Who Will Win the World Cup 2022: Predictions, Favorites, Underdogs, And More

Alisa Barladyan
05 Oct 2022

The 2022 World Cup has many people excited about the tournament, considering it comes once every four years. Since people love their home teams, they will be ready to cheer them on as they take on opponents. Even those countries that did not qualify for the event already have their favorites too.

So, who is likely to win? We made a few predictions to try and see how the games might play out below.

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Maybe you have seen the formation of different countries, and now you have to choose your favorite. Of course, you would want to get a list of countries with a rich history in coming up with the best teams for the tournament. Also, it does not hurt to see other least obvious teams also winning. As such, here is our list of favorites for the 2022 World Cup tournament. 

  • Brazil;
  • France;
  • Argentina;
  • England;
  • Spain;
  • Denmark;
  • Portugal;
  • Germany;

Underdogs are known for pulling a surprise when it comes to playing in tournaments. All you have to do is watch out for the odds. If you see there is a surge in the odds for a team you thought could not go far, then know there is potential.

Most of these teams have a wild card and will definitely be interesting to watch. Here are some of the underdogs of the World Cup 2022.

  • Iran;
  • Saudi Arabia;
  • South Korea;
  • Tunisia;
  • Canada;
  • Peru;
  • Australia;
  • Costa Rica;
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It can be interesting to see who can win the tournament considering every country would bring their best team to play it against other best teams. 



Looking at the team’s forward before the tournament, we find it can be a good one considering it would have some of the best players such as Gabriel Jesus.

That is not all, as we now have Neymar as part of the team to lead them all the way to the finals if backed by strong teammates too.

The team’s midfield and defense still stand out as strong. We can see this team getting to the finals if history repeats itself.



France, being the defending champions, would make a good team to watch in terms of if they can win the title.

It has not been all rosy for France, considering Denmark has beaten the team twice recently. They also meet during the group stages. We cannot wait to see how the two will face each other.

There have been concerns about France’s key players getting injuries. This includes Paul Pogba, Jules Kounde, and N’Golo Kante. There are some more questions about Mbappé’s attitude and other players too.

On paper, it is a formidable team, but let us see if they can put it into action.

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Lionel Messi and his teammates seem happy with the group stage draws. They will be facing Mexico, Saudi Arabia, and Poland. This is a good chance for them to show they still have it, considering they have great players too.

It will not be so easy dealing with Robert Lewandowski and his strong team. However, Argentina is equally good at what it does, considering how it has done in the past. Let us see how it goes down, with each team having high potential.



Spain is among those countries that have to face strong opponents in the group stages. It is a clash of the titans when it faces Germany in the opening round.

Winning their National League gave the team the confidence it needed to build up for the World Cup. Of course, there are some questions about the attack formation, but we have several creative talents in the midfield, such as Luis Enrique, who can help push the team to victory.

Having a strong team generally has been the recipe for winning World Cup before. However, sometimes a strong team is not enough. You need the teammates to be cohesive to work together and win the tournament. That is why you might have seen some countries winning more of the World Cup tournament than others.

Here is a list of counties that have won the World Cup more often:

  • Brazil, five-time winner;
  • Germany, four-time winner;
  • Italy, four-time winner;
  • France, two-time winner;
  • Argentina, two-time winner;
  • Uruguay, two-time winner;
  • Spain, one-time winner;
  • England, one-time winner;
RKTeamTotal Points

Among the many teams attending the FIFA World Cup 2022, we find that there are many favorites, with all having the potential to win the tournament. However, it seems Brazil has the most support among the favorites for the event. It all comes down to the team it is bringing to the tournament. We can expect it to be a stronger team than the last time they came to World Cup and better coordination between the teammates.

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