AlcaLu reaffirms «High Leverage Network» framework

John Mazur/Ovum
29 Sep 2010

Alcatel-Lucent held a virtual global industry analyst event on 21 September to explain how it is changing the game with innovations such as “Immersive Communications.”

CEO Ben Verwaayen and his team provided a compelling service provider market strategy, broadening their relevance to the changing service provider business.

Leveraging its core competencies, broad portfolio, and past successes, Alcatel-Lucent appears to be stepping up its game to meet the needs of rapidly evolving telcos and mobile operators with a unifying vision and higher level of service.

Alcatel-Lucent has a long heritage of selling both technology products and integrated systems solutions to telcos and mobile operators, and uses that experience along with its broad product line to drive differentiation from specialist vendors that focus on segments of the network infrastructure market such as IP, optical, and access.

The company’s High Leverage Network (HLN) architecture and Applications Enablement strategy, introduced in January 2009, provide Alcatel-Lucent’s vision of the how networks need to cost-effectively evolve to meet operator needs to deliver revenue-generating, value-added services to their customers with high quality of service and quality of experience.

HLN is Alcatel-Lucent’s converged network architecture that integrates its IP, optics, wireless, and wireline broadband access hardware, software, and services.

HLN provides the foundation to support Application Enablement, which is Alcatel-Lucent’s strategy to unlock the value in networks by making network assets available to application and content providers in order to accelerate application innovation and drive increased revenues.

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