Can't live without it

02 Jul 2008

'They'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!' In two years cellphones have supplanted landline phones as the 'most necessary' tech gadget - the last they would be willing to give up. The Pew Internet / American Life Project surveyed Americans in April 2006 and found that the landline phone topped the list, followed by television, cellphones and the internet. Today the cellphone is the tech tool Americans would have the hardest time giving up, with the internet, television and telephone landlines placing fourth, just above email. The survey also found that, in America at least, 58% of cell users have sent or received text messages, up from 41% in the earlier survey. On a daily basis 31% of cellphone owners use text messaging, 15% use the camera feature and 8% play games. The US seems to be finally closing the cellular divide with the rest of the world.

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