Thriving in Germany's iGaming Market: Strategies for Success

Alisa Barladyan
06 May 2024

Germany's iGaming market has experienced rapid growth fueled by increased convenience, diverse game options, and consistent technological advancements. This, combined with Germany's tech-savvy population, secure payment solutions, and a large, affluent consumer base, creates a lucrative environment for the industry. However, navigating regulatory complexities and ensuring sustainability will be critical for long-term success.

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iGaming Germany 2024

One of the most critical factors in assessing the success of iGaming regulation is its ability to steer players away from the black market. Germany's regulatory authority, the GGL, estimates the black market share at 2 - 4%, while industry associations put the figure closer to 50%.

This discrepancy highlights a crucial issue. The GGL's analysis focuses on internet traffic, while industry studies often track player behaviour directly. To gain a truly accurate picture, it's vital to understand why players choose unlicensed options and address any shortcomings in the regulated market.

iGaming Germany 2024 offers a unique opportunity to delve deeper into this debate and gain crucial insights. This timely summit taking place from 5 - 6 June in Munich offers a unique platform for policymakers, operators, and decision-makers to address challenges head-on, prioritising player-centric solutions and market growth. The panel discussion "Learning from Others: International best practices for combatting the Black Market" featuring experts like Prof. Dr. Dean Rakic (Blockcontrol) and Dainis Niedra (Entain), will provide a global perspective on successful strategies to reduce the appeal of unlicensed operators.

Dainis Niedra, COO, Entain
Germany as a market has huge potential when it comes to iGaming, big economy, super developed country, super smart people. So, a great landscape when it comes to the brands, operators, etc. The future is still there for iGaming in Germany, for the industry. Now, the market is in the position where every next change is very critical, when it comes to the limitations or the changes with the taxations, etc. So, it is very critical not to allow the market to go in a worse direction. That’s why my expectations at every single event, when we have an opportunity to speak about the market, about the challenges, even about the problems, it’s super important and the more we speak, the more hope and belief, at least I have, that things will go in the direction that it has to go.

Under the current Interstate Treaty on Gambling, operators must provide a security deposit of at least €5 million. While designed to protect player funds and state claims, this requirement creates a barrier to entry for smaller operators, potentially limiting innovation. iGaming Germany 2024 addresses this challenge directly with the following panel discussions, providing expert guidance on navigating regulations and ensuring operational excellence. These insights are crucial for operators of all sizes, especially in a landscape with complex requirements.

  • Capitalising on New Online Casino Licences in Germany: Navigating Regulations and Market Potential
  • Demystifying Compliance: Ensuring Operational Excellence in an Ever-Changing Regulated Environment
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While regulations are fundamental, it's equally important to focus on making the regulated market attractive to players. Factors like competitive offerings, innovative technologies, and a user-friendly experience will be crucial in successfully channelling players away from the unlicensed market.

Ninia Chkheidze, COO, Crosscreators
In 2025, the online gambling world is booming, with predictions showing it'll surpass a whopping USD 102.97 billion. What's driving this? Well, it's the ease of sports betting and the surge in mobile gaming apps. But here's where it gets really interesting: there's this cool collaboration happening between AR and gambling. I am pretty sure it's going to be huge. Just imagine using AR to bring casino games right into your living room. It's like stepping into a whole new world of excitement. This collaboration isn't just about ads; it's about creating unforgettable experiences for players. With AR leading the charge, the gambling scene is about to change big time. It's not just about playing games anymore; it's about diving into immersive worlds where reality and imagination come together. AR will be a game-changer in the world of online gambling.

Germany's tech-savvy population presents vital opportunities for innovation. Below panels will dive into strategies for harnessing technology and payment solutions to create a seamless player experience:

The future of Fintech in iGaming: Exploring the next frontier with E-Money and Alternative Payment Solutions

  • Jochen Biewer, Managing Director, Chevron Group (Moderator)
  • Marco Priewe, Managing Director, InternetQ GmbH
  • Sebastian Funke, iGaming Consultant, AirCash
  • Rupert Kainzbauer, CEO, EPG Financial Services Ltd

Leveraging Germany’s tech-forward population for iGaming success

  • Nikolas Lotz, COO, Chevron Group (Moderator)
  • Thomas Gmelch, Director Payment Sales - DACH & EE, Tink
  • Gunter Fricke, Managing Director, insic GmbH

The future of Germany's iGaming market hinges on finding a balance between robust regulation and sustainable growth. Network with policymakers, operators, and other C-level decision makers at the 4th Annual iGaming Germany, taking place from 5 - 6 June 2024 at the Hilton Munich City. Drive player-centric solutions, partner to optimise your operations and promote sustainable growth, register today for iGG 2024:

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