AT&T joins Global Telco Security Alliance

07 Mar 2019
Daily News

The Global Telco Security Alliance, the industry alliance founded by Singtel, SoftBank, Etisalat and Telefónica. has welcomed a new member in US telecoms giant AT&T.

The inclusion of AT&T will significantly increase the global presence and resources available to the alliance, which was first launched in April 2018.

AT&T, which has joined the group as an equal member, has become the first North American member of the alliance.

AT&T recently enhanced its cybersecurity capabilities and technologies though the acquisition of cybersecurity solutions provider AlienVault for an undisclosed sum. The acquisition target was converted into a wholly-owned subsidiary of AT&T named AT&T Cybersecurity.

Globally, the alliance now has access to the expertise of more than 6,000 security experts and a global network of more than 28 Security Operations Centres. Combined, the members of the alliance have more than 1.2 billion customers in more than 60 countries across APAC, Europe, the Middle East and the Americas.

“We are thrilled to be the first telco in North America to join the alliance, and to do so as a founding member,” AT&T Cybersecurity president Barmak Meftah said.

te“Hackers have well established and organized communities that cooperate to produce cyber threats and it’s time large network operators work together to help deliver disruptive innovations and enable our global customers to detect and respond to threats faster and protect their digital footprint.”

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