AliCloud launches one-stop platform for big data

Staff writer
27 Jan 2016
Daily News

AliCloud has launched its Big Data Platform which offers 20 new solutions covering all aspects of the data development chain, such as computing engine, data processing, data analysis, machine learning and data application.

Simon Hu, president of AliCloud, said Big Data Platform fulfils the company’s vision of sharing vast data troves that promise to create immense value to users.

AliCloud expects that it will partner with about1,000 data developers on the platform in the next three years.

Also, AliCloud has entered into a strategic partnership with NVIDIA to collaborate around AliCloud HPC (high-performance computing) and to provide the first GPU-based cloud HPC platform in China.

The partnership is also intended to provide emerging companies support in areas of HPC and deep learning with comprehensive GPU (graphics processing unit) computing.

“Innovative companies in deep learning are one of our most important user communities,” said Zhang Wensong, chief scientist of AliCloud. “Together with NVIDIA, AliCloud will use its strength in public cloud computing and experiences accumulated in HPC to offer emerging companies in deep learning with greater support in the future.”

“Users can enjoy the latest GPU accelerated HPC, AI (artificial intelligence), and deep learning technologies through the cloud,” said Shanker Trivedi, NVIDIA’s Global VP. “By leveraging our comprehensive accelerated computing platform and global ecosystem, NVIDIA is teaming up with AliCloud to provide emerging companies with strong HPC and Deep Learning support and empower them to innovate.”

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