5G core: How to get there

02 Oct 2018
White Papers

Deploying a 5G next generation core is no easy task. 5G replaces a traditional mobile core network architecture with a new service based architecture (SBA), allowing the communication service providers (CSPs) to leverage service re-use.

It also allows service producers and consumers to evolve independently, enabling CSPs to incrementally and rapidly introduce new capabilities with lower risk and effort. While this new architecture will enable more flexibility, agility and service deployment speed, it will require “soak time” to mature and address real deployment challenges. Hence many phased roll outs of 5G start with the deployment of option 3x Non-Standalone Architecture allowing CSPs to first take advantage of the 5G NR for early use cases such as Fixed Broadband Service and Enhanced Mobile Broadband.

As outlined in this paper, there are several migration paths towards 5G. These start with option 3x, along with augmentation technologies such as CUPS and DECOR to emulate services expected from 5G NGC while CSPs move to a full 5G NGC roll-out.

Download this paper to to learn more about Oracle Communications’ 5G solutions.

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