Biggest Change: 1990-2010

Biggest Change: 1990-2010

Industry executives  |   April 23, 2010
Telecom Asia

IP as the catalyst for growth

Without any doubt the most impactful influence on the telecoms industry has been the expansive proliferation and adoption of IP. Although invented in laboratories in the mid-90s - it was only in the mid-90s did this protocol start being taken seriously on a commercial basis. The impact has been enormous. As users we have moved from slow and cumbersome dial-up IP connectivity to the prolific broadband networks that come into our homes. We now take IP for granted, and the vast network of websites and portals throughout the globe - also know as the internet - is a fundamental part of our everyday life.

- Tony Melloy, BT's GM for deal structuring, Asia Pacific

Mobile meets the internet

Two major technology developments in the 90s were mobile networks and the spread of the internet. The revolution of the past several years has been to bring these two technologies together to deliver a personal internet service. In the not so distance future, all of us will carry a personal internet device capable of voice calls as well as value-added services. Mobile networks are now large wireless wide area network and the mobile operators are the largest ISPs. They are now is the process of changing their business model to adapt to this reality.

- Christian Daigneault, CSL CTO

Partner for success

One of the biggest lessons learned by the telecoms industry in the last decade is to actively listen to customers and invest in network and services that support their mission critical business needs. Having symbiotic relationships with both customers and partners is the only sensible approach to business. The challenge is to stay nimble enough to innovatively meet the varied market demands, and deliver in a truly collaborative ecosystem. In the cold light of the 21st century, global telecoms companies have come to realize that no one provider can reach every corner of the world by itself, and building strong partnerships focused around the customer, is the winning formula for the future.

- Nick Lambert, Managing Director, Global Markets at Cable&Wireless Worldwide


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