Another Telecom NZ network goes down

Nicole McCormick
08 Feb 2010
Daily News

Telecom New Zealand’s legacy CDMA network has failed, a day after the firm announced a NZ$5 million ($3.44 million) compensation package for customers affected by a prolonged network outage of its 3G network.

Late last week, TNZ’s CDMA network failed, with a spokesperson for the firm telling ZDNet that the outage of less than one hour was due to a hardware fault.

Around 32 base stations on the Alcatel-Lucent built network went down.

The latest outage comes as TNZ is reeling in the wake of the failure of its high-profile W-CDMA 850 service XT, which left customers south of Taupo without a service for up to three days.

Some 215,000 customers lost services due to the XT network’s problems, according to the New Zealand Herald.

Last Tuesday, TNZ unveiled a NZ$5 million compensation package for affected customers, including the reimbursement of monthly bills.

This is the second outage of the Alcatel-Lucent supplied 3G network south of Taupo; in mid-December, the network also went down.

Meanwhile, rival TelstraClear launched its 3G service, which piggy backs of Vodafone’s WCDMA network, for business customers amid Telecom’s XT network woes.

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