How to Bet on Soccer with Betway

Passionate soccer gamers can relish an actual wagering atmosphere with Betway, a renowned online sportsbook globally. It offers a broad spectrum of sporting events with favorable markets, odds, appealing Welcome bonuses, ongoing promotions, and loyalty programs that allows users to wager and enjoy the delight of the beautiful game of soccer of highly rated leagues like the English Premier League and distinguished international tournaments like the FIFA World Cup right at their fingertips.

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How to Find the Betway Matches Today

For a variety of reasons, betting on Betway is very simple. It exhibits a concise design, with each option well outlined, as opposed to some chaotic designs from its rivals that appear complicated and confusing. Consequently, the first step in figuring out how to bet on soccer with Betway is identifying the match you are most interested in wagering. As a result, you will be redirected to the stunning sportsbook sports page, which is brimming with both widely followed and uncommon sporting events. With this bookmaker's primary area of expertise being soccer, which is reasonable considering their significant financial investment in the game as a sponsoring organization, supporting both Premier League powerhouses West Ham and Brighton-Hove Albion, all gamers, after successful registration, will be immersed in the world of online gambling where expertise meets sheer gaming luck. Therefore, people looking for their ideal Betway matches today should visit the website. All of their preferred sports are featured there, and they can choose whatever league or game they wish to wager on by clicking on the ‘Highlights,’ ‘Upcoming,’ and ‘Outrights’ icons as detailed below;


Find by Highlights

Find by Highlights

In case you're a devoted sports fan seeking to place bets on the most exciting favorite matches swiftly, Betway have you sorted with an extensive collection of engaging game Highlights selection from various top leagues and tournaments available on their website. Top live games with in-game score statistics are provided in this section.


Find by Upcoming Matches

Find by Upcoming Matches

Betway is the website you should use if you are looking forward to forthcoming games and must keep up-to-date with the most recent sporting events. It features a separate area that displays the schedule and specifics of the upcoming events and has an intuitive user interface with sports availability. The website's "Upcoming" segment has many details about the date, time, and teams involved in every match, so you can stay informed and organize your soccer sports gaming.


Find by Outrights

Find by Outrights

The "Outrights" page on Betway is ideal if you're a gamer who enjoys long-term wagers and wish to learn about the future performance potential of your preferred soccer teams or athletes. This is because it presents various outright markets that let you forecast the results of competitions, leagues, and championships in great detail. You can use the information discovered in this space to help you decide which bets to place by researching the odds, likely competitors, and betting possibilities for upcoming events.


How to Search for Betway Matches

For skilled punters and sports devotees, looking for Betway matches may be an entertaining pastime activity. The company features an in-depth site for locating and wagering matches, regardless of if you desire to gamble on football, basketball, tennis, or any other sport. You can use a few straightforward techniques to search for matches. 

Start by visiting the website or opening the Android or iOS mobile app. Once on the homepage, browse the sports section, which is typically visible. From there, you can access an assortment of sports genres. Use the search option to find games involving your favorite clubs or leagues, or choose the sport you're interested in. You can filter results by Date, league, Odds, Location, Time, or competition to customize your search. Once you've located the game you want, click it for more details, including the wagering markets and relevant data. This bookie provides a fluid and engaging experience for searching for and placing bets on matches thanks to its intuitive user interface, as summarized below;


Search by League Name

Betway Search by League Name banner
Betway website image

With the best leagues from England, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, and many other nations, Betway offers leagues from various nations. Using the 'League' dropdown menu, you may see a full list of all currently offered leagues. To display the appropriate matches, select the country where your desired league takes place and then tap Apply icon.


Search by Market Bet Type

Betway Search by Bet Type banner
Betway website image


Search by Odds

Betway Search by Odds banner
Betway website image

To specify the conditions for the odds you want to wager on, use the ‘Odds’ menu option. To guarantee that just those options are presented, you must enter the minimum and maximum odds you are looking for.


Search by Time and Date

Betway Soccer Search by Time and Date banner
Betway website image

If you know the match date, use the search feature or the 'Date' filter option to locate the matches lined up on the specified day. You may also search for Betway football matches by date by clicking the "Calendar" button. Filtering matches by a certain period, such as 'Tomorrow,'' This Weekend,' or 'The Next 2 Hours,' is your first choice. Choosing a date span gives you a second option for narrowing matches. The calendar will only show games scheduled for the dates you choose.

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English Premier League Fans Have It Easy

The English Premier League is one of the world’s most prominent and intensely contested football competitions that draws elite players from all over the world thanks to its captivating rivalries, legendary stadiums, and devoted fan base that is captivated by its high tempo and unpredictability traits. The EPL features exemplary football talents, an electric environment, and emotions while also boasting a rich history that includes 20 iconic teams that compete throughout a demanding season; hence it has established itself as a cultural force, bridging divides and unifying soccer fans and gamblers alike thanks to its enormous television viewership and passionate fans.

In light of this, English Premier League enthusiasts are privileged to have a greater variety of sports betting coverage than fans of other soccer leagues, which gives them an edge over the latter. The EPL enjoys an unequaled amount of attention due to its tremendous revenue-generating potential and widespread appeal, making it the preferred target for bookies and gambling platforms. Fans can access various tools to help with their sports betting endeavors, from meticulous pre-match analytics to live streaming and real-time data. The audience may make sound choices thanks to the availability of professional punditry advice, empirical information, and gaming tips.

In addition, the EPL's media outreach means that every game is rigorously broadcasted, with competent previews, squad updates, and technical critiques turning into the norm. Sports bettors can now place wagers anytime, anywhere, thanks to the invention of mobile apps and online betting sites. Match outcomes, goal scorers, handicaps, and other betting markets are all accessible and can be used to suit different strategies and tastes. Fans of football can participate in a fascinating and realistic gambling experience thanks to the accessibility and professionalism of sports betting regulatory bodies available, which heightens the interest and thrill of their passion for the game.

Betway Login from South Africa
Betway Login from South Africa

Additional Information about Soccer


How to bet on soccer on Betway

  • Sign up with Betway and log in to the user account;
  • Choose the sport to wager on – soccer;
  • Select and add the desired markets and odds to the Betslip;
  • Enter stake;
  • Confirm the bet and wait for results


Common Soccer Markets

  • The Match Result (1X2) – Here, a gamer wagers on the outcome of a match by choosing between three options, Home team win (1), match to end as a Draw (X), or Away team win (2);
  • Over/Under – Also known as the Total Goals market lines. Here one predicts whether the total number of goals scored in a particular match will be more or less of a given number. For example, over/under, 0.5, 1.5, 2.5, 3.5 goals;
  • Both Teams to Score (BTTS) – The betting market involves both teams scoring during the match or not;
  • Double Chance – One can place a bet on either the home team win or draw, the away team win or draw, hence no team loses here;
  • Asian Handicap – This wagering market strives to level the gaming ground by offering a virtual lead or handicap to one of the teams. This market eliminates the possibility of a draw, as the handicaps force a winner for either team;
  • Correct Score – This involves predicting a precise scoreline when a match ends;
  • Outright Winner - This market entails forecasting the champion of a tournament or league;
  • Draw No Bet – In this market, one wager on one team to win, and if by chance the match ends as a draw, the stake gambled is refunded by the bookie;
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Also ask
Is Betway a legal and safe online sportsbook?
In all the jurisdictions that Betway operates in, they have a legal permit from the respective national gambling authority that lawfully authorized their business. Moreover, it secures all the gamers' financial and personal data; thus, creating accounts and placing bets is safe.
Can I place live bets using the mobile app?
Yes, Betway mobile apps offer in-play features that enable you to make predictions about soccer games while they take place. Markets and odds are often adjusted depending on the game's circumstances in real-time.
Is soccer wagering legal in the EPL?
YES! Most fans legally place bets on their English Premier League teams and win real money.
How long is a full soccer match?
The length of a regular soccer game is two 45-minute halves. Thus, a match lasts 90 minutes, in addition to any extra time needed for interruptions due to injury or other reasons commonly known as stoppage time.


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