Cellcos need to control mobile broadband quality: Acision

Joseph Waring
16 Jun 2009

Mobile operators need to move away from static charging models to prevent congestion and the erosion of revenue per megabyte, messaging vendor Acision has warned.

Acision Asia Pacific Managing Director Boudewijn Pesch says the boom in mobile broadband is causing network traffic jams and has \'seriously impacted\' quality of service.

Pesch, who will speak at Mobile Services & Business Models track in today\'s CommunicAsia Summit, said operators have been pursuing an \'acquisition driven pricing strategy\' that threatens mobile broadband profitability.

The downward cycle of the flat fee, usage allowance offering has negatively impacted revenue per megabyte,\' he told Show Daily.

\'The backhaul investments required to connect base stations to the core network and ensure quality of service will be enormous.\'

He says operators need to be able to control cost, manage QoE (quality of experience) and create high value, differentiated offerings.

\'Success will depend on the degree of creativity, targeted offers and a relentless focus on driving up the essential profit per megabyte KPI.\'

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