Broadpeak taps partners to simplify multiscreen video delivery

Staff writer
Future TV Asia

Broadpeak has teamed up with software firm Alpha Networks and video player provider Squadeo to create a complete turnkey solution for content distribution, including offer and subscriber management, and playback on all device types.

The platform guarantees a unique video experience for end-users on any device.

"User experience is of the utmost importance when it comes to pay-TV services," said Nicolas Delahaye, CTO at Squadeo. "Together with our partners, we are offering a differentiated experience, with YouTube-like scrubbing and instant Facebook-like video startup that responds to end-users' expectations."

Guillaume Devezeaux, CTO at Alpha Networks, said that with a fully integrated solution that addresses the video expectations created by big players such as Google and Netflix, operators are enabled to compete on a similar footing.

The end-to-end solution provides pay-TV operators with a validated offering from three technology providers with years of expertise and numerous OTT multiscreen deployments.

In addition to the standard features expected from a robust video delivery system, the solution increases innovation and synergy, leading to superior experiences for operators and their end-users. Using the zero-buffering video solution, operators can maximize premium video consumption.

To complement the solution, Broadpeak's analytics solution allows operators to dig deeper into the root causes of video delivery issues, providing feedback on what is going on at the delivery system (like servers and network) and Squadeo player levels, enhancing end-users' QoE.