3HK launches VoWi-Fi for more smart devices

24 Mar 2016
Daily News

Mobile operator 3 Hong Kong has launched a premium voice over Wi-Fi (VoWi-Fi) service that will enable a wider range of smart devices than just smartphones to make and receive calls.

The premium VoWi-Fi service enables the use of up to five devices, including smartwatches, tablets and PCs, along with a smartphone connecting to the same cloud service account.

After a smartphone is used to log into the Wi-Fi network, these devices can be used to answer or make calls independently. Calls will be answerable on one device even while a call is underway on another.

The service will also support switching between these devices and a smartphone while a call is in progress. Minutes of use will be deducted from a customer’s monthly voice plan entitlements.

Jennifer Tan, COO of 3 Hong Kong parent Hutchison Telecommunications Hong Kong Holdings (HTHKH), said the operator was among the first in Asia to launch VoWi-Fi when it integrated IMS, LTE and Wi-Fi technology last year. The launch of the premium service builds on this head-start.

“Today’s launch of premium VoWi-Fi service enables customers to make and receive voice calls on devices other than smartphones,” she said. “The move breaks free from the limitations normally associated with SIM cards to deliver unprecedented mobile convenience.”

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