BlackBerry to secure operations centers for G7 Summit

NetworksAsia staff
13 Jun 2018
Daily News

BlackBerry is collaborating with the government of Canada to modernize their operations centers during international ministerial meetings and the 2018 G7 Summit.

Using BlackBerry AtHoc, a crisis communication platform that includes AtHoc Alert for mass notification and AtHoc Collect for field reports, the operations centers are able to efficiently mobilize and secure the flow of critical information by delivering updates to targeted lists of recipients in real-time.

“We are honored that the government of Canada has chosen BlackBerry to support their operations,” BlackBerry AtHoc SVP and GM Sanjay Saini said.

“Whether in times of crisis or during a high-profile event like the G7 Summit, reliable and secure communications are crucial. BlackBerry AtHoc technology enables real-time information exchange across organizations, their people and devices, providing them with the necessary details to make informed and safety-critical decisions.”

Additionally, BlackBerry is one of the companies that has been selected to demonstrate its innovative solutions at the 2018 G7 Innovation Showcase.

Many G7 government departments and agencies, including the Parliament of Canada, US Department of Homeland Security, US Department of Defense and New Zealand Parliamentary Service, use BlackBerry security software.

First published in NetworksAsia

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