ASN, Bell Labs set 65Tbps subsea cable speed record

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Alcatel-Lucent Submarine Networks and Nokia Bell Labs have set a new transmission record over a 6,600km single mode fiber for transoceanic cable systems.

The lab trial achieved a total transmission speed of 65Tbps using submarine grade dual band erbium doped fiber amplifiers.

The trial used Bell Labs' new probabilistic constellation shaping (PCS) modulation technology. PCS is designed to maximize the distance and capacity of high-speed transmission in optical networks, by using non-uniform transmission of constellation symbols to increase resilience to noise and other impairments.

“The future digital existence where everyone, everything and every system and process is connected will require a massive increase in network capacity and the ability to dynamically optimize this capacity,” Nokia CTO and Bell Labs president Marcus Weldon said.

“Probabilistic constellation shaping extends the limits of current optical transmission by utilizing novel modulation techniques to dramatically improve the performance and capacity needed for the new digital era that will be enabled by the Future X Network.”

The same technology was used in September to achieve speeds of 1Tbps per channel over Deutsche Telekom's terrestrial optical network during trials with the operator's T-Labs and the Technical University of Munich.

A capacity of 65Tbps is 13,000 times the capacity of the first subsea amplified transatlantic system in 1995.

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