How to FICA Your HollywoodBets Account?

Nationally, continentally and internationally Hollywoodbets is one of South Africa's top bookmakers. Commencing legal betting in 2000, this sportsbook attracts players and pundits interested in a diverse range of sports such as cricket, tennis, soccer, horse racing, Formula one, volleyball, American football, darts, boxing and so many more. Additionally, Hollywoodbets provides online betting for lovers of virtual sports and casino games. This includes all forms of bonuses and promotions offered by the platform. But to be a part of this amazing and exciting venture, you will have to sign-up for a Hollywoodbets account and be logged in. With that, you can place your first bet and also begin to take advantage of tips provided by the company in order to help you make the most of being their customer. However, when you strike gold in a bet and it is time for withdrawal of your winnings, there are certain documents that are required for the authorization of that transaction. This is where FICA Hollywoodbets come to play.

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What Is FICA And Why Is It Necessary In Africa?

On the 1st of July, 2003, the Financial Intelligence Centre Act 38 of 2001 (FICA) came into effect. The purpose of introducing this Act is to curb financial crime. Clampdown on money laundering, tax evasion, and the financing of terrorist activities through FICA brings South Africa in line with similar laws in other countries, particularly in Africa.

It is necessary that in Africa where the news of cases of fraud through the advancement of technology and loopholes that have come with it, governments all over the continent have to protect their citizens and corporate bodies by introducing legislations that make it mandatory for anyone dealing with registered companies within their jurisdiction prove lawfully who they say they are and what they do.

FICA fights to ensure clampdown on illegal financial activities as well as keeping safe the businesses and money of the South African citizens. Financial institutions have to know with whom they are doing business by keeping track of all transactions and reporting any suspicious financial activity they might have noticed.

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What FICA Documents Do Hollywoodbets Need?

If you've opened your Hollywood account, but haven't still handed in your FICA documents, your account is not fully activated. This is because FICA documents are legal requirements for every Hollywoodbets account holder.

Hollywoodbets FICA documents required in the FICA process are:

(a) Identity Documents;

(b) Address Documents.


Accepted Identity Documents

These documents are for proof of identity.

  • Valid South African ID document or international passport (primarily for foreigners);
  • Your Driver’s license;
  • Your Smart Card ID.

Accepted Address Documents

These are for proof of address:

  • Municipality bill;
  • Electricity bill;
  • Bank statement;
  • Retail account statement;
  • Rental agreement (below 12 months);
  • Tax invoice;
  • Mortgage statement (not older than two months);
  • Driver’s license;
  • Vehicle license (below a year).

These documents should not be read later than three months in the customer's name.

Hollywoodbets Account Login South Africa
Hollywoodbets Account Login South Africa

How to upload FICA Documents on Hollywoodbets?

  • To upload FICA documents for your Hollywoodbets account, you can use the FICA Self service website of Hollywoodbets. Visit the FICA Hollywoodbets website using your mobile device or desktop computer;
  • Enter your ID number, account number or mobile number;
  • Click the “Upload Proof of ID/Passport/Drivers Licence" button;
  • Click CHOOSE FILES button to upload your ID documents in PDF or JPG files or use your device camera to take a photo of your ID document and upload it directly;
  • The green box with a tick indicates upload success. And, if you want to upload more documents, click the red BACK button to follow the same steps with your proof of address;
  • Click the blue SUBMIT DOCUMENTS TO FICA button, followed by the FICA MY ACCOUNT to conclude the process.

Within thirty minutes of doing this yourself, your Hollywoodbets account will be activated. Note that you can also decide to submit your documents to Hollywoodbets through Hollywoodbets FICA email address or by visiting the nearest Hollywoodbets branches.


Hollywoodbets FICA Guidelines

  • Your documents ID must be a coloured copy and have a clear photograph;
  • For Smart ID card verification, you must upload both the front and back;
  • Names and initials on both identity and address documents must correspond;
  • Driver’s license is only accepted as a supporting document for customers who only have a temporary ID or their damaged ID documents;
  • For proof of residence, parents must fill confirmation form stating that you reside with them or renting, if so. But if not, fill out a cohabitation form with your FICA
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Hollywoodbets FICA Help

You can contact support if you run into any issue while uploading the FICA documents. The Hollywoodbets customer help services are always available to assist and put you through if you don't know what to do. They will guide you via the Hollywoodbets email as it relates to your account and Hollywoodbets FICA email address when it has to do with your proof documents.

Email: [email protected];

Phone: 087 353 7634;



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