons

While it is one of the best betting websites, there are certainly some positives and negatives. Here are some aspects to consider-

  • It covers a wide range of games and different leagues;
  • Get 24 hours live chat support to help you in case of any issues;
  • Highly attractive welcome vouchers;
  • Requires a lot of knowledge and understanding to hit big;

Where is Msport Legal and Safe

Yes, Msport is legal and safe because it is registered by NLRC(National Lottery Regulatory Commission) and follows all the Nigerian government's regulations. They have delivered all the winnings of bets daily to the account holders without any irregularities.


Msport Bonuses

They provide a range of highly lucrative bonuses to all the new and existing players on their website. Enjoy the listed stream of offers currently running on their websites today-

Upto 130% Welcome Vouchers
MSport Welcome Bonus page


Msport Welcome Bonus

In three simple steps, you can be eligible to get the highest welcome bonuses in the whole of Nigeria from 100 percent to 130 percent.


Msport Promo Codes

They offer a wide variety of promo codes every month, allowing you to save more than 20 percent off.

List of all the current promotions running on their platform.
MSport Promotions page

Here are just some of the promotions on the platform currently-

  • Get 130 percent of welcome bonus vouchers( valid up to 31st December 2029);
  • A free opportunity to be part of a lucky live draw and get a chance to win iPhone 13( Valid up to 31st May 2022);
  • Get NGN 500,000 for every goal while being part of the live commentary session ( valid up to 31st December 2029);
  • It turns Thursdays into millionaire days with NGN 500,000 cash giveaway (right up to 31st December 2029);
  • Inspire us with a vlog and get an iPhone 13 from Msport (4th April 2022);
  • Start garnering all the accumulator bonuses in the sportsbook platform. ( valid up to 31st December 2029);
  • Join the K League and other games with the best odds to win it all. (right up to 31st December 2029);
  • Get multiple experiences ensuring you get paid even after 1cut( valid up to 31st December 2029);


Msport Loyalty Program

There is no loyalty program currently available at MSports Sportsbook and no information on whether one is in the works or not.


Types of Bonuses

Bookmaker Welcome Bonus Exclusive Bonus Freebet Loyalty Program Cashback
No No No No No
30 USD No Up to 30 USD No No
100 EUR No No No No
1000 USD No No No Yes
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Mobile Sports Betting

Google Play
Mobile Version

Sports has recently launched a brand new mobile application allowing players to make bets. The key features embedded on the M Sport's official app that makes it stand out from their website offerings-

  • You will get a persistent notification counter allowing you to see the latest movement on the bets;
  • Whenever your team makes a major victory, get a notification on your mobile to celebrate;
  • It is a far more responsive and faster way to make the bets you have to make;

Msport has a mobile version, which is optimized for all smartphones. 


Msport Sportsbook Features


Indulge in Live Betting

Bet on games happening globally right from your MSport dashboard and get complete statistical analysis. See what the odds are on any given bet and go over, under, based on the current scenario of the game. Get live commentary and bet assistance to help you guide and match your experts' predictions.


The games have now moved to Virtual

Get on the betting action virtually, while the stakes are very similar to the real games. Now no more waiting for the real games as these games are happening 24x7/ 365 days.


Play Casino Games

You can play mini-games on the website and enjoy an experience similar to the real casinos.


Try Out Your Luck With The Jackpot

Want to win it all if you have the vision of the future or want to try out your luck? Predict a minimum of 11 games to win the grand prize of NGN 4,000,000.00. You can even win massive prizes just by predicting 10 or 9 games in a row.


Bookmakers Comparison

Bookmaker MetaScore Bonus Margin Cash Out Live Streaming
77 - 7 - 9% Yes
89 200 USD 5 - 7% Yes Yes
88 100 USD 2 - 2,5% Yes Yes
80 50% 7 - 10% Yes No
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Msport Odds, Lines & Betting Markets

The odds of being a winner depend entirely on how you play the game and getting guidance for every match. You will get access to betting markets from all over the world, and it has its primary base in Uganda, Ghana, Nigeria. Get access to total over/under on every game played on the time. Get a proper table with a handicap feature that does support the outright winner.


Sports Betting Options

  • Soccer;
  • ESports Soccer;
  • Basketball;
  • ESports Basketball;
  • Table Tennis;
  • Tennis;
  • Volleyball;
  • Ice Hockey;
  • Badminton;
  • Darts;
  • Cricket;
  • Aussie Rules;
  • Boxing;
  • Rugby;
  • Handball;
  • CS:GO;
  • League of Legends;
  • Dota;
  • StarCraft;


What Kind Of Bets Can I Place

You can dynamically place a bet on the amount of points/goals one scores, the over-under of winning a game. Home No Bet(HNB), Away No Bet(ANB) and more betting options are available for one to make large winnings.


Msport Sportsbook Live-Betting & Live-Streaming

You can bet live on any match currently in progress and make your bets depending on live statistical chances of over/ under etc. To help you make a better assessment follow the live commentary giving you a detailed transcript of the matches in progress.


Msport Sportsbook Sign-Up Process

  • First, go onto the website of Msport Sportsbook and click on the sign-up button in the top right corner;
  • A pop-up menu will ask where you are from and fill in your phone number;
  • You can now fill in the form with a username password to create an account or log in through Facebook;
  • Msport will send out a code to ensure authenticity in completing the sign-up process;

Msport Banking Options


MSport Deposit policy

deposit method Atm Card, Account number, Online payment
process time Near instantaneous
max deposit NGN 9,999,999.00.
min deposit NGN 100.00.
fee NGN 10 per 10,000 deposit and 50 per 50,000


MSport Withdrawal policy

deposit method Account number, Online payment
process time Near instantaneous
max deposit NGN 15,000,000.00( no limit on jackpot)
min deposit No minimum
fee No fees

Official Info

  • Website-
  • Established-2020
  • License-0001025
  • Address-not available
  • Headquarters- not available
  • Sponsor Deals- Ford


Msport Customer Support

You can contact them through 24/7 online support chat or traditional means like telephone email id. Their helpline numbers are 01-8888331, 01-3438331, and the email id is [email protected]



You have now learned about the MSports sportsbook betting platform that is becoming massively popular in Africa. They have brought a whole new subculture to the mainstream and allowed millions to access the ability to make a fortune. You now have access to sports and game betting pools happening all across the globe. Furthermore, indulge in virtual gaming options to not depend on live games and make consistent bets for major gains.


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Also ask
Is Msport Sportsbook legal and where?
Yes, it is completely legal according to the laws of Nigeria, Ghana and Uganda. Their company is registered under the National Lottery Regulatory Commission(NLRC) and has its license number right on its homepage.
How to use a Msport freebet?
You can use the Msport free bet if you are new players who haven't made a single bet. Get up to GHC 1.0 credited within 48 hours in case of a loss in real sports events. Everyone who fits the criteria is automatically included, so you have to make your first bet only to reap the benefits.
How to make MSport deposits and withdrawals from your account?
Msport alloys for an easy Depositing and cashing out process through the bank transfer method. Once you have linked the bank account to your Msport account, it is as simple as a one-click button to add or withdraw the winnings.
Does Msport sportsbook have a mobile app?
Yes, they have a mobile application for Android users, and you can make track bets on the go. The IOS version is also coming soon shortly.
Is there a risk of a major wipeout on a user?
Avoid making bets out of your financial comfort zone and reach to help you protect yourself. Take constant breaks between sessions, and by playing it smart through small bets, you can expect solid returns.
What are the minimum background checks you need to fulfill to join Msport?
You have to be a citizen of Ghana, Nigeria and Uganda, where their respective governments legalize gambling. The age requirement for gambling is 18 years old, and underage gambling will get you banned from the platform.
How do I transfer my bets during a game?
When you make a bet, there is a booking code you are provided with, which helps the unique identification. You can now either feed the code into the bet slip section of the website or sign onto your account. Click on my best dashboard sections and transfer them to your preferences.
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