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After registering in Hollywoodbets, you need to FICA your account. To learn how to do this, read the detailed instructions in the article.

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Hollywoodbets is one of the finest betting platforms based in South Africa, serving National and International betting markets. It is a legal betting company formed in 2000. Online betting occurs here on various sports like soccer, football, cricket, badminton, horse racing, Formula 1, etc. In addition, Hollywoodbets also offers casino games and virtual sports to their users.

But to perform sportsbook betting and play casino games, you have to login to your Hollywoodbets account or sign up for a new account. As soon as you create an account, the second important step is to submit FICA documents on Hollywoodbets. You can place a bet without uploading FICA documents. They also provide specific tips and tricks while placing the bets. Hollywoodbets FICA documents are essential for the withdrawal of your winnings. You can easily submit your Hollywoodbets FICA documents through a personal computer or a mobile phone. You will get the required information for uploading your FICA documents on the website through this article.

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What is FICA and why is it necessary in Africa

FICA stands for the "Financial Intelligence Centre Act" in South Africa. In July 2001, the South African Government introduced this act to protect the money of South African people and stop different financial crimes in their country such as money laundering, tax evasion, etc. It is necessary because it prevents illegal practices and safeguards the money of the South African citizens.


What FICA documents do Hollywoodbets need

FICA Hollywoodbets require documents to verify your name, age, age and address. For this two types of documents are required, they are:

  • Identity Documents;
  • Address Documents;

You can upload FICA documents by FICA- Self service website of Hollywoodbets.

You can also submit your documents to Hollywoodbets through other ways, which are:-

  • Hollywoodbets FICA email address;
  • Hollywoodbets Facebook page;
  • By visiting to the nearest Hollywoodbets branches.

But the best option is to do it by yourself because it would be faster and time-saving for you.

Hollywoodbets don't require original documents for the verification process. You can submit scanned copies of your documents. Just remember that the copies must be clear and easily readable by them.

Hollywoodbets Sign-Up
Hollywoodbets Sign-Up


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Accepted Identity documents

The documents you can submit for your identity verification are as follows:

  • Green South African ID;
  • Passport ID;
  • Smart ID card;
  • Driving License.

Accepted address documents

The documents you can submit for your address verification are as follows:

  • Utility Bill (paid before three months);
  • Bank statement (not older than two months);
  • Rental agreement of less than one year;
  • Tax invoice (paid before three months);
  • Mortgage statement (not older than two months);
  • Official tax return of less than one year;
  • Recent insurance policy;
  • Television license documents of less than one year;
  • Your registered residential address written in your identity documents;
  • Motor vehicle license of less than one year;
  • Letter from a Municipal authority confirms an individual's permission to reside on communal land of less than three months.

How to upload FICA documents on Hollywoodbets