What Is Betway Voucher In 2024 & How to Use It Properly From SA

Hurrah! Topping up your Betway account can be done with a voucher from any retail outlet. Guess what friends, the process is secure, fast, and simple. All you need to do is walk into any nearby verified Betway retailer and you are closer than ever to get your account recharged for betting. No credit card, no bank account, no document, just digits. wow!

Bet with Beway in South Africa

What Is a Betway Voucher

A Betway voucher is a payment method adopted by the sportsbook through which customers can fund their online Betway account without necessarily having a regular bank account or a bank card. These vouchers for betway is a printed or online electronically configured digit that is proportional to the customer's intended deposit. Customers in South Africa who prefer this payment method would find the process interesting like all other payment gateways.

When the Betway vouchers are purchased from a verified retailer, the pin which represents the core value of the product should be kept secret or used immediately. The voucher amount reflects in the customer's Betway account as soon as the pin is keyed into the space provided. The voucher can only be used once so the validity of the pin is lost as soon as the money is credited into the customer's account.

Bet with Beway in South Africa

How Do I Buy a Betway Voucher

An image of the Betway vouchers page
Betway vouchers page image

If you want to know where to buy a betway voucher, the process is as cool as you like. Every corner of South Africa is surrounded by a Betway retail agency. This means that surely there's a Betway retail agent around where you are right now. Just locate anyone closest to you and you are more than halfway to getting your Betway account recharged. Then ask for either 1ForYou, OTT, Ringas, Kazang, Easyload, or Blu depending on your preferences, buy your desired amount and follow the tips listed below:

  • Access into your Betway account;
  • Click on Deposit and select Voucher;
  • Enter the voucher number;
  • Then select Redeem, then you can place your bet;

Which Vouchers Can I Use at Betway

Customers will have a handful of vouchers to choose from when they opt for this payment gateway so that they can engage in legal betting. We have summarized the few available indicating their minimum and the maximum amount in the table below:


Betway vouchers agency amount table

Kazang R5R1000
OTT R10R5000
Easy LoadR5R1000
1ForYou R5R1500
Blu R2R1000
Ringas R5R1000
Betway Login from South Africa
Betway Login from South Africa


OTT Voucher (Min: R10, Max: R5 000)

An image of the Betway OTT voucher page
Betway OTT voucher page image

This is one of the fastest and most secure means of depositing funds into your Betway account. There are agents in about 20000 outlets in South Africa where the OTT vouchers can be purchased. You can purchase from R10 to R5 000 worth of funds from the list of OTT voucher agencies given in the list below:

  • Boxer Superstore;
  • Makro;
  • Game and Glocell;


Blu Voucher (Min: R2, Max: R1 000)

An image of the Betway Blu voucher page
Betway Blu voucher page image

You can pay bills and top up online accounts with ease using this additional mode of online payment. Betway is an affiliate sportsbook and as such South African bettors can use the Blu Voucher to credit their account. The process is fast and simple as the 16 digits pin is what is required when you visit any of the following retail stores to purchase the voucher.

  • Cash converters;
  • Checkers;
  • Spar;
Bet with Beway in South Africa

1ForYou / 1 Voucher (Min: R5, Max: R1 500)

An image of the Betway 1 voucher page
Betway 1 voucher page image

This is yet another swift and reliable means of topping your online Betway account. Customers can choose any amount between R5 and R1 500 and get their accounts running using the 1ForYou voucher. A few of Betway's retail agencies where the 1ForYou can be acquired are

  • PEP Store;
  • Flash Trader;
  • Ackermans;
  • Shoprite;
  • OK;
  • Usave;
  • House and home;
  • Dealz;


Easy Load (Min: R5, Max: R1 000)

The Easy load voucher provider is as easy as the name sounds as Betway customers will find the procedure involved very simple to use. To load your account, just find the nearest Easyload agency and purchase the 14-digit code and insert it in the Easyload payment gateway in the deposit corner of your account and there you are ready to start placing your sports bets. Visit any of these retail stores

  • Checkers;
  • Shoprite;
  • PinknPay;


Kazang (Min: R5, Max: R1 000)

An image of the Betway Kazang voucher page
Betway Kazang voucher page image

Kazang, which is one of Africa's most trusted micropayment service providers, is yet another Betway voucher payment agency. Not only can you make payment online with this agency, but there are also other physical trading outlets where South African Betway clients can top up their accounts up to 5000 South African Rands:

  • PinknPay;
  • Checkers;
  • Shoprite;


Can I Buy Betway Vouchers Online

Most bettors would want to know how to buy betway vouchers online. It is very possible to purchase a voucher online if you aren't predisposed to getting one from a retail store. Once you find a micropayment agency then you can purchase the voucher online then the pin will be sent to you. This should be used to top up when you log into your Betway account.

Betway South Africa Mobile App
Betway South Africa Mobile App

How To Use Your Betway Voucher

Purchasing the Betway voucher is the first easy step and the next is knowing how to effectively use the procured voucher to carry out online betting. If you are new to the voucher payment gateway process, the steps below will help you flow through that process:

  • Decide on which voucher you intend to top up with;
  • Locate the voucher's closest retail store and pay for the voucher;
  • Login to your account, locate the deposit button, and click;
  • On the numerous deposit methods acceptable to Betway locate the purchased vouchers name and click;
  • Input the vouchers digit pin on the space provided and click "Redeem";
  • If the digits are accurately inserted, your top-up will instantly reflect in your Betway account;

What Happens If I Win With a Betway Voucher

It is every bettor's wish to secure a win regardless of the deposit method used in funding their account. Those who utilize the voucher deposit method will have to transfer their winnings to their bank account to make a withdrawal because those retail stores do not have the authorization to dispense winnings on behalf of Betway sportsbook.


Customer Support for Voucher Deposits

It is quite unlikely that customers would experience any hitch when using the voucher payment gateway. But it is also not impossible to witness a few mishaps once in a while. When this happens, you have to contact the voucher's customer care number or Betway customer service to help you in the rectification process. Some customer care numbers for the vouchers are given below

  • 1ForYou/1Voucher: 083 903 5274;
  • OTT Voucher: 084 325 5632;
  • Kazang: 011 581 6700;
  • Blu Voucher: 0800 014 942;
Bet with Beway in South Africa


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Also ask
Do I need to have a Betway account before using a Voucher?
Yes, you must log in to your already created Betway account before any form of deposit can be made to your account on the Betway sportsbook.
What should I do if the money on the voucher does not appear in my account?
You can choose to call any of the customer service numbers of the particular voucher purchased as given in this article. You could as well contact Betway customer service so that the voucher can be escalated to their payment team.
Can I use the Voucher Pin more than once?
No, the voucher pin works like an OTP (One Time Password). It is valid only once, and after that, it should be discarded responsibly.


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