China back as top attack traffic source

Enterprise Innovation editors
04 Feb 2014
Daily News

China returned as the top attack traffic producer during the third quarter of 2013, according to Akamai.

The world’s second-largest economy regained the spot from Indonesia, which was top source in the previous quarter when Port 80 was most-targeted.

Akamai said in its latest State of the Internet report, covering data from 185 countries and regions, that 35% of observed attacks came from China.

Indonesia fell to second place with 20% while the United States remained in third place with 11%, up from 6.9% last quarter.

Overall, the concentration of attacks declined during the third quarter of 2013, with the top 10 countries originating 83% of observed attacks, compared to 89% in the second quarter.

Port 445 (Microsoft-DS) returned to its spot as the most targeted port in the third quarter, drawing 23% of observed attacks, after falling to third place last quarter.

Port 80 and Port 443 dropped to second and third place at 14% and 13%, respectively. Port 445 was the most targeted port in eight of the top 10 countries and regions, the only exceptions being China and Indonesia.

Port 1433 (Microsoft SQL Server) was the top target for China and Port 443 was the most targeted from Indonesia.

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